“Take My Breath Away”

In 1986 I thought this was the hottest woman alive. I would have gladly married her. Thankfully I’ve learned a thing or two about female aging:

  • http://beerandconcrete.wordpress.com The Geographer

    I, too, would have banged Kelly McGillis in 1986. Even though I was 2.

  • Jason

    Serious question: There is a gun to your head and you gotta do either the current version of Kelly McGillis or the current version of Kathleen Turner, who do you choose? Me? Kathleen. Why? Because 18 year old me in 1984 would have sold his soul to the devil, sacrificed his first born and killed someone in exchange for a single night with Kathleen Turner. I figure I should stay loyal with a gun to my head.

    • http://beerandconcrete.wordpress.com The Geographer

      Everything goes out the window once there’s a barrel to your head.

      • http://thenatureofmygame.wordpress.com Jordan

        I’d rather get shot than fuck Margret Cho

        • http://beerandconcrete.wordpress.com The Geographer

          haha, agreed.

  • odds

    damn it feels good to be a man

  • http://gravatar.com/vanitylicenseplate carioca

    That´s why women like so much the idea of marriage.

  • Fearless

    I’ll see your Kelly McGillis and raise you Kelly Lebrock. 1985 vs 2011 http://s3.amazonaws.com/readers/2011/02/28/atriz80018_1.jpg

    • Seething Lurker


      • http://thenatureofmygame.wordpress.com Jordan

        Saw it in person at Banff a few months ago. Looked exactly like that., sadly.

  • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

    Jesus, I am SO glad to be male. WOW!


  • http://bronanthebarbarian.com Bronan the Barbarian!

    This is what hitting the wall at 1000 MPH looks like.

    • http://beerandconcrete.wordpress.com The Geographer

      lolzolzozlzol almost spit out my vesper.

  • Seething Lurker

    Holy shriveled up hag Batman!

  • Gannicus

    How much of good male ageing is genetics and how much is taking care of yourself?

  • Shamus

    Oh dear lord. That’s a fucking tragedy.

  • Retrenched

    Wiki says she’s 54, which would have made her 28 in Top Gun (five years older than Tom). Married twice, the second of which ended in ’02. Today she is in a lesbian relationship.

  • DirkJohanson

    Love it.

  • Alexander, the Great

    Time is a cruel master for women… The only thing a woman have is her looks, and yet, time take it away from her as fast as it is cruel… Men have the knowledge, the creativity, the power to move the world and time respects us! He doesn’t degenerate our looks as he does with women and as time passes, our knowledge, creativity and ability grows beyond measure! Take your conclusions from that…

  • Rhythm X

    The Harrison Frord/Carrie Fisher is a good pic too. That said, Tom is freakishly young looking (convinced its due to alein scientology anti aging tech :D). …But remember, don’t get lazy with yourself guys. It takes work to stay looking your best, right Val Kilmer?

  • frank

    I don’t think there’s too much of a gender discrepancy in aging badly. I saw pieces of “Jackass Number Two” recently (unfortunately). I remember all those guys from the late 90s. Pretty much all of them but Johnny Knoxville look like shit now, and they’re mostly about mid-30s. Flab and visible wear from hard living.

    I work with a bunch of early 40s dudes who look like they’ll keel over any day. I gather there actually is a major spike in male mortality in the mid-40s, so maybe they actually will.

    • DirkJohanson

      OK, Frank, guys that literally get tortured for a living don’t age well, either, not to mention the massive quantities of drugs most of those have done. In fact, supposedly, Knoxville is the one in that crowd that does the least amount of drugs. Nothing against drugs, but the amounts a celeb with a lot of free time can do are astounding. Lindsay Lohan already looks like crap half the time, and she doesn’t even get tortured for a living.

      BTW, when comparing how members of the respective genders look down the road, also factor in the massive amounts more women spend on plastic surgery and the like, and look out our bodies. Your telling me that womens’ bodies age as well, too?

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Being attractive as a man who is 50 is easier than a woman who is 50.

      Agree or disagree?

      Of course you agree.

      You just want to be disagreeable for its own sake.

      • frank

        No need to be glib and testy, broheem.

        I’d say at 50 some women can still be very “handsome” but none can be “hot”. Maybe one dude in 200 holds up well to still be “hot” at 50, as long as we’re talking superficial. To expand the definition of attractive to include other attributes obviously changes the answer, but that wasn’t the topic.

  • VJ

    Re; Jackass(es): Who knew a constant diet of getting hit in the Nads, day after day, week after week for fun & profit might just age a man badly? The Entertainment Industry is hard on everyone. Especially the Stooges!

  • Joe

    She came out as a lesbian and married her female partner. So, some of her less-than-feminine appearance has to do with her butch haircut and other choices.

    • http://flyfreshandyoung.wordpress.com FFY

      Actually, she got so ugly she rationalized her way into being a lesbian

      • Seething Lurker

        Just what my demented mind was thinking.

  • matlock

    MEN tend to age gracefully, and women just tend to age… and not well.