• ve

    hahahaha. My back hurts for that guy in green who was trying to do a big deadlift.

  • frank

    Kipping pull-ups are fine. They’re like high rep dumbbell swings, where you get a big full body lactic acid load going. Good for three minute round type fighting endurance.

  • http://losingbetamarriedguy.blogspot.com AverageMarriedGuy

    I agree, some of the Crossfit stuff is dumb but hilarious. I go to an @fit gym once a week but our programming is much more strength related than stupid shit (strict PUs instead of kipping most days, bench press even, oly lifting, power lifting). My wife is going 4 days a week now, and her booty has gotten bodacious, so can’t talk too much trash.

  • atavisticman

    That overhead squat was priceless. But seriously, learning good technique on big compound lifts like the dead lift and squat takes time. I’ve been doing those lifts for a year and a half and my technique still isn’t perfect. I started squatting at 135 lbs and even that was a mistake. It’s not that the weight was too much. But you need the reps at low weight in order to make the technique gains that will allow you to squat big (w/o injury). Having someone walk into a cross fit gym, teaching them a little technique, and then telling them to squat 225 (or whatever) is reckless.

  • caRIOca

    brazilian music

  • Jason

    LOL! That was awesome!

  • http://flyfreshandyoung.wordpress.com FFY

    Haha I love posting these Crossfit fail videos on the walls of my Crossfit-nazi friends

  • Carl Sagan

    lol made my day

  • http://www.expat-chronicles.com/ Colin

    CrossFit is actually proper training principles for functional fitness, sports, and kicking ass in the street.

    But this video shows clear examples of CrossFit gone wrong.

    I’d second Frank that KIPLING pullups are a good exercise. Isolationist bodybuilder types may frown, but check out world-class powerlifter Konstantin Konstantinov doing 55 Kiplings. Ask your local steroid monkey bodybuilder if he can do just half of those! Also note the Kipling fella in this video barely – sometimes not at all – clears the bar with his chin. Konstantinov clears his NECK.

    Noe, the guy doing Kipling inverted rows – that’s just completely gay – ESPECIALLY when you’re feet are on the ground. Work your way up to tucking your legs, then suspending your feet. But Kipling inverted rows – those don’t exist.

    I almost got sick to my stomach watching the squatter bending all the way over and the deadlifter holding the weight on his knees. But the overhead squatter was doing solid form, he just misjudged how much weight he could throw on his power rack.

    Great video nonetheless, thanks!

  • midnitespecial

    Wow the first guy doing the squats had the worst form I have ever seen in my life!! lol nice vid im going to forward it to my buddy who just opened a crossfit in new jersey.