What Kind of Body Do Women Want?

A topic of tiresome and endless debate exists over a simple question: What kind of body do women want a man to have?

It’s a silly debate because there is no right answer. There are six right answers. If this chart were measured, from top-left to lower-right, the correct answers would be: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10.

Which is the holy grail of bodies? Unless you have a good body and are looking to take it to the next level, arguing over this stuff just makes you a keyboard warrior.

Lift some weights, don’t be so fat that you float in a swimming pool, don’t be so skinny the wind will blow you over, and women will be OK with your body.

Once you have a body that women are starting to find themselves attracted to, then you’ve earned the right to argue about what is the best body for attracting women. Until then, hit the gym hard. Once you get a decent body, you’ll learn from first-hand experience what body women find the most sexy.

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  • H

    Ha, skinnyfat.

  • zorroprimo

    Brad Pitt. Fight Club. Snatch.

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  • http://shrodax.wordpress.com Quentin Shrodax

    I have to respectfully disagree with this, for the sole reason that Game trumps men’s looks. As long as you have tight Game, you can be any of the 10 body types depicted.

  • Keith

    Yeah but if you have tight game and are NOT a 2/3/4/5/7/10, and the other guy has tight game and IS, he’s gonna get the girl and you aren’t. Why not give yourself every advantage possible?

    Hard work and nutrition can give you a very decent body that’s should draw attention so that you can spit your tight game. Top-tier women aren’t even gonna give you a shot if you are an 8/9 body type.

    • http://shrodax.wordpress.com Quentin Shrodax

      There are numerous examples of fat men who are still incredibly charismatic and could pull top-tier women. Tony Soprano is my quintessential example; I know he’s a fictional character, but there’s no doubt he’d still pull top-tier girls if he were real. For real life examples of charming overweight men, off the top of my head, there’s Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie.

      • Keith

        These are high status men who as you said, are fat. Here are their wives:

        Chris Christie’s wife: http://blogs.app.com/capitolquickies/files/2011/06/mary-pat-christie-2.jpg

        New Gingrich’s current, 3rd wife: http://bit.ly/JZ0x9H

        I’m not saying an out of shape man CAN’T get a top-tier woman. We’ve all seen the outlier of an out of shape, or even fat, man with a good looking woman.

        What I am saying is that all things being equal(game, status, etc.), wouldn’t someone in better shape have an advantage? The average man might not be able to make more money, or increase his status in the short term, as much as he could improve both his game and his level of physical attractiveness.

      • BobtheBob

        Your comparisons distort things because the status these guys have is derived from extreme wealth, fame, and/or, power. Its like making the argument that everyone should drop out of college and holding up Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Z. as examples.

  • aoefe

    Bodies do matter to a woman, but there’s a variety of types as you mention. Too skinny makes me feel big and a woman always wants to feel smaller than her man. Too fat and a woman thinks her friends are judging her because she can’t do better. I’ve dated skinny and plump and those guys had mad Game. You definitely have an advantage if you’re the body types identified in the pictures. It says you care about yourself too – a woman really like a man who has discipline.

  • frank

    Saw some pop-sci study ages ago which found a breakdown in female preference by class. Lower class girls were into muscley bulk. Higher class girls were actually turned off by it.

    I think in terms of physique it’s waist-to-hip and waist-to-shoulder ratio that really matter, regardless of muscularity, same as with what men find attractive in women. They’re indicators of health.

  • aoefe

    Oh and for the record number 7 is my fav. Says he cares but not obsessively.

  • (R)evoluzione

    Bakadesuyo posted a study abstract a while back on the single most important factor that predicts whether or not a woman would orgasm (real not fake) while sexing a man:

    His physical attractiveness–whether or not he has a hot, fit, symmetrical body.

    Oh, and Aoefee, you’ve got your “he cares but not obsessivley” shifted one to the right. To get to physique marked “7”, you’ve got to be obsessed. To get to “10,” most men must juice.

  • Keith

    Obsessed to get 7? That’s total bullshit. 7 is barely a decent body, and doesn’t take “obsession” in the gym to get there. Lifting weights 3-4x a week(1 hour a session) 6 months tops with diet reasonably in check will get you there.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      You should post a picture showing everyone how much progress you’ve made.

      • Keith

        Alright I created quick blog to post the pics. http://6monthsoflifting.blogspot.com/

        This is 3-4 days a week, whole body lifting every other day, 1 hour a session. Diet was not extreme, just watched carbs and upped the protein. No juice, no supplements other than protein and fish oil tablets and creatine whenever I remembered to take it. Cardio consisted of just walking around more in the city, with no jogging/long-form cardio.

        Finished around low 170s. That’s not really “big” at 5’9″. I don’t have anything close to a 6-pack. Just flat stomach and in shape. This is an attainable body without “obsession”. 1 rep max 225 bench, 225 squat, 315 deadlift. Not big numbers by any means. Just hard work.

        • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

          Nice progress. You should write more about it, since a lot of guys stay out of the gym because they fear a nice body is unattainable or only attainable through obsessive eating and training.

      • Keith

        Just as tighter game is possible through knowledge and practice, so is having a nice/decent body. It’s all part of being a better man. It’s NOT all about just game, or just status, or just looks/body. Improving all of these(with a sense of realism and reasonableness) will get a man closer to what he wants.

        • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

          I agree. Spread the word.

    • aoefe

      I should say that when I see a body like #7 I don’t assume obsession. I do hang around the gym from time to time and see better development than that (shoulders, bi’s) and yet not the juice head type at all. I think it’s totally doable and then by extension he’d be doable. 😉

    • Phoenix

      Thanks for the link, Keith. Good work.

  • ExceedandLead

    I agree with zorroprimo, Brad Pitt Fight Club. At the end of the day it depends on your body type, a few more months from now I could hit that goal, but it would be damn near impossible for me to achieve bodies 5-10.,

    • And Balls

      You could achieve body number 9 in a few months with very little work.

  • Nas

    Personal question: Have you started experimenting with AAS or are you still trying to reach your natural potential?

  • Phoenix

    Anyone have a good idea of what kind of workouts are required to get to #4?

    • Keith

      @Phoenix #3 and #4 are “ideals” to me. I can’t really speak for #4, other than saying it will probably take a dedicated nutrition plan(lots of quality calories and protein) and at least 2-4 years of hard training if starting from scratch. #4 looks big AND shredded, so most likely did some kind of cutting phase after bulking to get to that point, and doesn’t look like that ripped year round. Even #3 may not carry that ripped look year round, depending on his lifestyle. Just my guess…

      For those who want to do a whole body plan: click on download link in first post here http://tnation.t-nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding/updated_spreadsheetwaterbury_programs

      Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I is a good starting point. Its 2-3 exercises every other day, and doesn’t get any simpler than that. The spreadsheets tell you what to do.

      What to eat? http://www.johnberardi.com/articles/nutrition/7habits.htm

      No excuses if you are a relatively injury-free man who has 3-4 hours a week.

    • Carl Sagan

      That’s a pic of powerlifter Dave Gulledge. Google his pics to see his transformation as he was formerly a “fat muscular” guy before dieting down and looking amazing. I think he did it as an experiment to prove that training as a powerlifter will give you a physique comparable to that of a high level bodybuilder.

      If you want that physique prepare for brutally hard powerlifting workouts coupled with some steroids for many, many years.

  • Carl Sagan

    I agree with Keith 100%.

    Photo #7 is not a spectacular physique by any stretch. Easily attainable by anyone willing to put in 3hrs a week with the weights and controlling diet a little.

  • Carl Sagan

    Oh, and as long as you are not fat or skinny fat you’ll be fine with chicks. So guy #7 would be fine. In fact many chicks would prefer that softer look.

    Bonus points for guys that are lean with abs.

    Extra bonus points for guys that are bigger and leaner. But just like with height, there is a sweet spot with this.

  • Shallowfox

    Hmm, I’m going to have to disagree with the ordering and go with 3-2-4. 3 by far has the best body – great chest/shoulder/arms/abs. 2’s body is too effeminate for my tastes – his overall build, especially his arms, is just plain scrawny. 4’s body is a little over the top. That sort of musculature is probably difficult to maintain and in ten years he’ll most likely be fat. 5 is absolutely frightening to me. 6-10: very unappealing. 6 probably also has Klinefelter’s, which could make things a bit weird.

    The importance of good physical health can not be stressed enough. Eating healthy and going to the gym regularly is a small price to pay, when you consider all the health benefits AND the increase in physical attractiveness. While I don’t deny the importance of money/game/personality – physical attraction is huge.

    • http://minaisarmed.blogspot.com/ Mina Smith

      This is an old article, but I disagree with Shallowfox if only to illustrate there are many different tastes out there. Personally, my order would go: 10, 5 and 4. I am married to 3 / 4 depending on the season (4 in spring/summer/fall; 3 in the winter.)

  • jamesmarkii

    #4 is attainable bc I have attained…..but im more ripped

  • WestCoast

    Haha I like to believe i helped inspire this article! I just moved from 3 to 4 thanks to your work/advise. I’m a bit obsessive so I like to try and find the max out of every single thing from looks to money to walking style to whatever because anything below perfect is a waste of time. Also if some girl likes the chubby type she’s prob a bit too pudgy for me as well…if you want to be average well… next please.

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Nah, it’s the endless threads at various message boards. The topic is so overdone that it is, imho, trolling.

  • ChaChaCK

    My personal preference is for ripped/athletic, or a swimmer’s body. Muscles are hot!

  • rocco pilsner

    It depends really on the girl,but as a general rule the original break down is fairly accurate. I know that in my younger days, when I wrestled and boxed + high metabolism, I was really in sick shape and very low body fat. Problem was, unless I was at the beach or had an excuse to take my shirt off and show my 6pack and defined chest & shoulders, I just looked thin. With a regular shirt and jeans I looked thin and un impressive. Once I got older and started lifting heavy and eating everything I could, I def got more attention from women. I had broader shoulders and larger arms and pecks, but also the belly to match. I think for me, once my face didn’t look sucked out and thin + I looked powerful with a fitted button up, I just became more appealing to ladies.