Alpha, Beta, and Dogma

Men have become so obsessed with alpha and beta that they've forgotten something important: Alpha is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Generally a man will have the most happiness if he's the alpha in a situation. As sexless nerds masquerading on the Internet as players say, "An alpha male has greater access to resources, which is positively correlated with reproductive … [Read more...]

Rave Game

Rave Girls

Friends sometimes bust my balls about having a game blog, not because I don’t pull, but because, “You don’t run game!” In a sense, my friends are right. I don’t stack negs on an HB while DHV’ing until kino escalating. Instead, I focus on finding the right niche, or what you cool kids call a scene. If I don’t enjoy an environment, I don’t stick around. Pure “gamers” would … [Read more...]

Is Joining the Army Beta?

Is leaving the comfort of home for a place where you will be friendless and tormented beta? Do the Real Alpha Males remain home with mommy and daddy (or, given single parenthood rates, just mommy dearest), playing video games and eating Doritos? Is spending a Summer in an environment so hot and humid that people pass out from heat stroke, and need intravenous fluids in order … [Read more...]

An Army Field Guide to Manliness

USAREC Pam 601-25 is an Army document read by solders preparing for the arduous 21 say Special Forces Selection process. Although the pamplet is only theoretically interesting to us non-solders, one section has general applicability to a man's life. Section 2-2, "Most common mistakes in the SFAS Course," reads almost like a, "How to Not Be a Pussy/Loser" article. The advice … [Read more...]

What Kind of Body Do Women Want?

What body do women want

A topic of tiresome and endless debate exists over a simple question: What body do most women find most desirable? It's a stupid debate because there is no right answer. There are six right answers. If this chart were measured, from top-left to lower-right, the correct answers would be: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10. Which is the holy grail of bodies? Come on , do you even … [Read more...]