How to Avoid STDs: Part 1

STDs are all in the game. Modern American women are disease ridden. At “feminist empowerment” site Jezebel, women openly brag about their sore-inflicted slits:

 JezebelMoe: I think New Yorkers don’t use condoms because they all already have STDs and know they’re not that big a deal.

JPRESS: It’s true. Herpes, specifically. And also HPV. Everyone I know has HPV. And people who say they don’t totally have it, they just don’t know it yet. They have it worse than anyone.

When I got back into the game after a decade of marriage, I was shocked:

I was hooking up with a girl in her bedroom when she said, ‘I’m not going to have sex with you.’ I told her that I hadn’t brought any condoms, so of course intercourse wasn’t expected. She gave me a funny look.

In college, when we are supposed to be at our height of irresponsibility, girls almost always insisted on using condoms during a one-night stand.  Maybe you’d get to go raw dog after running out of condoms. Yet girls were very insisting on condom usage.

Today women seem to be anti-condom. Many women actually get pissed when I try using one.

Although an STD is inevitable, there are some ways to avoid them.

First, don’t fear the Bogeyman. Let’s get the big one out of our minds. If you’re a straight man, you will not get HIV. HIV is really hard to transmit. To transmit HIV, you need blood and an open sore.

We are taught that HIV affects everyone. That is a lie. HIV is a disease afflicting gay men and black women. Details magazine did an amazing expose on HIV that every man should read:

Straight men and women make up 90 percent of the population, but they account for only 15 percent of non-childhood AIDS cases. Only 6 percent of men with AIDS, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, contracted the virus from straight sex. And even that figure doesn’t hold up to a closer look. Several studies now suggest that most men who claim they got the virus this way are lying. They got it from sex with other men or sharing needles with addicts. Those studies also show that many women listed in the straight-sex category are either IV-drug users themselves or have likely contracted AIDS from sex with an IV drug user..

Don’t be gay, and you’re safe from HIV.

That said, there is a group of straight people who have extremely high HIV infection rates.

Unlike much of the “manosphere,” I’m against white nationalism. I oppose state-sponsored racial profiling. It’s destructive on society. It breeds anger and resentment. It’s unlawful under the Fourteenth Amendment. (Plus, I lived around white trash. I hate all poors – white and black.)

However, in our sexual lives, we need to racially profile. Black men and white men need to avoid black women:

The study finds that women and blacks were most likely to be infected. HSV-2 prevalence was nearly twice as high among women (20.9 percent) than men (11.5 percent), and was more than three times higher among blacks (39.2 percent) than whites (12.3 percent). The most affected group was black women, with a prevalence rate of 48 percent.

Young black women are beautiful. They have soft skin and stacked bodies. They also have high rates of herpes and HIV:

By the end of 2008, an estimated 240,627 blacks with an AIDS diagnosis had died in the US. In 2007, HIV was the … third leading cause of death for black women and black men aged 35–44.

Straight black women – 5o% of whom have herpes – become infected by “down low brothas.” The HIV from closeted black men enter through the open barrier provided by the herpes sore.

Thus, the simplest ways to avoid contracting a serious STD are: a) Don’t be gay; (b) Don’t have sex with black women.

Yet even when fornicating with white women, you need to be careful.

In my next post, I’ll share some tips learned from an unlikely source.

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  • Cutadash

    Uh, regardless of your suggestions, some people are gay or more specifically, men who fuck other men cuz they like it. In order for them not to get HIV, they need to put a condom on. Which in truth, stupid fags won’t do. Smart men who have sex with men, who are honorable, will. There are many who walk among the manosphere.

  • Samuel

    Good post. I’ll be looking forward to the next installment.

  • Rivelino

    didn’t know you were into black chicks. what about their hair? can’t stand black chick hair. i like to pull hair.

  • samseau

    The reason gay’s spread HIV is because of anal sex.

    Are you sure black women don’t have HIV more than white women because of Black men’s preference for anal?

    • Alpha

      This is a good point.

      • Brian

        I was thinking a similar thing with regard to the “don’t be gay” comment. I hear that a lot, yet never see them point out that “don’t be gay” = “don’t do unprotected anal”.

  • Chef In Jeans

    As a flag waving Thomas Jefferson (white guy the likes and prefers dark complexions) im apt to oppose this idea that black girls spread AIDS. I have a feeling this is more of a class issue then a direct race issue. Now are there more low class trashy black girls thelan other races? Yes.

    Im also curios what % of the suspect black girls were of recent african decent (within three generations) and thereby higher risk

    • littlepdog

      A massive part of it would because of their lower incomes. HIV rates are higher for Hispanics as well, but not as much. Recent African (excluding White South African) immigrants are actually the most educated and wealthy immigrant group in the States (almost 1/3 of Nigerian Americans have graduate degrees), which would slash their HIV rate. The Africans that immigrate to the USA are the wealthy upper-middle class ones who aren’t as badly affected by HIV back home. (wrong link in username)

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  • anon

    I think you are spreading a lot of pandemonium with regards to black women and HIV. First off saying something is the third leading cause of death amongst a group in a *specific narrow age range* tells you nothing about the prevalence rate itself for all age ranges or much about the demographic that is getting HIV within that group.

    What I want to know is is of the 20 million or so black women in the USA, what percentage of them are HIV positive. What is the black female HIV infection rate per 100,000. And of those, how many of them are ghetto trash that most of us wouldn’t even encounter anyway unless we were trawling for girls in the projects? These would be more meaningful ways of putting the numbers in perspective. Am I just as likely to get HIV from that black girl at the university pursuing her law degree as one in the projects hooking up with ex-cons? I seriously doubt it. Use your common sense guys.

    As for herpes. Well if you are that worried about herpes, you probably shouldn’t be in the game community in the first place. Just find a nice girl who has only slept with a couple guys and marry her. Look at it this way, you would only have to sleep with 2 black girls to expose yourself to herpes. You would have to sleep with 6 white girls to expose yourself to herpes. So unless you plan to sleep with fewer than 6 white girls in your life, you will be exposed to herpes if statistical averages play out. So it’s a little hypocritical to hype up the herpes thing while still encouraging a promiscuous lifestyle.

    • dangerandplay

      You sound upset.

      If you like black women, go for it.

      Just don’t act like there aren’t risks.

  • guy with hiv aids

    I’m a straight white man who has HIV that has not responded well to medication and now have a very serious case of AIDS. I was able to change my medications and now have some better hope of survival, however my immune system is not likely to ever recover to normal.

    I caught the HIV from a woman with heterosexual sex. I’m not aware of ever having any open sores.

    Please don’t tell people dangerous falsehoods about HIV.

    It’s possible that you really want to believe that this is not possible, and so consider me a lying hiv nazi . I wish. My life has been seriously harmed by this, as I now have side effects that leave me with very low energy.

    The medicines don’t always work and the disease is not currently manageable for everyone. Some people are termed “non responders”. HIV is still dangerous, and careful studies show that white men catch it from women even when they don’t have open sores.

    • jenndrew

      Thank you for the info; Best Wishes.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Excellent advice.

    But, in order to be consistent, and in light of the copmments from “guy with hiv aids” (above), you should warn White men against sleeping with White women who sleep with blacks, since as you know blacks have much higher rates of STDs, including HIV.

    Therefore, you need to add the following:

    (c) Don’t have sex with White women who have sex with black men.

    You should therefore encourage White women to avoid black men.

    • anon

      I get the feeling this guy would be telling white women to avoid black men even if black men had a lower HIV rate than white men. Just a hunch.

    • anon

      Also buddy, I’m sure you already have slept with some white females who have been with black males. Of course they aren’t going to come right out and tell you this. I don’t personally even know any black guys that haven’t had sex with a white woman before. Good luck finding them all out!

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        The point remains:

        (c) Don’t have sex with White women who have sex with black men.

        Leave the mudsharks where they belong.