The Night Isn’t Over Until You’re Asleep

The City was dead. No girls were out. We had been to seven different bars – all usually loaded with hot girls. We hadn’t been skunked – there simply weren’t any women out.

“It’s 12:45, man. Let’s just call it a night.”

“Fuck that,” I said, “Let’s give Crowbar one last run.”

Two hours later my friend and I were hooking up with in separate rooms with girls we pulled at the last minute.

Another night I took a friend out in San Francisco. There was nothing going out. Rather than go home, at 2:30 I took him to Ruby Skye. Thirty minutes later, a chick was trying to take him home as I made out with another chick on ecstasy.

And then there was a the time a friend wanted to go home. I insisted we stay out. He ended up fucking a stripper at 4 a.m.

If the  bar or club scene looks dim, you should be texting every phone number you have. “Come out.” Stay out until the bars close. Scout an after-hour party.

If you’re home alone, send one final series of texts to girls in your phone. “Hot after party going on. Come over.”

If you treat the night as if it’s not over until you’re in bed alone, you will rarely actually end up alone.

  • samseau

    What if your city shuts down at 2 am? In a city like NYC, staying out all night till you find some pussy is a good strategy.

    But in my city, where things close at 2 am, I’ve never pulled a girl after 1 am. The metro also closes at midnight, so a lot of girls leave then as well. It’s bullshit, but that’s the way my city cracks down on party culture.

    • dangerandplay

      Sure; it’s more of a mindset. If the bar closes early, I’m out earlier. I’m getting leads during day game. I’m texting those same chicks to come out.

      I don’t win or lose based on the circumstances. I win or lose based on my own efforts.