How to Use Visualization to Meet Girls

Visualization is a scientifically proven way to improve performance. Most men refuse to do visualization exercises for fear of being “cheesy.” Given that visualization is something done within the privacy of your own mind, the only person calling you sill is yourself. Stop being so judgmental.

You can use visualization to take your game to its highest level.

What is this secret visualization tactic?

As any player knows, running game is hard. An attractive woman gets hit on dozens of time each week. How do you differentiate yourself from every other man?

There are several excellent books about game and game blogs. Using these materials, you’ll learn how to approach a woman, how to overcome approach anxiety, how to develop alpha male body language, how to read a woman’s body language (to pick up those indicators of interest, or IOIs), how to make better eye contact, and how to…do a lot.

Using this visualization technique will make everything you’ve learned come together into a cohesive whole.

Now for the exercise. (This visualization exercise is a form of state control as well, as it will change your state.)

When you’re out and a hot chick makes you nervous, you might stop in your tracks. Get your head right:

How would I act if I knew every girl in the bar wanted me to come talk to her?

Really, deeply, think about it.

How would you act if you knew that girl who gives you chills was waiting for you to approach her?

First of all, you wouldn’t have any approach anxiety, would you? Why would you be nervous when she wants you to talk to her? Her whole night will be a failure if she doesn’t meet you.

Second, your approach wouldn’t be wooden or try-hard. She wants to talk to you, so you’ll be chill.

Third, you will catch her off guard. “Who is this guy,” is what a girl wonders when you approach her as if you already know her.

When your mindset is right, your approaches will almost always lead to a close.

Simply walk over, smile, and say, “Hey, what are you doing here?”

Don’t open with a neg. You don’t feel pressure to “DHV.” You don’t sweat the interaction.

You simple approach someone who has been dying to talk to you all night.

If you’re feeling a little tense about talking to a girl, stop yourself. Take a deep break. “She wants to meet me. Of course I should go talk to her. It will make her night.”

Once you master visualization, all of the theoretical knowledge and hundreds of approaches you’ve made will form a mosaic of game. All of the grains of sand scattered throughout your mind will become one.

You will soon have the game of an alpha male.

  • Jean-Luc LeGame

    Good advice. Simple and straightforward.

  • crashedupderby

    any approach is a DHV, and is better then no approach at all.

  • samplexus

    This is good for anyone with a shy streak in any situation. I find I talk much easier to strangers and women if I pretend I’m at work – where I have to talk a lot and make people comfortable.

  • Chi_Banger


  • Jason

    This is a fantastic post and every man who read it and doesn’t use visualization needs to read it two more times (atleast) because visulization is an enourmously powerful and efficient technique.

    Also I want to point out from the article the use of another insanely powerful technique: the use of powerful questions.

    “How would I act if I knew every girl in the bar wanted me to come talk to her?”

    Thats a GREAT question to ask and I would suggest it be something to ask BEFORE even going to the bar. Spend time before leaving the house asking this question. Hell, if you know you’re hitting the bars on the weekend, do it over the course of the week!

    Asking great questions is an amazing technique and something everyone needs to do.

    Google “powerful questions” or “afforrmations” for more info.

    Again, fantastic post!

  • (R)Evoluzione

    This is legit. I use visualization in every aspect of my life.

    I’ve found that whatever I’m visualizing, if I’m doing it enough, will start showing up in my dreams. That’s when I know I’ve hit the sweet spot with it. It means the subconscious & unconscious mind is really processing the stuff we learn & practice.

    Just the other night I had a dream about an interaction with an unknown woman in a public place. It went well. I was confident & in the zone.

    One note, if you have bad habits to overcome, it doesn’t work to visualize “not doing” something. It’s much more effective to visualize replacing whatever it is you want to replace with a new pattern.

    • FFY

      “Just the other night I had a dream about an interaction with an unknown woman in a public place. It went well. I was confident & in the zone. ”

      Dude I have had the same thing happen, and the next day I felt like a fucking boss. For no other reason that I dreamed doing it and visualized it. Awesome.

  • FFY

    I will have to start doing this, I like it.

    I’m more of a “fuck it” style approacher, which is inferior to this.

  • AnonJohn

    ” “She wants to meet me. Of course I should go talk to her. It will make her night.””


    I’ve been using this the last few days and it is really helpful.

    changes the entire dynamic.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    This is excellent.

    For years I’ve used a similar approach, telling myself:

    “I’m easily the most interesting guy in the room, as well as the most physically striking, and there’s no way she wouldn’t want me to approach her. I’ll make her night.”

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  • King A (Matthew King)

    This is the best new blog there is. Cheers.

    Even the sporadic postings are indicative of the quality. Don’t force output. Just keep saying something when you have something to say.

    Blogs don’t survive without constant updating, and yet they devolve into mediocre pabulum if they are hyperupdated. You have struck the right balance. You would thrive on a gang-blog. (If only there were a one-stop shopping site for this community, rather than this constant hunt & sniff for truffles. The periodic Ferdinand Bardamu digest is good but way too comprehensive and undiscriminating.)

    The book+street education yin-yang you got going on is the essence of your success, and I wish you much more.


    • Fearless

      delusion damage has his 24 hr instant update blogroll up.

      • King A (Matthew King)

        You mean here?

        Appreciate the tip. Looks like an aggregator, a good start. Appears to only work in IE, which is plain retarded in this day & age.

        I know there are various ways to customize your feed, with Twitter being the obvious one. But most men who can benefit from exposure to this community’s conversation will not go through the trouble to set one up, including me. Social media is for women, minorities, and queens: those who gather at hairdressers to gossip are not our target audience.

        I am talking about how to get exposure from 0.1% to 1-5% on our way to 50%. The slight refinements in publication are how we rise out of the echo chamber/”manosphere” ghetto.

        And I fucking hate that term “manosphere,” by the way. It is reductive, like some uxorious eunuch happy to have a precious hour in his “man cave” to watch the end of the Cubs game, his “sphere” of influence temporarily (maybe) undisturbed by her nagging, where he is “king” of his basement hovel for a moment before coming back to reality. That marginalization has nothing to do with any of us, and in fact, I assume few of us here even have a frame of reference for such a sad existence. But this is how our incipient gathering is regarded — a cute little diversion to make the regnant slavery more tolerable.

        Kind of like this tool:

        Har har. Satire kills quietly and efficiently, and scatters us.

        • dangerandplay

          I use Google Chrome and have no problem accessing Delusion Damage. Nice aggregator, btw.

      • andrewmichaelmedina

        King A: The right mindset is the entire world is your man cave.

      • King A (Matthew King)

        I’m a Firefoxer. The add-ons like NoScript and AdBlock are indispensable. If Chrome can prevent the heavy scripting and blinking banners that make every webpage look like a seizure-inducing slot machine, I’m there. Although I am in the process of migrating everything I can to iPad and Safari.

        Either way, it’s the editorial arrangement that’s more important than the technological platform. Aggregators are too undiscriminating and kitchen sink: throw in everything all the time, like a warehouse wholesaler instead of a boutique retailer.

      • Fearless

        That’s strange, I also use Firefox with the same addons you mentioned and have no problems.

  • Crean

    Interesting post and useful advice. This is the opposite of Roosh’s “pretend like everyone in the room hates your fucking guts” slant on interaction, where you cannot possibly embarrass yourself since everyone thinks you’re shit anyway. Since both attitudes aim for the same outcome (optimal aloof mentality leading to zero approach awkwardness), I wonder if one outlook works better for certain people more than others.

  • Rivelino

    excellent post.

    actually having value makes approaching even easier, but at least making yourself believe you have value, that’s a start.

    i am trying something similar, but more sexual. just imagining how horny and slutty she gets when i am fucking her, how she has an empty hole that needs filling, and how i am the man to fill it.

    i also just started thinking of the yin yang, visually, but in a sexual way.

    sexualizing it for me makes me smirk and gives me confidence. if i can actually get the girl in bed, i always kick ass. it’s getting her there that is the sticking point for me.

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  • Jose

    God Damn this is beautiful.
    I have to say, “game” is the material but learning visualization is like presenting all that material on the exam that you KNOW you’re going to kill.

    Just love yourself and the “game” will flow like sweet, sweet honey.

  • Jim

    ”First of all, you wouldn’t have any approach anxiety. Why would I be nervous when she wants me to talk to her? Her whole night will be a failure if she doesn’t meet me.”

    Yes, you still would, because even if she wants you to come over and talk to her based on your appearance, you still have to keep her interest by interacting with her the right way. If you lack refined social skills and at least a little wit and humor, non of the above matters….she’ll be on to you.