Don Draper Reads Danger & Play

In Season 5, Episode 1 (“A Little Kiss”) of Man Men, Don Draper and his wife Megan are having troubles after Draper is not appreciative of a surprise birthday part. Megan is upset and wants to make Draper suffer.

She takes her robe off and begins cleaning the apartment in her lingerie. When Draper initiates sex, Megan resists. Find out what Don Draper does next:

  • bogspua

    Nice frame control on his part, interesting how he acknowledge her shit tests but reacts on them in non reactive way.

    The actress playing bad in this scene, couldn’t shake the feeling that she is over playing it and tries too hard.

  • aneroidocean

    You really have to see the whole episode to understand this scene completely, but it’s pretty awesome standalone as well. Zhou Bisou Bisou!

  • Jason

    LOL! That was awesome!

  • Graham

    Aside from the hair pull it’s a pretty stupid scene, what with Don at the cocktail cabinet making a drink (cause that’s what men did in the 50s) and the girl disrobing and flagrantly assuming the position. Not what I would call creative direction. But there’s so much truth in the hair pull that I forgive them.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    Don Draper nails it.

  • Phoenix

    If I was in Don’s shoes, I couldn’t help but do the same thing. No way a girl could tease my cock and get away with it.

  • Rollo Tomassi

    Put this scenario into 90’s or 2000’s TV sensibilities and the male interest never gets the latent message, goes over and sits down in the corner as he’s told like a good sensitive beta, all while asking “what’s wrong honey?”