What Do Women Want?

Two or three years ago every girl at the gym was pedaling away on the bike or stepping on the stair climber reading the same book. The book cover was light yellow and appeared to have some sort of cartoon butterfly on it. Surely they were all reading another stupid Harry Potter type book, I thought.

After leaving a long-term relationship, I started getting more aggressive with women. I would spank them hard, pull their hair, bite their necks, and give them orgasms.

I kept waiting for a girl to tell me, “No, you’re going to far.” The farther I pushed the boundaries, the more these women wanted.

Years later I watched the film version of the book all of those gym girls had been reading, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo:

Shocking and brutal, the rape of Lisbeth Salander by her guardian/probation officer is the inciting incident to the quest for revenge that helps power “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Portrayed starkly and disturbingly in the original Swedish film adaptation of the book, the American, David Fincher-directed movie version also sought to bring to screen the unmerciful sequence of events described on the pages of Stieg Larsson’s hit novel.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is basically a book about rape. It sold 13 million copies.

A more recent breakthrough hit, 50 Shades of Grey, is also a book about rough sex:

The novel’s protagonist, Christian Grey, has a dungeon with all the extras and asks his partner to sign a non-disclosure agreement that spells out on the written page that she will do what he tells her, no questions asked. He tells Anastasia — who doesn’t know what to make of the situation except that she really, really likes it — straight out that he’ll never ever spend the night with her — that basically, he’s all about the sex, NOT the cuddling.

Men treat the question, “What do women want?” as a mystery.

Women want to be dominated. They want to be choked unconscious, tied up, and have their hair pulled.

I’ve said this for years, and now have the book publishing data to prove it.

Push the boundaries. While you might be thinking, “This has to be too much,” she is thinking, “More!”

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  • zorroprimo


    You have been warned.

  • http://aneroidocean.wordpress.com aneroidocean

    Great post. I made a recent girl get on her knees and suck me off while I directed her to finger herself. Then when I started fucking her she came within a minute or two, harder than I’d ever made her come before. It was INTENSE and she loved every minute of it. They really do crave it even if they won’t tell you they do.

  • office lady

    i wonder why we girls crave to be dominated by men? we are always taught to be their equal, why do we want to submit to them so much??

    even at work, i find that i can’t help but let more junior male coworkers dominate me and tell me what to do. i just naturally follow their lead and instructions. should i try to change myself or follow our nature? help?

    • democratsarefascists

      The clue is in your choice of words. You want a leader. Someone who takes charge of you and everything. Why wouldn’t you want that? Your nature is your nature. Try to “change” and you’ll only make yourself – and the worthless beta males you end up with – miserable.

      • office lady

        Thanks so much for your comments. it’s just that over the last 3 months things have changed very rapidly in my office. and i am starting to wonder if being dominated is really in a woman’s nature.

        3 months ago, a junior male coworker joined our group. the structure of our team is such that we have an overall boss who oversees everything (including other departments). below him, i am the most experienced in my team. and below me there are a few more junior coworkers, clerks and secretaries. the new male coworker was hired because we needed more man power for upcoming projects. there were also plans to create a new senior position for a manager for our team.

        I was expecting a promotion because of my experience and years in the job. so the expectations were that this new male coworker would take over my old position, and i would be promoted to manager position.

        however, since he joined our company things have changed a lot. somehow everyone just seems to respect him more, secretaries do things for him first, and other departments email him directly instead of me. my boss even asked him to do the major presentation for our clients this quarter. (which used to be my responsibility)

        the worst part is that, i also seem to naturally want to obey him. last week he gave a piece of data entering work to a clerk. instead of doing it, the clerk called me over and basically asked if i could do it instead because i had done it before!! the male coworker overheard, and said in a commanding way that he thought it a good idea, as there were some mistakes in the database and it would be a good chance for me to correct my own mistakes!!!! he said it in front of everyone in the office!

        i felt so ashamed, and somehow i just agreed and said i was very sorry and that i will make sure i correct them, and it won’t happen again in the future. since then whenever the male coworker asked me to do things i have just obeyed him completely. he would give me instructions and i would just follow them and thank him. but as a result, i have been doing a lot of secretarial work for the male coworker, while he took over the managerial responsibilities i once had.

        what should i do? do i need to reassert myself? in team meetings he always dominates me. the worst part is that my boss seems to like his approach and i am feeling more and more like his secretary or assistant. if he gets promoted, he will be my direct boss, should or can i fight this? or should i just look forward to becoming his subordinate??

  • democratsarefascists

    Don’t take this the wrong way, but whenever one of my brethren comes to this realization, I laugh a little.

    Having enslaved and used dozens of women, to their very audible satisfaction, and having seen the love in their eyes as they kneel at my feet, it seems a crime that so many men and women arrive at the truth so late in life.

    Women want a man – an alpha. It is the natural state for a man to dominate his woman and the natural state for a woman to serve her Master.

  • mosh

    I do agree that women enjoy domination in the sack. But, your argument is fucking stupid. Have you even read the girl with the dragon tattoo? First, it’s about SO FUCKING MUCH MORE than this rape. The rape is like 1/100 of the story. Women do NOT love the book because of that. Just stupid. And second, the rape “scene” is just plain horrible. As in, extremely hard to read, and truly disturbing. All about pain/torture, NOT about ANY kind of pleasure. I refuse to believe ANY woman was turned on by that scene. Plain ridiculous. I can’t imagine a bigger turn off than that scene. And that is coming from someone who likes domination, and enjoy a nice rape scene from time to time. But that one? No. Just no.

    Sometimes you really just speak out of your ass. But whatever, your main point is more or less valid though.

    • democratsarefascists

      So what you’re saying is it’s the wrong book, a poor example. I would agree that it’s a poor example, but there’s no denying that characters like Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones or any one of a number of bodice-ripper heroines is getting exactly what they want when they’re “violated” and “used.” It’s still rape by the modern definition, but it’s an artistic form that women violently deny they want, but secretly crave. And trust me, most women love pain and torture…when delivered under the right circumstances by the hand of the right man. Not an act of violence, but an act of desire and passion.

  • modernguy

    “Women want to be dominated. They want to be choked unconscious, fucked in the mouth, tied up, and have their hair pulled.”

    Reading shit like this you get the feeling that there is an unconscious confirmation bias in the pickup method. The more you act like a degenerate piece of shit the more you find that there are degenerate pieces of shit willing to meet you on your journey down the rabbit hole.

  • Doc

    I learned long ago that women want to be submissive – even if they won’t admit it. They want to be forced to do things, so that it absolves them of having to make a decision – that is why the more they get the less happy they are. Today most men are told all sorts of useless horse-sh*t in the media and everywhere else. And they are threatened by laws as well. When the fact is that women want a man who will take charge and that includes taking charge of her so she doesn’t have to decide. Women have to decide during the day – at night, they want a man who will remove that so that they can just enjoy the sensations.

    It may not be politically correct, but it’s hard to argue with something that works. Of course, most – not all but most, don’t want any marks left or any real pain, but I have spanked some girls so that they were uncomfortable sitting at dinner. Makes then all the hotter for round two later that night. Of course since I was much older than she was, that whole “almost daddy thing” came into play – most young women who lacked a father figure growing up crave the acceptance of an older male. So they can ride Daddy when they are a child, or they will ride “daddy” when they get older. :)

    That is why I can’t complain too much about feminism – it is responsible for the truly wonderful life I have lived. I figure that there is no use trying to change things – just figure out how to make them work in my favor. I’ve don’t that in business and in pleasure, and will continue to do so. So for all of the feminists that froth at the mouth – thank you, for the wonderful life you have brought to me. I couldn’t have done it without you…

  • ReyKel

    How is feminism “responsible for the truly wonderful life you have lived”??

  • Doc

    Feminism is directly responsible for the number of males who are giving up. Females still want what they have always wanted; a man who has more power, status, money, and education then they do. Yet across the board the deck is stacked against younger males – on average women in their 20’s earn approx $1.40 for every $1 men in that same age bracket earn. More women graduate from college than men, and more graduate from high-school. When it comes to getting that first job the deck is stacked against men as well. Yet, women want what they have always wanted – a strong male who takes control and they can look up to.

    Couple the above to the fact that more and more children are raised by a single female and lack a strong male figure growing up, and most young males do no have a clue how to a woman expects them to behave – they get the drivel a woman tells them, which is exactly the opposite of what women find attractive. And of course the females who grew up lacking a father figure – look for an older man to fill that void in their life.

    All of the above is a direct result of feminism. So I am an older male, with a PhD who is successful in business, and has two hobbies which bring me into contact with a large number of young women (18-22), so my market value is quite high and I take advantage of it..

    I have to give credit, where credit is due…feminism… It may not have benefited many men, but it has benefited me.

    • democratsarefascists

      Amen. If you think you’re well positioned, try being in a college town. The college age men are all wussies with no money who don’t know what to do to a woman. Pull some hair and spank some bottoms, and word gets around.

    • ReyKel

      Ahh. Well said. Now I see what you mean. A toast…to feminism.

      To be honest, I realized upon some reflection that I have been among the legions of modern men who have “given up” on western women in the face of feminism. Your post shines a light on the dynamic from an entirely new angle than from where I’m used to seeing it. So thank you, Doc.

      You’ve piqued my curiosity, what are these goldmine hobbies?

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    excellent post and comment by doc.