Don Draper Reads Danger & Play

Don Draper Megan Floor Rough Sex Scene Pulls Hair

In Season 5, Episode 1 ("A Little Kiss") of Man Men, Don Draper and his wife Megan are having troubles after Draper is not appreciative of a surprise birthday part. Megan is upset and wants to make Draper suffer. She takes her robe off and begins cleaning the apartment in her lingerie. When Draper initiates sex, Megan resists. Find out what Don Draper does next: … [Read more...]

Four Days of Impotence

For over two decades, I would wake up with an erection. I often joke that my cock is a "monster that demands to be fed." Even when having regular sex, I enjoy porn. I've also been a caffeine addict, drinking 1-2 pots of strong coffee each day. As part of a detox, I stopped drinking coffee. The first night I slept sixteen hours. The second night, fourteen. For the next several … [Read more...]

iHerb Coupon Code EKO606

For the past couple of years, I've bought almost all of my supplements, fish oil, and protein powder from Amazon - especially when a product is eligible for subscribe-and-save and Prime shipping - generally offers really good deals on supplements. Lately I started buying supplements from They have a wide selection of products, offer free shipping on … [Read more...]

Outfitting a Manly Kitchen

Cooking for yourself has several benefits. Chief among them: You know what's in your food. Today I ate steamed organic carrots and Siberian kale, grass-fed ground beef and two eggs. It's a perfect lunch. Meanwhile, national grocer Safeway announced it was pulling pink slime from it's stores. The implication of Safeway's decision is that you've been eating this stuff for … [Read more...]

What Do Women Want?

what women want

Two or three years ago every girl at the gym was pedaling away on the bike or stepping on the stair climber reading the same book. The book cover was light yellow and appeared to have some sort of cartoon butterfly on it. Surely they were all reading another stupid Harry Potter type book, I thought. After leaving a long-term relationship, I started getting more aggressive … [Read more...]

Dealing with Dramatic Behavior

When taking care of my 3-year-old god daughter, I learned a trick that works equally well on women. My god daughter would throw huge tantrums. She threw tantrums because they were effective attention-seeking behaviors. Her screams let to people trying to placate her. People placate children not out of love, but out of weakness. They lack the emotional integrity to remain … [Read more...]

Skincare for Men: Part 1

Women are aging better than men. For every George Clooney, there are a hundred guys with turkey necks and lines carved in their foreheads. For every well-aging man, there are two women who look better for their age. There's a reason women are aging better than men, and that reason is sunscreen. What most people consider aging is really just sun damage. Losing skin tonality, in … [Read more...]

Is Game Moral?

Every man who is not a sociopath eventually says to himself, "Man, you're disgusting. You use and manipulate women. This ain't right." Even Roosh is wondering about the morality of game. Worry about this stuff is a huge mistake, as you are projecting manly morality onto women. Arthur Schopenhauer explains why that's a mistake in his essay, "On Women." Yet a movie … [Read more...]