The Trojan Horse

“Beware of players bearing gifts.”

If you’re going to fuck a girl, you need to either get her to your house, or get inside her house. It is really hard to get inside a girl’s apartment after the first date. Whenever possible, you should meet a girl near your place. But let’s talk about the more challenging problem: What happens if you meet near her place?

The best way into a girl’s house is to use the Trojan Horse method.

I was out with my boy on a Saturday night. We hung out with two girls, and I made plans to see one of the girls later. I learned from conversation that the girl was into gin.

On Monday, I went to Cask to purchase an exotic gin. Around 5 o’clock, I texted her, “I just picked up a bottle of gin, supposed to have a floral finish. Try it out?”

Since you can’t bring a bottle of gin to a park or bar, the question had a hidden connotation.

If I had asked her to come over to my crib, or invited myself over, she could have said no. Asking if she wanted to watch a DVD was too obvious.

“Sure,” she said. “Cool, I’ll be over around 8.”

I ended up boning her, much to her surprise. She was not a dumb girl. Like most girls, she knows to meet guys out. By meeting guys outside of her apartment, she lowers the temptation for having sex. Even if she has a moment of weakness, she can cool off on the way back to her place.

I didn’t ask to come over to her place. I asked her to share a bottle of exotic gin. She wasn’t focused on my coming over. She was focused on the gin.

If you are a hypnotist or NLP guy, you’ll see right away what I did. I embedded a suggestion. “Let me come over.” Or, if you’re a lawyer, you’ll say that I framed the issue not as, “Let a strange man into your house,” but instead, “Let’s share some gin.”

I hid myself into the gift.

You could similarly offer to bring over a bottle of wine. Just make sure you sell her on the Trojan Horse.

Don’t say, “Let’s drink a bottle of wine.” She’ll see right away what you’re doing. If the gift doesn’t distract her, it’s not a Trojan Horse.

Provide some color. I bought some gin that had a floral finish. Floral has her thinking of flowers. Flowers feel soft, flowers smell good. Her mind is wandering.

If the girl doesn’t like gin, say, “I just got back from wine country. Let’s open up a bottle.”

She won’t focus on letting a strange man in. She’ll imagine the rolling green hills of Napa County. She’ll imagine dating a man of means – the kind of man who travels to wine country.

If you don’t actually go to wine country, say, “My parents just returned from wine country. Let’s open a bottle.”

She is now thinking of the kind of man whose family can afford nice vacations. She’s imagining a man who spends time with his family.

She is thinking about everything other than you being in her apartment.

Offer the girl a gift, and you’ll be in like Achilles.

  • Eric Disco

    Awesome. I was in another city and met a girl who lived there. We were out having drinks. After two rounds, I was ready to go back to her place. I said, “Let’s get out of here.”

    We’re walking by the liquor store and I asked if she ever had absinth. There’s this thing where you take a scoop of sugar and some absinth and light it on fire, blah blah blah. (Google absinth sugar and fire to get the ‘recipe.’) It tastes like shit and is kinda stupid but it’s a great excuse to pick up a bottle of absinth and go back to her place.

    Once you’re at her place, the dishes are done.


    • D&P

      That’s how it’s done!

  • ASF

    Amazing. Devilishly subtle. Presumably you need to get her address before starting on this scheme, otherwise it won’t come off right/smooth if you then ask her for her address, or am I missing something? Or do you go with some knowingly fake “you’re at 123 main st., right?”

  • samseau

    “Can I use your bathroom?”