Conan the Barbarian Game

Although Arnold Schwarzenegger tried re-writing history in his autobiography, he actually had a great time with women. In a fascinating expose on Venice Beach and bodybuilding subculture during the Golden Age, we learn about real caveman game:

There was no such check on his other hungers, though: He loved women, and he loved them in bulk. “We’re in this bank line once in Venice, and he’s making eyes at the teller, a big old girl with a huge ass,” says Dan Howard, a Mr. America entrant who managed Gold’s Gym for four years. “Arnold says, ‘You haff nice breasts; now please to turn around. . . . Ah, yes, I like your backside. Take my phone number.’ ”

Another time, Arnold brought a generously rumped skier to dinner at a crowded steakhouse. “He says to me, ‘Watch this,’ and throws her dress over her head; sure enough, she’s wearing no panties,” says Howard. “She runs sobbing from the place, then comes back in and says he told her not to wear any.”

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There were parties at the place Arnold shared with Columbu, orgies at a Venice bungalow, and a nightclub stocked with beach girls that Waller ran as a kind of private reserve. Often enough, they didn’t have to leave the gym; women wandered in from the nude beach in Venice, wanting a private tour of the lockers. “They got it, too,” says Drasin, “though it wasn’t unheard of to bang ’em right there on the gym floor.”

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    Great read. What I find amazing is that some of those guys were 5’9″ or even shorter and built like crazy (although they did take steroids). Columbu was 5’5″!

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    Arnold has always been one of my inspirations.
    mike philosophy on women in 1 minute:

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