Lifestyle Game: The Apex

There was an art exhibit in town that a girl wanted to see. As a man of refined tastes, I agreed to accompany her.

When we arrived, her face sank. The long line to purchase tickets demoralized her.

“Oh, no, babe, we don’t wait in lines. I’m a member of MOMA.” Her face said, “Yeah, right, douche bag” look.

I walked through the entrance, waving her to follow me. We went directly to the membership desk, got our tickets, and then got to skip a second line (the line to see the paintings.)

I was shooting loads inside of her less than a half-hour after the exhibit ended.

That’s one of many examples of lifestyle game in action.

Here is the apex:


  • Rob

    And Phil Spector was one crazy genius.

  • random dude

    Yep. One thing I will say is that its better to cut lines, get tables, free drinks etc through friendships than tipping every single person. Excessive tipping can easily be perceived as trying too hard if you’re not careful. That’s why I try to frequent places, introduce myself, and say thanks on the way out. Also I try to be very respectful towards people in the service industry. Nothing better than getting VIP treatment without asking or paying for it. If all else fails, $20 and a smile goes a long way.

    • dangerandplay

      If you shake hands and pass a $20, your girl isn’t going to notice but the guy will. Then you’ll be treated like someone who matters. (In Vegas it should be $100 rather than $20.)

    • Chad Daring

      As someone who’s worked in one facet or another of the service industry all his life I can attest to this. You dont have to drop mad money to get treated well. An asshole can drop a few hundred to schmooze his way in, but if your’e just cool, friendly and nice just tipping 300%-400% more then average, enough to drastically stand out, will get you remembered.

      I miss the old bar I used to frequent before the management changed and made it a “family establishment” I could walk in and signal the bartender from the DOOR, cut a line of 10 people and just pick up my drink. That never got me laid, but damn was it nice lol

  • D.Bandler

    I was shooting loads inside of her less than a half-hour after the exhibit ended.

    You say this alot. I assume these girls on the pill.

    • dangerandplay

      I’ll eventually get an STD, false rape case, or kid.

      Danger and play.

      • (R)evoluzione

        Gettting an STD or a false rape claim would suck donkey balls;

        Having a kid is an evolutionary win and the whole biological imperative for this game of dangerous play in the first place, it’s just an R strategy vs. a K strategy. Moralists will judge, but history shows that the R strategy is effective for some people and some organisms. It is the strategy of Ghengis Khan, Wilt Chamberlain, Frank Sinatra.. in other words, it is the the strategy of iconoclastic, self-possessed high-value men.

  • Rivelino

    great post man.

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  • Wesley Dabney

    i’m dating a girl that has twice the resources i have. she has millions in frequent flyer miles and elite hotel points, owns two businesses, and competes in agility dog competitions. I make over six figures but it’s still hard to compete with her as far as lifestyle because she’s already loaded. the only way i’ve found to trump her resources is my body. i’m big, muscular, and good looking. she loves the traps.

    she also has a social advantage. i moved to her town last year and haven’t established a good friend base yet. it’s difficult because we met the first week i was here and spent a lot of time together. didn’t get a chance to make my own friends. i’m now backing away from spending so much time with her so that i can develop my own social circle outside of hers (don’t like many of her friends anyway). love your blog and it just reinforces my need to break away from her and get my own life.