Why Dating Leads to Fail

Experience has shown me that dating is largely a waste of time. My close rate when meeting a girl at a bar is high. My close rate from dating is low. What’s up with that?

I recently figured out why dating is futile.

As a man, what are you thinking about when going on a date? You take a shower, wash your balls, and brush your teeth. You’re hoping the girl likes you enough that you’ll be able to put your dick inside of her.

You’re not expecting any “wow” factor. You don’t expect a woman to charm you or show how awesome she is. Unless she’s an insufferable bitch (and even then, if she’s hot, no big deal), you’d have sex with her at the end of the date.

When a woman goes on a date, she is looking for something serious. She is not looking to hook up. She is looking to get to know a guy. She is also expecting to be wowed.

It sucks when a woman wants to get to know a man before sleeping with him. First, do you want to get to know her? How many women are interesting? How many women have you met that you’d talk to even if there were no chance of fucking her?

Even guys who claim to have platonic female friends don’t have fat platonic female friends. Be honest with yourselves. Women are not interesting. Like my dog, women are cute and adorable and funny when they lash out. (Unlike my dog, women are disloyal.)

When you show up for a date, you must show some uninteresting broad why you’re interesting. You’re also forced to listen to her stupid thoughts.

If you are a man of accomplishment and learning, your grimaces will be obvious.

When a woman is on a date, she expects a wow factor. Women want magic. They want sparks. They want chemistry.

Genuine chemistry is amazing because it’s rare. How many women would you need to meet before feeling electricity flowing through your body? Where you feel tingles? Of the several hundreds of women I’ve met, I’ve had chemistry with maybe 5.

Dating is thus a fool’s mission. For one, you’re expected to entertain an inferior. (And if you are not superior to nearly every woman you’ve ever met, you do not deserve to call yourself a man.) For two, the odds of having chemistry are low.

When seasoned vets tell you young guys to stop dating, it’s not because we’re jaded. It’s because we know, from experience, that there are better ways to lay women.

  • Doc

    Couldn’t agree more… Women also have no investment until after you’ve bedded her, so the likelihood of “flaking” is a lot higher pre-sex, then post-sex.

    All in all, it’s best not to waste your time, effort, or money until the woman has proven herself to be a worthwhile commodity who can entertain you and keep you happy.

  • eric

    When it comes to dames, I take Benjamin Franklin’s advice on winning people over. Always make women do you favors, never do them favors. Going out in public with a woman you don’t even know, solely to please her? Huge favor. It’s best to incur a sunk cost on them it makes them act friendly to you.