Lifestyle v. Game

Yesterday’s post was mostly a joke. It was true that a girl who hangs around the crew e-mailed me as part of a recipe exchange. It was also true that receiving (and replying) to the email was neither alpha or beta. Why would it matter to me if a girl viewed me as a guy who likes to cook, or as a guy it’d be cool to swap recipes with?

I can go from demanding a woman let my seed soak her panties and run down her leg to cooking dinner and playing kitchen bitch for friends, because cooking is just another aspect of the lifestyle.

A lifestyle is pleasurable, in and of itself.

Yesterday’s dinner, which I prepared for six of us, contained 14 ingredients and about a dozen different spices. My friend opened up two bottles of Central Coast wine that he bought during a wine tasting. We all had mochi from the Japanese market for dessert.

Each week I cook something exotic. I’m always on the look out for new ways of preparing food.

I cook not only because food is awesome, but because I am humbled by my fantastic friends. Cooking for them would be pleasure enough.

The food was spectacular, and the company was good. I didn’t even fuck and yet fell asleep happy.

Far too many guys have the conception of a player as a man who lives alone, has no friends, and whose sole existence is chasing pussy. Yet consider the roots of the lone wolf metaphor.

A wolf doesn’t wander alone because it wants to. A wolf wanders alone because it has grown old and useless to the pack. “Man is an social animal,” Aristotle correctly noted thousands of years ago. A lone wolf is a reject.

Meeting women is less than 10% of my week, and 25% of my weekend. Because I spend so little time trying to meet women, and so much more time building an awesome lifestyle, I actually meet and fuck hotter women than most guys who obsess about game.

A lifestyle attracts pussy.

You and a girl are vibing each other. You say, “Let’s go somewhere quiet, where we can talk.” She knows you want to fuck, and she wants to get fucked.

“OK, sounds great,” she says. “But my roommates have out-of-town guests.”

Now what?

If you’re a guy who focusing only on running game, you probably have a crappy apartment. It’s probably poorly decorated, and does not make a girl feel comfortable. You likely do not have a bar stocked with tonic, soda water, voka, gin, a martini shaker, and several different wines. (And you probably don’t have cool stories about the vineyards you purchased the wine from, during a wine tasting trip.)

You get the cool apartment and the good liquors by building your lifestyle on Monday through Friday (and often through Saturday, and sometimes Saturday and Sunday). When you have the lifestyle, the pussy follows.

Once I met a girl from an online dating site. We had exchanged racy texts, and I knew she wanted to fuck. She texted me when she was in town. (She was almost certainly cheating on her husband.)

The friend I was house sitting for was a little salty. Logistics challenge, right?

Nope. I booked a hotel, fucked her thrice, tied her hands up with the bath robe’s belt, came inside of her, and left bruises on her neck.

If I hadn’t been able to afford the hotel, I would have missed out on some of the best pussy I’ve had.

A good friend of mine had been out of the game for almost a decade. He had a rough break-up. But while in a relationship, he build an amazing lifestyle for himself.

He started off a little groggy. He had taken girls out to dinner. (!) He wasn’t getting anywhere near the quality of girls he deserved.

He learned a little game, stopped buying dinners, and started getting more aggressive (even choking girls in public). With less than six months of learning game, he pulled the hottest pussy of his life.

If my friend had spent more time learning game rather than building a lifestyle, he wouldn’t be pulling the caliber of women he pulls. A woman his attracted to game, but a hot woman finds the lifestyle irresistible.

A 7 is going to be amenable to tight game alone. But it’s simply a lie that 8’s and 9’s are ending up with average-income earning men who have tight game. If you do not have an exceptional lifestyle, you will not regularly pull 8’s, and you will probably never pull a 9.

Sure, guys on the Internet brag about pulling 8’s and 9’s. Ask to see pictures of girls they’ve boned. Good luck getting proof.

A man should spend far more time building a lifestyle than in learning game. Build the lifestyle first, as the lifestyle is the strongest foundation for game.

Yes, it’s crucial that a man learn game at a young age. He needs to learn enough game to avoid getting trapped in a long-term relationship. He needs to learn enough game to pull quality ass. A man who can’t pull at will is more likely to get trapped in a relationship, since he’ll be afraid. “What if I never find anyone better?” Or worse, “What if I can’t find anyone.”

As a man, however, you should be far more concerned with building your career, building your body, filling your mind with knowledge, and creating lasting memories than you should be with learning game.

The lifestyle is better than the game.

  • atavisticman

    Your post from yesterday was a joke but the comments were not. As a result, they were funnier than the actual post. Small minds, smaller interests.

  • tapanar

    I think this is the proper way to look at things. Men who focus too much on game focus too much on simply getting women in bed and they become obsessed pussy.

    Focusing on lifestyle means you have a broader view of things. What you say in the last paragraph is the key difference. Getting pussy is a consequence of your lifestyle, not the primary reason. The primary reason is about yourself.

  • tapanar

    Ok, I meant “obsessed *with* pussy”.

  • Andrew Medina

    “I cook not only because food is awesome, but because I am humbled by my fantastic friends. Cooking for them would be pleasure enough.”

    It appears we’re pretty like minded on that and the overall importance of lifestyle building.

    I’m more focused on building a lifestyle of adventure and money (so I can have even crazier adventures) than women and it helps pull women, because I have such an interesting life. I actually have to remind myself to DHV about things because what seems “blah” to me, most people will never do in their lives.

    BTW: Thanks for the article on choking. I tried it, and needless to say, I’ll be doing it more often. It’s fun.

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  • J Richards

    Can we see pictures of the women you’ve boned?

  • MK

    Well said great post here exactly my philosophy.

  • The Greatest

    Great post. So True.

  • lordphresche

    “If you’re a guy who focusing only on running game, you probably have a crappy apartment. It’s probably poorly decorated, and does not make a girl feel comfortable. ”

    Well said. As a young man learning G, I have found this post to highlight the only way I can see to balance the objectives of having a life one can be proud of and securing poon that one desires at will.

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