Lifestyle Game: The Apex

There was an art exhibit in town that a girl wanted to see. As a man of refined tastes, I agreed to accompany her. When we arrived, her face sank. The long line to purchase tickets demoralized her. "Oh, no, babe, we don't wait in lines. I'm a member of MOMA." Her face said, "Yeah, right, douche bag" look. I walked through the entrance, waving her to follow me. We went … [Read more...]

Why Dating Leads to Fail

Experience has shown me that dating is largely a waste of time. My close rate when meeting a girl at a bar is high. My close rate from dating is low. What's up with that? I recently figured out why dating is futile. As a man, what are you thinking about when going on a date? You take a shower, wash your balls, and brush your teeth. You're hoping the girl likes you enough that … [Read more...]

Lifestyle v. Game

Yesterday's post was mostly a joke. It was true that a girl who hangs around the crew e-mailed me as part of a recipe exchange. It was also true that receiving (and replying) to the email was neither alpha or beta. Why would it matter to me if a girl viewed me as a guy who likes to cook, or as a guy it'd be cool to swap recipes with? I can go from demanding a woman let my seed … [Read more...]

Alpha or Beta?

A girl sent me the following e-mail: We are participating in a collective, constructive, and TASTY experiment. As such, you have been invited to be part of a recipe exchange concept. We hope you will participate. We have picked those we think would make this fun. Please send a recipe to the person whose name is in position 1 (even if you don't know him/her) and it should be … [Read more...]