How to Make a Woman Feel Desired and Owned

When I’m semi-regularly with a girl, I stop watching porn. I still have the urge to masturbate, and when it’s 7 p.m. and I’m still at the office, nature calls. But I resist the Siren call.

The more you bone, the better your endurance gets. When I’m regularly boning the same couple of girls, my endurance is almost tantric.

When you last a long time, giving your girl multiple orgasms, the power dynamic shifts. She begins to think you exist for her pleasure. She starts looking down on you, viewing you not as a man but as a vibrator. It then becomes important to show her that you are more than a blow up doll.

When you avoid your girl for several days while also not masturbating, your endurance plunges. Once you feel like your nuts are going to randomly empty into your boxer briefs, it’s time to visit your girl for some rough sex.

It had been five days since seeing Teacher, and it was time to remind her why she exists.

When I walked into her apartment, she smiled broadly. She was wearing a blue dress that cling to her body. She had just returned from school, and I imagined how hot it would have been to have had a teacher like her staring at me during class.

She taught high school, and every one of her students wanted her. It was my duty to take her immediately and violently – to bone her on behalf of every horny male in her class.

My dick started hurting, pressing so hard against my jeans that I had to unzip my pants.

I threw her on the couch. As she started removing her underwear, I grabbed her wrists, “Keep your panties on.”

I moved her panties to the side, spit on my dick, and banged her for 30 or so seconds.

After shooting a quarter cup of cum inside of her, I moved her underwear back over her pussy.

“Don’t clean up. Put your shoes on. We’re going for a walk.”

With each stride, my life force dripped out of her, sticking to her panties.

She knew she belonged to me and later told me that she never felt more desired.

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  • samseau

    Nice technique.

  • The Lurker

    That’s gangsta.

  • ASF

    I did this once by accident. She always remembered it.

    • askediske

      the land where I’m from the accident application of this technique goes under the name of “premature ejaculation”.

  • Shawn

    LOL, for some reason I thought this post was hilarious.

  • jim

    off topic: You mentioned in an earlier post that you were going to write about grooming/skin care (basically how to keep yourself youthful looking, besides diet and exercise). Are you still planning on doing that? Thanks.

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  • Hawk

    I’ve done this as well but it was my girlfriend’s idea. She totally gets off on walking around with my load inside of her. Another thing she enjoys is when I jam my cock in her vagina and piss. Some chicks are simply nuts like this!

  • Sandra

    i love it when a man practically rapes me and then shoots his large hot load inside me. it is just exquisite ecstasy for a woman, to feel that the man is in total control and i have no right to object. to feel him ignoring my pleas and blasting his seeds deep inside of me.

    once my bf made me go to dinner with my parents right after he had shot his load inside me. like you, he didn’t let me clean up, and the whole evening, i could feel my sticky panties and his hot semen soaking pussy and dripping down my legs. the masculine scent was so strong too. i felt ashamed in front of my parents, but i also felt happy. I felt like a feminine woman, and to feel my man having so much control and power over me, even in front of my parents. it made me feel complete. He knew that i could feel his hot seeds seeping out every minute of the evening. he made sure i understood he was my boss, and i am thankful for it. He is my man.

  • johnson

    So, have you got a vasectomy? This is fucking hot, but I wouldn’t do it with many girls on a weekly basis.

  • alice

    and thats how its done. bravo. wish more guys knew how to dominate.

  • Nick

    A classic post, this was an eye opener for me when I first read it a few years back. And I used to think flowers and dinners were necessary, lol!

    • Brissbrass

      Agreed Nick, I just found this and what can I say… an instant classic.

  • Freedom & Fulfilment

    Man this is still some of the best stuff on this site.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      It’s kind of funny. I started D&P in 2011 because no one was writing about this stuff. Now I don’t write about it anymore, so new guys go digging around the Archives and find it and are blown away. Much has changed at D&P over these past 3 years – which is why I tell you men to “just get started.” You have no idea where you will end up.

      • Freedom & Fulfilment

        Yep, even though I sort of don’t know what I’m doing, I’m very glad I did “just get started”. I owe a lot of that to you, so thanks.

  • marian


  • Sam Botta

    “Fifty Shades of Grey” has sold more than 100 million copies. Have you met a man that’s read that trilogy?