How to Choke a Woman During Sex

Women enjoy being choked during sex. It turns them on and gives them more powerful orgasms. But as a man you have to know the right way to choke a woman. Try these rough sex techniques in and outside of the bedroom and you will have a much better sex life. (P.S. Don’t forget to use sex pillows to get deeper penetration during sex.)

choke a woman during sex

Why do women enjoy being choked during sex?

Choking works because it’s a show of dominance. More than anything a woman wants an alpha male. (Read: How to be a More Dominant Man.)

All those who would deny reality need only look at sales figures for Fifty Shades of Grey. (“The series has sold over 90 million copies worldwide and been translated into 52 languages, and set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time.”) UPDATE: 50 Shades of Grey has now sold over 100 million copies. The book was adapted into a movie, and the movie trailer for 50 Shades was the most-watched trailer of all time.

The number one sexual fantasy have is a rape fantasy. Nearly 40% of women have a rape fantasy. Several sex therapists and psychologists have studied this phenomena:

From 1973 through 2008, nine surveys of women’s rape fantasies have been published. They show that about four in 10 women admit having them (31 to 57 percent) with a median frequency of about once a month. Actual prevalence of rape fantasies is probably higher because women may not feel comfortable admitting them.

Of course no girl wants to be wolf packed on the D.C. Metro or beaten up. Yet nearly ever romance novels consider healthy dose of a woman being taken against her will. The key is that she is taken against her will by a high value, dominant man who could satisfy her genetic desire for healthy and fit offspring.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.28.06 PM

Given the prevalence of the rape fantasy and the desire women have to be dominated, it only makes sense to learn how to properly choke a woman. (WARNING: Sexual choking is not child’s play. Don’t be agro. Be prepraed to call 9-1-1 if anything goes wrong.)

“You look like the kind of girl who enjoys being choked,” I told a girl who I was gaming at a bar. She smiled, “How could you tell?”

I immediately pinned her back against the wall. I pressed my body against hers, put my hand around her neck, and began squeezing – gently at first to make sure she was comfortable with what was happening. Then I gave her a nice hard squeeze as a show of strength.

One hour later, I was hooking up with her in the back seat of her car. Two hours later, she was enjoying rough sex in my bedroom.

How do you choke a woman during sex?

To get good at choking a woman during sex, you need to learn some technique. Most guys clumsily put their hands around a girl’s neck and then press against her windpipe a girls. That’s not erotic. That just hurts.

Choke during sex

Instead, you must go for the carotid artery, which are the two lines veins on either side of the neck. When you squeeze the carotid artery, the girl shouldn’t cough, as you hands are not on her wind pipe.

The carotid arteries (on either side of the neck) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadness, and pleasure, all of which will heighten masturbatory sensations.

Once you’ve cut off oxygen to her brain, she has about 3-5 seconds before passing out. During these three to five seconds, her sexual pleasure will increase immeasurably. (Some women enjoy being choked out unconscious, though that technique is for advanced users only.)

At the bar, I covered the girl’s neck with my had, but I squeezed with my thumb and fingers. The “webbed” part of my hand didn’t move forward to her neck. To time the squeeze, say in your head, “Squeeze, release.” Once you’ve finished saying, “Squeeze, release” to yourself, let go.

As you choke more women, you’ll learn how to time it better. Plus, tastes differ. Some women enjoy a light squeeze where as other girls enjoy being choked unconscious. As with all forms of dominance play, start off slowly and work you way toward the kinkier stuff.

I like choking a woman right up until her eyes almost go lifeless. Women also love this. Once the life returns to her, it’s as if she came back from the other side.

Sex becomes more than a physical act. It becomes a sublime act of the spirit. Her orgasm is an out-of-body experience.

I’ve also choked women unconscious. (I do not recommend others do this.) The girls were always fine once you release the pressure from her carotid arteries, thus allowing blood flow to return to her brain.

You should also choke your girl when standing around. Consider it a public display of affection with a dominance twist – “choke PDA,” if you will.

Apply pressure to her carotid arteries by squeezing your biceps – like doing a one-half rear naked choke.

Once you start choking women, you’ll be addicted. Women love it, too.

Choking is also a useful indicator of your strength as a man. If you are an alpha male, a woman will crave your domination and show of strength.

If women do not regularly let you choke them, your game is weak. You are giving off a weak, beta male vibe and are lucky to be getting any sex at all.

Have fun, but be careful.

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  • Chad Daring

    This was actually very informative. I’ve been with more then a few girls who weren’t afraid to ask me to choke them, and usually did go go windpipe heavy which, as you said, isn’t sexy. I’m gonna try this on NYE

    • WTL

      What type of woman-throat do you love ? Skinny or a bit fluffy ? What about the nice ornamented throats with venus rings ?

  • Rivelino

    “To get good at choking, you need to have good technique. Most guys ram their hands on a girls windpipe. That’s not erotic.”

    good to know!

    on the sides, not the front.

    • Mike

      Yeah, I usually hold them down this way toward the end. They start bucking around when they get off, and grabbing them by the throat not only sends them over the edge, it holds them steady while I finish in them.

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  • Kane

    I found the girls with the most serious issues had the strongest desire to be choked. Girls without father figures or with weak fathers were usually very happy to be choked and slapped. Feminists of course love being choked.

    • Grabmebaby

      That’s funny. I am a feminist and I do love being choked. I’m a women

      • Danger & Play

        I’ve never met a feminist who doesn’t like being choked/rough sex.

        • grabmebaby

          why do those two qualities go hand in hand though? haha im confused by my own actions. Trying to figure out why I like such rough sex.

          • Chickadee

            That’s really funny, because I am a ‘feminist’ and I hate being choked. It freaks me out and makes me angry. Granted, I’m not opposed to choking others if they like it, it’s just something I can’t stand. If someone were to try to choke me I would probably leave then and there. I hate the ‘male dominance’ idea. It’s based on the person, not the gender. I’m a very dominant female.

          • Cooper

            Granted this many not apply to you, but a large percentage of your gender DOES enjoy this male sexual dominance behavior, whether they verbally admit it or not. Mike is very attuned to the need of females and cares about them as a gender deeply, and wants the young men of the world to be educated on how to please the large percentage of women out there.

            If you are a dominant female, more power to you. However, many men out there do not like to come home to another boss, and you may or may not have issues when dating confident/assertive men, who I wager will not like this and will no doubt have other options to pursue.

            If any male attempts to choke you during sex, please speak up and do not allow him to continue. I would be very upset if you were legitimately hurt as a result of an attempt to please you sexually. Everyone on this site, including Mike, would agree.

          • Tom Swayer

            Lol… What an ass.

          • George

            Well feminism is the believe (or fact) that women are able to do well in all areas of life if they chose any area they desire to accomplish and should be given the same opertunity as men to do so…
            But if you are a woman whos inner “animal” desires dominace it does not change your value as a person. Maybe women who desire being dominated in bed want to balance this unconsciously in “real life” by being dominant around people and their partner; while the librarian type of person is dominant in bed….

        • Elska Oxensterna

          Hello! Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, writer of this convoluted article. I’m the feminist who doesn’t like being choked/rough sex. Yep – the girl who believes men’s and women’s capabilities balance out and make them equal, but does not enjoy being roughed up. Especially not during sex.

          First, this article implies that every girl likes being choked/rough sex. So not true. There are many women who do NOT enjoy being ridiculed, choked, spanked, slapped, tied up, flogged, ext. that exist, but enjoy vanilla sex. These women love and respect the men who do the same for them. These tend to be demisexuals who only feel arousal after a loving bond has formed with their partner. There are also asexuals who probably wouldn’t find acts like these very amusing.

          Second, even if she does enjoy such activities… Never assume she’ll do them with just anyone. Often times, such activities come with trust. And if a partner comes off as a major asshole (aka: untrustworthy, disrespectful, and/or harmful, such as you advice men to be in your articles) – then she definitely won’t trust him enough to willingly submit. And remember: if it’s not willing, it’s abuse. Let me repeat that: if it’s NOT WILLING, it’s ABUSE. I can’t stress this part enough.

          Third, “choke PDA” is a very bad idea while in mixed company. If caught, the outsider will most definitely be keeping the couple on their radar for possible cases of abuse – some will even bring it to the police. It’s just not worth the trouble. As well, it alienates the couple from polite society (you know, the place where you DON’T DO THIS TYPE OF SHIT). Polite society will see it purely as abuse, which will have extremely adverse effects on your life outside the home.

          • Cooper

            Let me break down what you have said:

            Introductory paragraph: “I’m a feminist who disagrees with what you have said”. Implication of this is that you are a feminist (therefore you believe in gender equity and do not believe in victim blaming) who is so offended by this article that you have taken out the time to write a lengthy response to it.

            Next paragraph: “Not all women like rough sex, particularly demisexuals who only feel arousal after a loving bond has formed with their partner”. Most American (and I’d wager, most other cultures) women – the vast majority – are NOT demisexual – they feel arousal far before “a loving bond” has been formed. Therefore, based on your claim, Mike’s advice still applies – maybe not “all women”, but certainly “99% of women”, which for the purposes of the readers of this blog and men in general, applies – as they are far more likely to run into a regular heterosexual woman as opposed to a demisexual.

            Paragraph 3: “even if she does like being choked, she won’t do them with just anyone.” Agreed. Mike has even expressed this in his article: “Choking is also a useful indicator of your strength as a man. If you are an alpha male, a woman will crave your domination and show of strength. If women do not regularly let you choke them, your game is weak. You
            are giving off a weak, beta male vibe and are lucky to be getting any
            sex at all.” If you think that women do not like being physically by an “alpha male” (for the purposes of this article, Mike has implicitly defined this to be a confident, assertive man who is not afraid to stand up for himself or treat his woman well in the bedroom) you are simply delusional. I would cite the large number of women who enjoyed the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” as an example of this, or in general more anectodal evidence such as Olivia Munn’s texts, and the Miss Delaware sex tape.

            Paragraph 4: “Choke PDA” is a very bad idea while in mixed company. If caught, the outsider will most definitely be keeping the couple on their radar for possible cases of abuse – some will even bring it to the police.” This is the only semi intelligent point you have made. When a man does “questionable pda” to a woman, it is *often* construed as domestic violence even if the woman enjoys it. Whereas the same is not true if a woman were to do it with a man – people find this “funny”. Here is a youtube video showing the difference. https://www.y* As a feminist (I am going to take this to believe you believe in equality among the sexes, and are against victim blaming) you should be outraged at the ignorance of society and the lack of gender equity in this issue, instead of blaming the man for putting himself in the situation (you would not dare say a rape victim should not put themself in harms way, you would instead suggest that the rapist not rape). So I would ask that you proclaim your support for men who like to consensually choke-pda their girlfriends/wives, and denounce society for victim blaming men. only a feminist would do so in this case.

            Nothing in my comment is meant to offend you in any way: I am simply using the facts/reasoning you yourself have provided. And given that you have been so offended by the article (see my analysis of your introductory paragraph) yet have not provided any legitimate rebuttal – see my analysis of the rest of your comment – I would look deeply at why this article promoted the emotional response you felt, and look at any bias or emotional shortcoming you may or may not have that may or may not have cause said emotional response. Thank you for your comment and welcome to Danger and Play.

          • Elska Oxensterna


            First, when I stress “not all women”, it’s because these articles have little (if no) stress on the point of consent. Words like “let” are very fragile when it comes to such activities. There is wanton abrasion from men towards women without any hint of her approval. These articles seem to read as to encourage the male to “dominate” her into a state of giving approval that she may not wish to give, but feels forced to. I don’t know where on earth you’re pulling 99% from, but I’ve found an average statistic of roughly 57%. That’s right- A little over half. So I guess the claim “most women like rough sex” can be said, but only barely…

            Second, plenty of men get sex without being rough with their girlfriends/wives. To say women “crave” dominance is ridiculous- There is an evolutionary stand point to the claim that women like men who can provide, and these men tend to be strong, healthy, and have money (only recently in our evolutionary history), but dominance? There is no precedent for it. 50 Shades of Grey? I read it and wasn’t that amazed. The writing style is informal to the point of feeling someone no older than their early 20s wrote it. The plot was mildly interesting, but I thought the author could have delivered it much better… And I have no clue who this “Olivia Munn” is or what the “Miss Deleware sex tape is, so I will look them up and give you feed back then, if you’re really so inclined. I would say, pulling from my research in psychology, that the reason why most women find the /idea/ of rough sex appealing is because it’s taboo. It’s liberating for women to imagine, especially after coming out of a women-suppressed period in history (talking evolution again here).

            Third, as a feminist, I am also appalled at women abusing men. It happens a lot. Relationship abuse is most common, but women are also causes of physical abuse on men. I’ve seen the video. But this article hardly holds any water at called the sexes equal. On the bright side, though, it does prove that not only women are held up to the rigorous articles that deprecate their self-worth based on anything but being their natural selves. Men do too!

            Lastly, I still cannot support the actions of choke-pda in mixed company (no matter who is doing the choking). It still can be easily misinterpreted as abuse and the average citizen would be wary of any claims of consent because abused individuals would most likely cover for their abuser out of fear of repercussions later. Foreseeably, if this becomes common, abusers would have another way of lashing out at their victim in public, and it could easily be written off. And, even if consent was given, displays like that could easily be turned into “evidence” against the whomever was doing the choking should the one being choked ever decide to use it against them (thus more relationship violence). If a couple wishes to have their own choke-pda, I encourage the usage of buildings and clubs that have a precedent for such activities.

            I don’t find myself offended. Actually, I’m quite intrigued to learn what other people may have understood from my writing. I did not pursue writing as a major, so my style is far from polished. On the note of bias, I would like to point out that we are both human and thus neither of us is without bias. My bias is coming from that fact that I am an independent woman who has dealt with my fare share of men who attempted to dominate me without the dignity to understand when no meant NO – one or two had hospital visits. It seems your bias comes from (now, feel free to explain yourself – I’m just letting you know what it looks like from another point of view) dealing with feminists who weren’t really feminists; they probably weren’t honest equalists. This exasperation is spewed at any women who claims to be a feminist, not only the fake ones.

            My main point, though, was to stress that not all women enjoy such activities and thus to remind readers that even if dominance is the way to many girl’s hearts (or into their pants), it may not be the way for the girl he has his eyes set on – to keep that in mind is to prepare him for the reality that this might not be the right approach for his situation. It’s a factor this article doesn’t even consider.

          • James Rustler

            Changed my account name, but I thought I would still respond.

            1) Where are YOU pulling 57% from? I said 99% to illustrate the point that so many women like the kind of dominant behavior described – provided it comes from the right guy – that it makes no sense to cater your “approach” to be submissive. That’s the entire point of this article. All (attractive, feminine) women like to be dominated and taken care of by a strong male. You may claim to not want this but I guarantee if the right guy ( for example ) did this you would be wet as hell. there may be 1% of women who don’t like this, and obviously in those cases respect their wishes.

            2) “plenty of men get sex from their wives/gfs without being dominant, rough” – sure, but what is the quality of those relationships/sex lives? You don’t know. You’re pulling numbers out of your ass again. “to say woman crave dominance is ridiculous” – no it isn’t. you’re stupid if you think that most women don’t, on a deep level, even if they won’t admit it themselves. “i read 50 shades of grey and wasn’t amazed” yeah but its sold so many copies that you would be retarded to say that a lot of women weren’t amazed by this. You’re looking stupider with each statement.

            3,4,5… too many stupid points you have made. maybe 1 or 2 sensible ones. No time to go through all of them. You also haven’t answered several questions from my first response, although I don’t blame you (it would make you look really bad to actually respond)

            Also nobody is saying to disregard consent. The men on here are actually smart and if a woman appears uncomfortable or says “No” in a serious manner (as opposed to a role playing scenario) then we will stop. Simple as that. We aren’t rapists… you’re an idiot.

            I’m sorry that you have been abused by men in the past when you said “no”. That is wrong.

            Lastly, remember that if YOU don’t like something, it doesn’t mean the vast majority of women don’t. Proven again and again.

          • AussieJ T

            Yeah . You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to write such a long post. Looks a lot like rationalisaltion thru words and academic soundbites… stock in trade for those brainwashed at marxist indoctrination camps that is ” liberal ” arts colleges these days.

            The hard truth is that deep down, even with brain implants from college, women want to be led and gently dominated. And regularly ravished in bed. If a woman really doesnt want this, she can leave the man at any time …
            And find a brainwashed and neutured timid boy.
            The massive success of 50 shades of grey proves this.
            And remeber that in lesbian relationships , there is always a bitch and a femme.

          • Enough Crap

            I’d rather have the timid boy any day. As a woman, all I want is a kind and gentle man. If this man is not a “man” by certain individual’s definitions–that is fine with me. I do not want an alpha macho douche bag. I have other options as well–and I like those options.
            PS. 50 Shades just doesn’t “Do It” for me either.

          • Tom Swayer

            Oh Fifty Shades of Grey proves is that average people only think about sex, and their taste in literature is totally horrible. Its success proves were totally in love with vanity and hedonism.

          • Tom Swayer

            I…. Dont think this is a place for a “lady” if you get me. Anyone who wants to be choked, yeah…. Listen to the shit this guy is saying,

            “All (attractive, feminine) women like to be dominated and taken care of by a strong male. You may claim to not want this but I guarantee if the right guy ( for example ) did this you would be wet as hell.”

            How fucking diagusting. And you back up the sentiment of society with a shitty book like 50 shades of gray? I think your having too much sex if you need to add fake abuse to the mix. Thats not love.

            Love is dead. Just read these responses. Your all self machines.

            “it is no sign of health to be well-adjusted to a maladjusted society. “

          • Tom Swayer

            And even if 99% of people like something that still doesnt make it decent. I would call that a warning sign….
            I bet you right before rome fell choking sex was all the rave eh

          • sexslavepu$$y

            But what if its the only way we can get our dicks hard? :(

          • Elska Oxensterna

            Well then, I’m sure there are plenty of sites where “doms” can meet “subs”. I’d suggest searching there for a partner who expresses interest in such activities.

          • Derek Wolf

            Elska, you’re entitled to your own preferences.

            The majority of women and men on this planet disagree with you. It’s observed and experience on the grand scale, daily.

            Most women enjoy being dominated to a respectful extent – yet not abused.

            Most men enjoy dominating women to a respectful extent. Even though a population of men are too timid to do it – yet.

            Your personal views don’t overturn the dynamics of nature. Look at the creatures in the jungle, in the forest from where we originated.

            That dynamic, male female, positive negative poles, isn’t going anywhere. Even if a minority (you) claims that all beta limp wrist men are secretly happy to be limpwrists, and girls don’t like being respectfully dominated.

            Best wishes,

          • Happy Girl

            This is the 1st time I have seen this article and I found it to be very informative. He gives a very good description on how it should be done. Trying to teach a partner that is hard sometimes. I do not agree that if I pass out that it is enjoyable but I do like being choked.

            As far as the statement you made about women who enjoy being choked are basically damaged is so not true. I had a very loving and strong father who was a great provider for our family and I enjoy rough sex. I am extremely excited by it. I have no trouble telling my partner what I want. I also have no trouble telling them when to stop. I do also enjoy the emotional and loving connection i have with my partner before and after sex. I enjoy being held, holding hands, kissed before and after sex. As a matter of fact I expect it!! With that being said there are times that I do like to slow things down and have normal sex for a change.

            I truly believe that this is an issue for most because both male and females are afraid to explore their boundries based on what society tells us is politically correct. Or they are afraid of how their partner may respond.

            I do however agree with you, that this is not something I would do with just anyone. I have only done this with 2 individuals, both of whom I loved and cared for. Secondly I have never fantasized about being raped. I can’t imagine anyone wanting that. Thirdly, I DO NOT EVER want my partner to choke me in public. I would knock them on their ass. I expect to be treated with respect at all times and that is not respectful in public.

          • Peter Salmon

            I’d just like to make a point to where he talks about choke pda and the picture under it. If you look at the picture and envision them standing up the act of choke pda would look like nothing more than a friendly hug from behind with an arm around his subs neck.

        • Heather

          It’s called Alpha Submission. Goes with the territory of being an extremely strong woman.

    • Manuel de Moustache

      so much truth in this comment its crazy

    • Heather

      Your logic is wrong, but the end result is what it is.

  • Brian

    This is an awesome article. I have never met a woman that didn’t respond well to choking. I’d usually just put my hands around the neck and clench gently so she could still breathe, but felt that I COULD choke her if I wanted to. The artery thing is a great insight – will apply in the future.

    I think the underlying principle here is being a guy that COULD be dangerous, but you are actually really passionate about her and this contrast is exhilarating to women.

  • Rivelino

    “If women do not regularly let you choke them, your game is weak. You are giving off a weak, vagina-drying vibe.”

    excellent point at the end.

    also, carotid artery diagram:

  • flyfreshandyoung

    Your belt can also be pretty handy for choking when you’re doing doggy. Used to do that a lot with the ex, things got ridiculous on occasion

    • uh (@uppity_goy)

      Yea mon. Nothing like a leather strap up to the buckle ’round a slender girl’s neck as you yank it to from behind.

      Article’s a little weird in sum, but completely right.

    • Bronan the Barbarian!

      D & P – Great article. I like the way you think.

      FFY – Never thought of using a belt. Seems like it’d be too easy to get the windpipe choke and not the blood choke using a belt though.

      I had never tried choking a girl up until a couple of months ago. An old fuckbuddy was moving across the country and wanted me to send her off in style, so I thought to myself “I’m gonna try the craziest shit I can invent tonight.” Choked the shit out of her (the right way, out of pure luck). She asked me why we’d never fucked like that before. Added the technique into the repertoire after that night.

  • Rivelino


    damn that’s hard core.


  • nycbachelor

    Not worried about knocking her up? She keeps the kid, against your will, that’s 21 years of child support- which is what 25% mandatory?

    • dangerandplay

      Raw dogging is reckless. No, it’s really fucking stupid. But it feels good, man.

      I’m going to get a vasectomy, hopefully in 2012.

      • DdR

        If you haven’t gone under the knife yet, I would advise waiting a little while longer for this advancement:

        It appears that the first phase of clinical trials (rabbits) will be successful, after which it will go on to male participants, hopefully sometime in 2013. If you’re serious about a vasectomy, see if you can get on trial’s list of participants. RISUG has been performed for decades in India with no harmful side effects and almost 100% rate of success.

  • nycbachelor

    I have a strict “if she has my phone number or real name I don’t bang her raw” rule. It’s too risky- I’m not going to be any bitch’s financial slave for two decades.

    If its a random one night stand hoe that has no information on me- I’m more likely then not to raw dog and blast inside her….. needless to say she does not get my real name or phone number after said encounter.

    Zero dollars owed in child support thus far.

    • Jyo

      That’s fuckin genius, maybe since you raw dawg inside chicks u don’t know instead of worrying about kids u get to worry bout herpes instead, fair trade

    • F Burns

      You don’t want children or to pay child support, but you insinuate that you would have unprotected sex with a woman, knowing sex without protection is guarantee of pregnancy?

      I don’t understand the logic here.

      If you don’t want children and definitely don’t want to pay child support, get a vasectomy and or use condoms. Make sure you use the condoms correctly. Sex education exists for a reason–so people can have safe, consensual and enjoyable sex with as little consequence as possible.

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  • Jean-Luc Legame

    This post is amazing. I am going to give this a shot and see how the old lady responds.

  • H

    I enjoy choking my wife against the wall. Like randomly when she’s putting away groceries. Look into her eyes, psychopath style, then kiss her. What he’s describing is a blood-choke or strangle and girls do indeed love it.

    • Teresa

      I think i love u

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  • Lydia

    Take out the part about women wanting to be raped, and add in a little spell check.. and your site is unfortunately very informative….

    • Guest


  • Gregory Scott

    Its very heartening to know that you shits have a place to swap trade secrets! Work on those fuck-head skills— the rest of us are very proud of you for learning how to read.

  • Wicky

    WEll the lesbian girls like do it as well, –
    so far i seen few their art shows at the website, like that one under…

  • abby

    So I’m a chic, obviously and I was looking actually how to choke my boyfriend cause he wanted to try it and I never really thought about how before, I just told him to choke me and he did… now that I do think about it though its the full blown choke of the whole neck like wind pipe and the veins on the side of my throat bulge its awesome!!! We did it in front of a mirror once it was a whole long thing, acted out which was the best, loved it but just thought I’d let you know I like it with the wind pipe. You can use a belt or a rope.

    PS. watch Filth (with James McAvoy) there’s some great choke scenes in it and its just a really good movie!

  • RP0607

    Very informative. I usually choke my wife when we have sex but just a little. I usually press very lightly but sometimes a bit harder. No matter who is on top. Sh does the same to me as well, feels really good actually.

  • RP0607

    Very informative but already knew not to push on the windpipe. My wife loves it when I choke her and no matter who is on top. She does the same to me occasionally and its quite pleasurable as well.

  • Brad Holiday

    Hey man,

    Awesome article LOL! Really go into depth and thats an awesome tip to focus on the arteries on the side of the neck rather than the windpipe…

    Sexual Jiu Jitsu!

    I think it should briefly be mentioned that there are girls who dislike being choked and roughhoused generally speaking when they are sober… regardless of whether you look like you lift and are alpha or not.

    It is always wise to test the waters of how much she is willing to put up with before fully committing to any one thing that may rip off an emotional scab. 😀



  • Ryan

    Yeah good article man, the part about the windpipe and the cartoid artery is new to me, gotta try it next time for sure.

  • Sandy Perry

    Choke is great done rite

  • F Burns

    I wonder if there are men who would enjoy being choked to the point of near-death… I always wanted to try that on a guy.

    • dominicscarlatti

      I’d love it.

    • KingOfKings

      I will tell you what to try you little cu*nt… Trying shoving a cactus plant up your dirty ars. After you take it out, rub habanero powder on your rectum and start singing.

  • Devyn

    Please do not stop writing things like this. This has helped mine & my boyfriends sex life so much.

  • Joshua67

    Good article. I’m no Casanova but a couple tips, for those interested. First, if you know the girl wants a man in charge, during the first make out session, that is the prime time to put a hand around her throat while kissing her. Also, pulling her hair at the base and slamming her back (not to concuss her, but controlled slamming that shows her who’s boss). Do both very slowly; touch behind her ear, rub her cheek, caress her collarbone, gently touch her soft throat, then clench. She will submit, for that moment and perhaps forever if you never let up your dominance. Push her hair back, touch the warm nape of the neck, run your hand through her hair, grab and make her yours.

    Second, as some people (often women, which is good) mentioned, not every girl desires to be dominated. Most do, for sure, but some prefer to be dominant, or will submit only if they trust and fear and admire you. I’ve been with girls who really weren’t into it; they prefered candles lit, some D’Angelo playing, treating her like a princess. Go figure. I don’t prefer those girls but each relationship is different.

    Third, this will get hell from the general population, but as white guy, it seems that nonwhite or “colored” girls be they Asian, hispanic, or black, really treasure a white guy being dominant. White girls are a grab bag, but I think white girls want a black guy to dominate them, to be honest. Like I say, this is a gross generalization, but it’s just a tip for those men coming into their alpha-hood. Go the path of least resistance.

    Fourth, as for accessories to choking, a collar with a leash is a great tool. A dog collar you can get at any department or pet store, probably a pretty pink one or a sparkly one. You can walk the girl around like she is a pet, give her commands, and when intercourse begins you hold onto that collar and tug. I am not into asphyxiation, only dominating and humiliating, so I don’t yank really hard. Just enough so they feel controlled and secure. Making the girl wear a choker (as in jewelry) in public is another way to constantly remind them whom they belong to and what their purpose is. Remember fellas, women need foreplay, fantasy, to be teased. Do their vaginas a favor and extend your control of her outside the bedroom. She will mess her panties at work wearing a collar, her vanilla, oblivious coworkers thinking it’s a fashion statement.

    Fifth, building on my 2nd point, consider the role of consent in your play. While we alphas dominate and degrade and control our girls, really the woman is in control of things. Without her consent these acts are criminal. If she revokes consent it’s over. If she grants consent, she is yours. Now a man needs to usually seduce a woman into submission, but for new alpha males, keep this in mind: 1st impressions are everything. A woman decides if she’ll let you in w/in a second or two of meeting you. So long as you live up to what she thinks you are, it’s yours. Do not feel bad about “tricking” women into sex or love, they want to feel that way. So long as you keep in mind that it is HER consent upon which everything kinky is built, and communication is key to a healthy relationship, take charge and tell her what she wants. Besides, there is nothing more sexy and beautiful than a smart, capable, pretty woman who willingly bows at your feet and obeys your command due to passion. She would give up everything she’s worked for to get fucked by you. Keep that in mind, she is trusting you deeply, do not maim her trust.

    Long winded, I apologize, but I don’t know any other alpha males and have no outlet to share these joyous tips. My friends often wonder why I have girls whenever, why they talk to me and ignore them. If I told them they HAVE to BE (not act, BE) confident and not try to impress them, they wouldn’t believe me. Pearls before swine. For you men who are coming into your masculinity, the world is ours. Leave behind your beta husk if you dare. You probably don’t though. And I have no pity for you.

    • KingOfKings

      women who say no we don’t like it love it the most. I met many women feminists who cucked their husbands for some alphas. This powerful women you see out there.. these ones love to be treated like garbage…don’t be fooled man..

  • Evan Cary

    RNCing the girl is beta. Real alphas use a gogoplata

  • Brainandbody

    I would never let you sickos choke me, neither my girlfreinds would like such behaviour. Confident healthy men don’t have the need to show physical dominance like you piece of shits.

    • Guest

      You like confident men because you like dominance. All you want to do is submit to a strong leader who knows what he’s doing. Just being confident is an expression that a man is dominant, and adding the physicality of dominance shows he’s not just faking it.

      We all know here how much girls lie. I’d bet bottom dollar that you and most of your girlfriends would suck the skin off a man’s dick if he were Alpha enough to choke you.

      • Lilian

        Yes, naturally appreciating confidence in others means secretly wanting to lick their boots. I suppose true alpha males like women to be complete doormat to them.

        • Guest

          Submission has little to do with being a doormat.

          • Lilian

            But according to his logic, liking confident people is a sign of being submissive. If alpha men aren’t submissive they shouldn’t be attracted to healthy self-confident girls.

          • Mike_76

            “Empowered women” are usually worthless. They “demand” your time and energy, but usually have only negative value to offer in return…

          • Lilian

            That was a bit out of nowhere, but thanks for sharing.

          • Chris

            I’m a feminist male and just saying all of you are making points against genders. Feminism is a subject that is hard to avoid gender blaming because every comment is a word game and the reader can interpret it differently. This doesn’t mean these conversations aren’t meant to be had, but that you need to take the time to understand what the other person is saying, if you can’t learn that skill I doubt you will ever be given consent haha. So stop with the naggy he said she said. Also, to you men, stop worrying about the other 99% of women and just worry about YOUR OWN. As long as it’s consensual and you are taking care of your partner (no abuse!), you have no reason to feel the need to defend yourself and may dismiss yourself from this argument. Your partner likes it rough and is willing to submit, bang her happy! This doesn’t mean all women enjoy it, there are just as many women refusing to admit hating it as there are refusing to admit enjoying it. Lastly, no shit don’t do this shit as PDA, KEEP IT IN THE BEDROOM. “not the time nor the place” “right tool for the right job”, there’s so many quick-to-suspicion and hot headed humans in this world, is it really worth one quicky?

            Thanks and Peace!

  • Tyler Burbank

    I am sorry folks but this whole conversation is drivel. Anyone who thinks women liked to be forced is sociopathic and any woman that wants to be choked during sex has serious psych issues.

  • Tuuli Tervaskanto

    I like it rough….pulling my ponytail…choked…deepthroat

  • Ash Haughton

    Great story!!!!!!! xD Except, the last sentence is like 90% true. You have to account for dominant women you rather do the choking lol.
    I loooove being choked. Its just the most intimate and purest thing out there. Can’t explain the heaven, the ecstacy. Women are made to experience all sorrrrts of pleasure beyond pleasure. Take us there 😉 Be sensitive, be rough, be whatever 😀

  • Ari

    OMG….this column has indeed made me wet…..

  • Lilly Pasounova

    Before you state all this total b*llshit.
    Have you even tried it on yourself ?
    Now before you state more b*llshit, let me surprise you
    Have you ever thought that there are people that wish to die?
    Have you ever thought that there are people that are thrilled by the thought of death ?
    What a better way to die then during orgasm !
    No I never have had a rape fantasy
    I’m totally repelled even by the thought of a macho or “alpha” I usually avoid those more then anything because what they actually are really insecure people with daddy/older brother and or stronger peers issues. Really unconfident and full of fear and anxiety and that is why they need to prove themselves to someone … Someone usually that they are sure is way physically weaker so they could feel a little bit better about themselves.
    Stop trying to present this fetish by reflection most practitioners of asphyxiation that have died from it are men. You realise you get turned on the first time you try to get high from chocking yourself later on no orgasm can be compared to the high orgasm you achieve with hypoxia.

  • Laurence

    You know, it really isn’t every girl’s fantasy to be choked and raped. Believe it or not, some women actually like being dominant! I know, it might be hard to comprehend non submissive females, but they do exist. Same goes for men – not all of them are actually sexual sadists. Sadism and masochism don’t only apply to specific genders. Don’t act like they do.