Interesting Men Should Never Date

Guys who have started the “No Dating Challenge” are having sex with more women than ever. I always knew that dating was for chumps. Only recently did I understand why.

“Do you enjoy dating,” I asked a friend. “Yes, it’s great. I get to meet so many different, interesting people.”

As a man, dating is a means to an end. We are willing to suffer through three dates in order to start fucking a girl.

We suffer through the dates, because women aren’t interesting.

Take a look at your book shelf. Inspect the spine of each book. How many female names do you see?

How many women write blogs that you read?

It’s not that you’re biased, either. Ninety percent of the top blogs are male authored.

Although 50% of lawyers are women, almost no woman has anything interesting to blog about.

My girlfriend is silly and fun, but I don’t value her thoughts. Schopenhauer explains why:

Women are suited to being the nurses and teachers of our earliest childhood precisely because they themselves are childish, silly and short-sighted, in a word big children, their whole lives long: a kind of intermediate stage between the child and the man, who is the actual human being, ‘man.’ One has only to watch a girl playing with a child, dancing and singing with it the whole day, and then ask oneself what, with the best will in the world, a man could do in her place.

As a man, you’re likely very interesting to the woman. She may not want to have sex with you, but she may genuinely enjoy spending a few hours with you.

The incentives are misaligned. A man dates to get sex. A woman dates to meet interesting men (that she may or may not have sex with).

As a man, especially if you are an interesting man, you must never go out on dates.

  • aoefe

    I see men many men in the ‘sphere’ having to convince themselves that women are worthless in order to ‘play’ the game and break out of pedestalization habits. But…if women are sexual objects only – can’t you get hedonistic pleasure from men just as easily? Couldn’t a hole be a hole? Men who try to compare women with men will be continually frustrated. Men and women are different. When women AND men get this message everyone will be more content.

    I’m in agreement that male blogs are more interesting, even though I write one. I have limits in the way I think that men don’t have. I appreciate a man’s big picture ability and logic.

    • dangerandplay

      This stupid comment illustrates why I don’t read female-authored blogs.

      • B. Larsen (@strongironbunny)

        I’m a black guy who is a white knight.

        They call me the black-and-white knight.

      • Acksiom

        No, B.; *we* don’t like *your* behavior, so *you* should change just to suit *our* subjective personal preferences.

        That’s my preferred response to crap like his (specifically, the original post, before it was changed). I like it best for how it makes explicit the narcissistic Pwethiouth Pwinthethth Pwiviwege entitlement mindset inherent to such infantile demands.

    • Odds

      hey look a white knight!

      • Brandon Larsen (@strongironbunny)

        LOL, OK edit my comment. Thats fine. I get it, any opinion that goes against collective group think is wing and will be shot down. LOL

        White knight would imply I’M defending her. I’M not.

        Where I went wrong wad thinking you were interested in an exchange of ideas, and apparently you are not. Thanks for the heads up :-)

      • aoefe

        Hey, sorry for raining on the parade. Listen I’m all behind the red pill movement – it would certainly benefit me. I know women have hamsters in our little brains, in fact I educate women and men on this in real life and in my blog. But…being bitter towards the other sex (which is kind of how I read this) does nothing but waste precious energy. I’ve met a ton of bitter women too – man haters, putter downers, manipulators. My point is simply this – let’s agree we have huge differences and then appreciate them. That quote that said women are childlike, I’d agree. However I do feel that women have great nurturing capabilities and I bet that some of you readers have good moms, aunts, sisters and grandmas. We don’t always make good girlfriends/wives because we’re confused about what it is we really want – or what we’re told we want (pussy men). Anywhoo I’ve taken up too much space here – my comment wasn’t meant to troll – your post struck a chord and I responded. Something I rarely do away from my own blog home.

    • Mike

      It figures.
      Lawyers are one of three most boring types of people on earth.

  • Michel


  • Fox

    Very interesting post, I have to disagree with Schopenhauer though. Certain women come to mind that suffered along with men in the real bad times in history. I mean like Ma Joad in Grapes of Wrath (fictional but somewhat true), Great Depression, WW2 women,17th century on the trail pioneer women. Maybe they can be lighthearted and playful in times of relative safety but switch up when needed.

    • Anonymous


  • mrdingle187

    Dating is just spending time with a bitch who has not slept with you and probably never will. It’s like have a girl as a friend which is also bullshit. Guy wants to fuck, girl wants attention, date = fail for the man, Tell a bitch to meet you after her date, so that you can fuck = success for the man.

    • YaBoymatt

      Tom leykis


  • samseau

    I take girls out on dates even though i mostly don’t. But I don’t do “drinks” or ice cream or walking around. I do things I would normally do, and then take her back to my place after.

    I like to rock climb, so I take her climbing w/me. I like to look at art, so I might go there. If I don’t see any possibility of a relationship, I just call them up and go to their apt or mine. Even a good golfing range would work. No matter what happens with the whore, I have a good time.

    People make too many rules about this dating shit, and take it way too seriously. Just do whatever the fuck you want, as long as she can participate w/you.

  • LS

    Rich and compelling.

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  • Bunga Bunga

    Men who like men give infinitely better blowjobs…they are usually hungry for it and also they usually swallow in appreciation.

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