How to Choke a Woman During Sex

How to choke a woman during sex

Women enjoy being choked during sex. It turns them on and gives them more powerful orgasms. But as a man you have to know the right way to choke a woman. Try these rough sex techniques in and outside of the bedroom and you will have a much better sex life. (P.S. Don't forget to use sex pillows to get deeper penetration during sex.) Why do women enjoy being choked during … [Read more...]

Why Do Women Like Being Choked During Sex?

Samantha was a petite school teacher with two master's degrees, small wrists and skinny ankles, and trusting blue eyes. Friends and family universally described Samantha as delicate. She was on her knees, bent over the couch. Her hands were tied behind her back with my black canvass d-ring belt. My dick was slammed inside her, as I imagined splitting her in half. I grabbed … [Read more...]

How Game Turned Me Into a True Feminist

When Delusion Damage linked to a "hot chick says something smart video," something occurred to me. Despite how some may interpret my writings, in my persona life, I treat women far better than the average men treats women. I don't flirt. I don't hover. At the office, I am the most boring guy ever. I have so many opportunities for sex that it doesn't occur to me to objectify … [Read more...]

Feminism’s Monster

A college roommate was able to bone several different women each week. He was good looking, but not substantially hotter than me. He was also petulant, in a childish, pay-attention-to-me way. I was on the couch when I overheard him say from his loft, "I love you." His girlfriend was insisting he commit to her before she'd have sex with him. Three weeks later, he was on to … [Read more...]

Arthur Schopenhauer: On Women

Today we present a guest blog from one of the world's only original thinkers, Arthur Schopenhauer: You need only look at the way in which she is formed, to see that woman is not meant to undergo great labor, whether of the mind or of the body. She pays the debt of life not by what she does, but by what she suffers; by the pains of child-bearing and care for the child, and by … [Read more...]

Interesting Men Should Never Date

Guys who have started the "No Dating Challenge" are having sex with more women than ever. I always knew that dating was for chumps. Only recently did I understand why. "Do you enjoy dating," I asked a friend. "Yes, it's great. I get to meet so many different, interesting people." As a man, dating is a means to an end. We are willing to suffer through three dates in order to … [Read more...]

Nietzsche Foresaw the Beta Male

From Thus Spoke Zarathustra: "We have discovered happiness" -- say the Last Men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it is hard to live; for they need warmth. One still loves one's neighbor and rubs against him; for one needs warmth. Turning ill and being distrustful, they consider sinful: they walk warily. He is a fool who still stumbles over stones or … [Read more...]

The Real Reason Men Travel Abroad


Current thinking goes as follows: Men travel abroad to meet women because they cannot meet women in the United States. Outside of fat, old white guys who go to Thailand to rape children, the view is wrong. Theodore Roosevelt was the greatest alpha male in American history. Roosevelt like to fight, wrestle, exercise, and hunt. Yet as any American hunter knows, there isn't any … [Read more...]