Game for the Busy Player

After the commute, a lengthy workday, and a gym session, 14-16 hours of my day are gone. I thus don't have much time to run game. Nevertheless, I have no trouble meeting women, and if I have any problem, it's keeping track of all of them. To play hard after working hard, follow these rules: 1. Always look fresh. Since you can't spend four hours at night playing a numbers game, … [Read more...]

Using the Five W’s to Run Game

Asking two players what game is, and like asking two Jews, you'll get three opinions. I view game as┬ásystematizing┬áthe process of meeting women. "Game" is thus anything that has a better than random chance at getting me laid. Most guys view meeting women as a random process. Go out, try a bunch of stuff, and maybe you'll meet a girl. People even say that you shouldn't look for … [Read more...]

Who Are The Biggest Game Haters?


I've long noted that the biggest haters of game are not women. Attractive women enjoy being gamed. Women obsessively watch reality television for their dose of drama. As a player, I give girls reality TV style drama in their real life. No, the biggest threat to game is not women. It's other men. Consider the average man. The average man, if he is lucky, will have 3 or 4 … [Read more...]