Money or Game?

Again, it’s good to have both, but if you can have only one: Choose game.

Jessica Sporty was tired of dipping into her savings to keep up with her Manhattan lifestyle.

Her $45k salary was not enough and she needed at least an extra $500 a month and sometimes $1,000 to pay her credit card bills and afford her $1,475 a month apartment in Murray Hill

Sporty started eating out five nights a week using a rotation of different guys she met through the dating site. She kept things simple—no more than five dates with the same guy.

The investment banker types were thrilled to woo her with extraordinary restaurants like the underground taqueria La Esquina and a Japanese restaurant, Megu, in Tribeca. One guy even took her to a champagne bar and purchased a $200 bottle.

  • Odds

    Pretty smart. If I was a chick, I would take guys for everything they had.

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    This is exactly why I don’t spend money on a girl unless I’ve banged her first.

  • petesgamethoughts

    And Joey, the bartender from the dive bar down the road banged her for free.

  • Kane

    Most of the men who earn big bucks are betas in game. Alphas are definitely overrepresented among high earning men, but they’re still a minority.

    If you have game+money, you get more attention than you can shake a dick at.

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