Revenge of the Nerds

When we first had sex, I saw that you kept your socks on. I thought to myself, ‘This guy is a total nerd who must never get laid.’

I listen to the Great Courses on my way to an intellectually-challenging job. I don’t watch television. In my spare time, I research the mitochondria theory of aging. I don’t just “lift weights.” I study bio-mechanics. I don’t just eat, I study the physiology of food. I’ve read a small library of books, and took less than two weeks to study for (and pass) one of the most demanding exams in the country.

I’m a total fucking nerd.

Because I’m a nerd, I don’t deserve to get laid. In modern American society, who is more marginalized than we the nerds?

Sex is a basic human need. Millions of people campaigned to ensure that faggots could fuck. Fat people, we are told, deserve to get laid. There’s even a growing subset of liberals who claim that pedophiles deserve to have sex with little boys.

Tell someone that you’re read a quantum physics book for fun, and they’ll grimace.

It’s a humorous marginalization, when you consider our oppressors.

Today our oppressors stampeded into stores to purchase things they don’t need. (Laugh-out-loud irony: We nerds created the marketing strategies that convinced the consumeristic cows to keep feeding.)

The girls who think they are above me uniformly read US Weekly and People magazine. They the Kardashians and Real Housewives shows. In what world would she these cum receptacles entitled to judge me?
The girl who said I was a nerd who never got laid was, thanks to game, only half-right.
  • Basil Ransom

    Noticed this myself – I’d be macking a girl, she’s digging my vibe. I casually say I’d been learning some math by myself, and suddenly she sees me, if slightly, as a lesser being. “Oh my God, I had no idea this guy was [i]nerdy[/i].” It’s like you tricked her into thinking you’re cool, but now you’ve outed your true self, a nerdy loser.

    Saw it in college too, when other guys merely said they were engineering majors – girls are such status whores that a tinge of interest in math/science makes her think you might be a huge loser, despite otherwise being a cool dude. You get tarred because almost all your peers are beta – she can’t independently enjoy your vibe.

  • B.

    You’re super-intelligent, but you’re obviously no nerd. Nerd isn’t about intelligence: for comparison, we only have to hang out with a bunch of alpha finance industry guys and then see some guys coming back from Comic Con or some shit. There’s no comparison: the athletic finance guys are way smarter than the cosplaying guys, and it’s clear who are the nerds.

  • B.

    And I’m not making the distinction between nerdy and intelligent arbitrarily. When a guy demonstrates a powerful mind, women cannot help but get turned on. But nerdy traits are a turn-off to most hot women who aren’t nerdy or hipster.

    If you show that you are the most intelligent guy in the room, and that you apply your mind to real, non-Dr Who areas, it’s an incredible turn on.

  • Odds

    behind every great gamesman is a nerd who devotedly studied the dark arts of seducing women women, evolutionary sexual preferences, and mimicked the traits of naturals.

  • Frost

    The owner of my gym spent half a decade making a ton of money with not much of a time investment, as an online marketer. Now he makes even more money doing what he loves in paradise, having used the money he made to found a muay thai gym here in chiang mai. That’s a nerd for ya, even though I pity the fool who tries to take his lunch money.

    • dc1000

      sounds like Lloyd Irvin aside from the moved to thailand bit.

    • xsplat

      Oh, you’re in Chiang Mai! I lived there in 94. Had a nice condo for $150/month, got decent pad thai from a street stall at the foot of my building for 15 baht a plate (about 37 cents), and got my evening drunk on from two 10 baht bottles of sake. The women were a perfect storm of perfect problems. “And I was thinking to myself, this could be heaven and this could be hell”. Had to get out of Thailand after two years. Two of my best years.

  • Calex

    having an inquisitive mind doesn’t make one a nerd. being socially awkward and physically inferior does.

    besides, opinions of women carry no weight.

  • finndistan


    “Einstein was a loser”

    Same sperm deposit: “Don’t judge sluts”


  • Basil Ransom

    B., I agree with the nerd/intelligent distinction, and I despise nerds as you have defined them. But many people, women and men, don’t distinguish between them.

    It’s only really verbal intelligence to which women respond positively. High math intelligence may yield an ‘impressed but not aroused’ response. Or she’s put off because society says anyone good at math must be a ‘nerd,’ and nerds are losers. STEM people are *not* accorded high status in our society, and never seen as dashing Byronic figures as even writers are. And attractive women never fail to be in tune with the status quo; they conform most to the fashions of the day. Perhaps in say Asia, where STEM types are given more respect, women are more amicably disposed to them.

  • xsplat

    Ya, I also don’t correlate intelligence with nerdiness. There may be an overlap of sets, but the sets are distinct.

  • dickbutt

    “took less than two weeks to study for (and pass) one of the most demanding exams in the country”

    which exam? california bar?

  • Orange

    @B. – The general populace doesn’t define nerdom as you do. If a chick I bring home sees my bookshelf – which has around 20 of my favorite books mostly on the subjects of business, psychology, and sociology, I instantly get pegged as a nerd… Same shit if she stumbles upon my collection of scientific documentaries.

  • Dan Fletcher

    I’m a CS major and have to work and interact with nerds frequently. I strongly agree that nerd != intelligence. Nerds will always almost view themselves as extremely intelligence but most are just awkward losers. They think they are outcasts because of their intelligence while the truth is people can’t stand their absence of social skills. Many spend their days in the fantasy world’s of anime and videogames and have resigned to be nerds for life.

    In terms of my trade(programming) I am a total nerd. It is not exactly a profession that gets the gina juices flowing as programmers are usually seen as low-status dorks even if making good money. I steer clear of computer topics with women and don’t think my nerdiness has been too big a deal as I am physically strong and don’t look or act like a nerd(that’s what I tell myself, at least).

  • dangerandplay

    You’ve added a lot of nuance. Thank you.

  • (r)Evoluzione

    haha, I love it. Fucking A, revenge of the nerds. I was always in the top of my class on all the standardized testing. Top scores on the SAT. Though I was never an academic achiever, all my female classmates thought of me as a nerd.

    Now they’re all old, fat, and without mating value, and I continue to climb in terms of my sexual value. Like you, I read classics, study exercise physiology (do your deadlifts!), metabolism, history, and in doing so, have displaced popular culture, e.g. I skip TV and most movies. I am, by all accounts, an brilliantly intelligent, somewhat introverded nerd, one who now exudes confidence and charisma.

    Early on, I wasn’t just a nerd, but a ‘speech & debate’ nerd. Speech & Debate was awesome, because it put me into contact with lots girls from other schools, and I witnessed the awesome power of my own verbal intelligence and social dominance to make the ‘ginas tingle.

    Now I’m muscular, still look very young, get IOI’s from women in their teens up to the age of irrelevance. As Jay Z says, 42 is gonna be better than 24. And 24 was pretty fucking good.

    It is good to be the (nerd) King.