The True Test of Alpha

The modern “game” thinking on love is beta. If you listen to most men who claim to run game, you’ll hear them say, “All women are fungible. If you elevate one woman above all others, you’re beta.” Those guys have clearly never been in love.

More than most, I am an advocate of love. I hope everyone reading this falls deeply in love. I have been in love twice.

Psychotic, possessive, scary love. Drug love where you feel high when you’re with your girl, and feel low when she’s away. Gay love where you hug the pillow she slept on last night. Patronly love where you want her to call you when her flight lands, and insist on having her tell you when she made it home safely.

A man can only find out if he’s an alpha male once he’s felt all-consuming love for a woman.

If a dumb slut spits venom at you, it doesn’t take courage to smack her. A man doesn’t need strength of character to tell a cum rag to pack her bags. The world is filled with slimy holes and warm mouths. The world is not, however, filled with women to fall in love with

Most men are lucky to fall in love thrice in a lifetime. Yet even the women who love you will shit test you.

Will you grab the hair of the woman you love, throwing her to the bed, telling her to comply? Will you smack her filthy mouth when she back-talks you? Will you leave bruises on her arms and legs for rebelling?

Will you demand she obey, knowing that she may instead walk away?

If she leaves, your body will ache. Your stomach will drop. The acid in your stomach will feel like it’s tearing through your intestines. Your face will flush, making you look like an embalmed man on display at his own funeral – fitting, since you will want to die.

Do you call her to tell her you’re sorry? Do you ask for a second chance? Do you agree to meet her demands, if only it means she’ll be yours again – if only for a little while?

When you are willing to suffer through the pain of losing love, only then may you call yourself a man.

  • (r)Evoluzione

    This is totally dead-on accurate, sub-MOA. True love will betatize a man faster than anything else, even one with strong alpha cred. It’s due to those crazy emotions you mentioned above.

    Thus it is true love that is the ultimate test of one’s alphatude, as you said.

    I’ve been in love three times. Maybe my jig is up, maybe I don’t have any more bonding ability left in me after taking the red pill. This I worry about.. but not too much. Like you said, it’s hard to worry about much when you’re balls-deep in hot sex on the regular. Still, there is a part of me that craves that deep connection that seems to come from some other-worldly source–a soul or spiritual connection, some sort of cosmic destiny. I don’t know what it is, but that love is crazy powerful.

    What do you think, D? Is it possible to still fall deeply and madly in love after donning the emotional armor that comes from heartbreak, when our eyes are torn open by the disillusionment that comes from taking the red pill, added to the emotional detachment that comes from learning & practicing game?

    Is it possible for a strong player to still fall deeply in love?

    • dangerandplay

      Does true love require a suspension of disbelief? If so, then those of us who know we’re watching a movie may never know true love again…

  • dc1000

    my interpretation was that the test comes in whether or not you’re going to do the hard things to keep your frame when you’re in love. thats the challenge.

    and let me tell ya, for me right now, thats where i am. over a year into a LTR with a fine girl and i am definitely aware of making sure my frame stays strong and i dont slip.

    i’ve also had to play brinksmanship with her when she was out of line, letting her know that her bad behavior will get her “nexted” even if i am in love with her.

    even in love, i still make sure i’m gaming the whole time. but by this point its all second nature. i instinctively know only to respond every third or fourth time she says she loves me. or still make sure to ruthlessly fuck her. (as I read somewhere recently: Rape is the new Missionary)

    and finally, not ever EVER giving into the big ultimatum….

    Game is EASY when you dont give a fuck, or hell, even if you just like her a lot. Love will test your mettle…

    ..will you stick to your guns even when all prior programming says supplicate? going full on caveman alpha in the face of conflict takes balls… balls enough to keep Love alive.

    • xsplat

      Sounds like you understand that riding a bicycle is a continual balancing act, no matter what you do with the thing.

      I agree that game is continual, and you use all aspects of it whether in love or not. And without brinksmanship, there is no game.

  • xsplat

    I’m a strong advocate for bonding as an essential component of a quality life.

    Yes, love is like a dream. So what. Dream it then.

  • bear

    Damn, we’ll written and very true. I’ve been in love only twice. A girlfriend I had in college and my now current (2nd) wife. Its my hope that when my wife and I are called into the next life it will be at the same time. I would find it hard to live without her. Losing one true love was hard enough for me, a second would be even tougher..
    I pity a man who has never experienced this type of love, they don’t know what they are missing.

  • Ben

    The world is filled with slimy holes and warm mouths

  • Rafael Contreras

    Not only in that sense being in love is the ultimate alpha test, but also because being in love can turn you weak in other areas of your life. Weak guys in love get fat, stop pursuing their goals, settle for mediocrity and become with time less masculine.

    In my opinion, the alpha male must be able to be in love without losing focus.

  • Tom Arrow

    Thank you for this.

    I have experienced true love but I didn’t understand it. I only kissed the girl, but whenever I am thinking of something resembling the most fulfilling moment of my life, I think of that evening at the beach.

    I did ruin it through horrible game and overly aggressive chats. But not once did I excuse myself or make dramatic statements about my feelings. Though my feelings were telling me to do just that; do it and things would fall in place – the universe would forgive. Yeah, it felt wrong. Like dying. Wasn’t in my best times. Something in my head kept saying: Don’t show weakness. Just don’t.

    I’m really pathetic with women at the moment, but even though I feel like the stupidest asshole on earth for some of the things I did, I remember times where I sucked up to that girl and the state of deep humiliation and worthlessness due to that is worse than the knowledge of having shattered it through ineptitude.

  • Rafael Contreras

    Feeling that fucking pain right now. TIME TO GO FULL GORILLA!!!!