Masturbation Strike

Guys who think about game is a subculture, and like other subcultures, certain fads spread. The latest is a masturbation strike. That is, guys are wondering if masturbating sucks away their manly life force.

As it happens, I once went seven weeks without masturbating. Some undoubted and noticeable changes happen.

Six weeks from now, you’ll start eye fucking the lunch ladies

I was 17 years old and in Basic Training when the Drill Sgt. told our entire platoon that our entire conception of attractiveness would change. As children often do, we laughed at our mentor. As time often shows, our mentor was right.

One myth about Basic Training is that the cooks put saltpeter in the water supply. It’s a plausible myth because, being teenage boys, we went from masturbated several times daily to not achieving erections for several weeks. There must be something in the water.

The truth is far less interesting.

When you’re up at 4 a.m. each day (on Sunday you could sleep in until 5 a.m.), being screamed at and moving non-stop, you don’t have the energy for an erection. It’s natures way of saying the weak and tired shouldn’t breed.

Eventually your body adapts to the stress, your cortisone levels drop, and your testosterone levels spike. Waking up to a hard on, once taken from granted, is a gift from god.

There’s still a problem. When 64 guys are sharing a bathroom and floor space, there’s no safe place to masturbate. You have a sex drive without a release, and everything changes.

The cafeteria ladies – beasts that made your average lunch lady look like California dimes – do start looking attractive. Suddenly you’re staring at their XXXXXL, cottage-cheese dimpled asses. You imagine suckling from their sagging mammaries.

Eventually you’re on fireguard duty at 2 a.m. with just another soldier. Everyone else is sleep. You can finally find the privacy to masturbate.

You know what you beat off to?

The Sears catalog.

Unlike many of you, I did not need to stop watching Internet porn. We didn’t have that stuff when I was growing up Even so, it’d at least take Cinemax After Dark to arouse me.

Yet when you hadn’t masturbated in almost two months, a woman in a bra and underwear will do it for you.

Not masturbating offers many benefits.

First, it will force you out into the game. If you know you won’t watch porn or self-release, then your body will compel you to seek a release. You will be an approach machine.

Second, it will force you to bang women not of pornstar quality. I tell guys who don’t like vegetables, “Stop eating. In 36 hours, you’ll eat your vegetables.” Stop beating off, you’ll devour formerly unpalatable girls.

Third, if you have a girlfriend, you’ll have huge loads to shoot on and inside of her. Sperm contains chemicals that fight female depression and increase pair bonding. The bigger the loads you give her, the better.

Finally, it will give you heightened senses. Your body exists to reproduce. When you have a full sack of sperm, your body goes on high alert. Colors seem more vivid and sharp. Food seems to have a stronger smell. Your step seems lighter, and your body rapidly marches you onward to some destination.

Going a week without masturbation will lead to more energy and more lays, and therefore earns an unqualified recommendation.

  • (r)Evoluzione

    “When you’re up at 4 a.m. each day (on Sunday you could sleep in until 5 a.m.), being screamed at and moving non-stop, you don’t have the energy for an erection. It’s natures way of saying the weak and tired shouldn’t breed.”

    Yes. Exactly. The exact physiological mechanism is called the ‘pregnenolone steal,’ meaning that stress–from 4am reveille, yelling CO’s, constant movement, that stress causes pregnenolone, the raw material that makes testosterone to be used instead to make cortisol, the stress hormone.

    Truly strong males have enough Pregnenolone to do both. The weak & tired, not so much.

  • Andrew

    Nice post. It’s so true.

    I’ve done the “30 day challenge” twice now and it is fucking hard, but taught me pretty much all of what you described above, at least to a certain degree. It’s so much easier to wake up in the morning, you are more motivated, etc. — IF you can do it (or rather, not do it)…

  • tapanar

    I’ve found that even if I don’t masturbate for a few days, if my body needs to get rid of the sperm I produce, it simply finds a way to do it by itself. So the result is extra laundry.

    But I do think there is a healthy period of time to go without masturbating. Not much longer than 10-14 days.

  • Mark

    Great advice, along with squatting heavy, and eating mainly meat/fat. Lots of guys I know don’t realize that all the beer and highly processed carbs in shit like pizza raises their estrogen levels.

  • Abraham

    “a woman in a bra and underwear will do it for you.”

    Actually that would do it for me just about anytime, something left concealed can make things a whole lot more interesting.


  • Princeps

    Yeah, but what if your testosterone is depleted because you’ve been fucking chicks. How does that affect your pheremones? What about the alpha who bangs 3 different chicks a day (and, by extension, ejaculates thrice daily)?

    • dc1000

      this is what i’m most interested in understanding as well

    • dangerandplay

      Your body is smarter than you realize.

      If you inject testosterone, your natural production will slow down. Your body knows that your testosterone is fake.

      If you boost your testosterone naturally (through lifestyle, eating), your body will actually produce more testosterone.

      The same thing applies with masturbating. Your body knows it’s a fake release.

  • Naughty Nomad

    “You imagine suckling from their sagging mammaries.” – hilarious!

  • Badger

    “First, it will force you out into the game. If you know you won’t watch porn or self-release, then your body will compel you to seek a release. You will be an approach machine.”

    I got this effect when I took down my online dating profiles. When I got that itch to find women to bang, instead of going on the Internet I would plan going into the field into my schedule, which just about doubled my field time. Online dating has become an attention-whoring mechanism for women.

  • flyfreshandyoung

    I can testify that this works. If you’re in a cold streak, stop jerking it.

  • Fox

    Thinking about starting at midnight. Nothing crazy, just one week as a start. Tomorrow night is the biggest (best?) bar night in the U.S. so it should be interesting.

  • xsplat

    I discovered the positive effects of not masturbating as a teen. I believed that I carried a noticeable glow if I held more chi. Part of the belief came from inner feelings, and part from outer feedback.

    But if you don’t masturbate or fuck, and isolate yourself socially, your testosterone can plummet. After a long masturbation free meditation retreat of 11 weeks, on the heels of a few months in a Buddhist monastery, I found that the libido had settled down.

    When I started fucking again it took a few days just to be able to be consistently hard and horny again.

    I still hold to the idea of not coming all the time. The body will let you know about your state of battery charge. Sometimes you can afford to come a lot, but at other times it’s good to not come every time you fuck. Fucking will raise your T, even if masturbation lowers it. But coming all the time puts your body into a refractory period of building up your batteries that you can partially avoid through having a type of sex that isn’t entirely genitally focused, but is a more full body orgasmic experience that doesn’t rely on ejaculate for intensity.

  • xsplat

    As a teen I kept it to once a week. That took strong discipline, as we can all imagine. But it was a manageable discipline, and I believe one that was not a-hedonistic.

    • xsplat

      Suppose it could be mentioned that prior to that discipline I was a masturbation athlete training for the masturbation olympics. I was assured the gold medal.

      Something can happen to your kinesthetic senses if you hold all that energy in your body routinely. You start to buzz, and that buzz starts to move around and do stuff.

  • congo

    100% agree.

    a very good site on the topic of the addictive effects of regularly jerking it to porn is:

    the basic idea of those guys is that visual cues from porn stimulate your reward system in the brain and therby dopamine is released. if you’re exposed to constant over stimulation by seeing 40 something vaginas each night during beating off then your dopamine receptors numb out and desensitiz due to constant over exposure. as a result you need more extreme material and more quantity to trigger the same dopamine releases that make you feel good. that twisted reward circuitry creates depression and heavy social anxiety.

    a good trick to get a natural intervall for masturbating is not masturbating until you’ve had 2 consecutive wet dreams. the deam in between is those 2 is your natural body rhythm to release sperm.

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  • Nick

    Its a great motivator to go after hotter girls too if you have approach anxiety. Your radar will be on overdrive so you’ll get a better sense of which girls are your type. The ones that flip a switch inside of you that says “I’ve got to approach her” are usually the ones you’ll also get posiitive reactions from, because you’ll naturally give it your best.

    • Tiberius

      I agree with this. I recall a time when I could scan a room full of people and certain girls would stand out. They might not even be the hottest ones but to me they popped out. I always got along with those girls. Something primal about it.

      • Nick

        @Krauserpua calls it the “DNA tug” or something along those lines. Not only do you put your best game forward with these girls, but they tend to be the most attracted to you as well.