How to Tell if You’re Good Looking

A lot of guys wonder, “Am I good looking?” It’s a hard question for men to answer. Unless a man is a male model, he likely won’t be told he’s good looking. In modern society, men are praised for what they do and women are the ones who are told that they are good looking. Still, a lot of men wonder how to know if I am good looking.

(There are ways to become more attractive. Juicing is great for your skin tone.)


Being muscular also makes a man more attractive to women.)

There are a lot of ways of discovering whether you’re good looking. Yet most guys have trouble because they are overconfident or underconfident. We all know a guy whom we’ll tell, “She’s checking you out. Make your move!” That guy legitimately doesn’t believe she’s checking him out.

Other guys are ugly and think they are good looking. They can’t understand why girls are less interested in them than they should be.

Discovering whether you’re good looking isn’t an act of vanity. There’s a legitimate reason. If you’re good looking, you should rely on direct game. Go up to a girl, smile, and introduce yourself.

If you’re not so good looking, your game should be more indirect. You should start an innocent conversation and win the girl over with your personality so that she’ll overlook your mediocre looks.

With that introduction, here’s a surefire way of determining whether and to what extent women find you attractive.

1. Create an online dating profile. Don’t go overboard on the profile. You don’t want too much of your personality to show through.
2. Upload 3-5 representative pics, that is, pics showing your face, body, and typical style of dress.
3. Click on a bunch of girls’ profiles.
4. 48 hours later, go see who visited your profile.
5. Select the chicks you find attractive. If you like tatooed fat chicks, choose them. It’s your sex life, after all, and thus it shouldn’t matter whether other guys find your girls attractive.
6. Send them all this message:

You stopped by without saying hello.
What’s wrong…not cute enough for you?
It’s OK. I can take it. šŸ˜‰ – Mike

(Although some may say the message is fishing for compliments or is needy, I’ve successfully used it dozens of times.)

If you are good looking, you’ll have several of those women message you back. Congratulations, you get to run direct game.

If you aren’t good looking, few women will reply. No big deal. There are plenty of less-than-hot guys getting laid. You will, however, need to master indirect game.

It may seem like a hassle to find out if you’re good looking. But it should only take you an hour or so of work. Finding out whether you’re good looking to the kind of women you find attractive, is crucial.

If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

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  • beenreadingthearchives

    in a testament to the rising SMV of men, i’ve gone from over valuing myself as a lad to undervaluing myself as an adult. thanks for this little reminder. i’ve used a variation of this message myself plenty of times on OKCupid and using your rubric, I’m fucking great looking….virtually each time I use that line, I get a response.

    direct game it is.

  • Rob

    I once read a Sun Tzu quote where he said direct game was advisable for men blessed with overwhelming forces that swallow the prey. I’m quite positive he was speaking of large quadriceps and a rugged, handsome face.

    • dangerandplay

      Thanks for the chuckle.

      The war is won before I go out. That’s why I try to emphasize that what a man does when he goes out is actually less than 10% of “game.”

  • dickbutt

    what do you look like? post a pic brah

    • dangerandplay

      If you think it matters whether you or any other guy considers me good looking, then your reading comprehension skills are unworthy of this blog.

      • dickbutt

        if you want to maintain anonymity, then that’s fine, but what you wrote makes no sense

      • http://sss sss

        dickbutt is right. That was a pretty nonsensical comment.

  • ASF

    Is it possible to be good looking and not photogenic? I’m guessing no.

  • raliv

    The OP is a good looking man. No Homo. He is super shredded after being a former heavier guy. He looks like me. Tall. Clear eyes. Intimidating sharp features. Chicks are scared of guys like him.

    • dangerandplay

      Thanks player.


  • Sagar

    For guys who are average or not good looking and consequently have to master indirect game, how would you propose that they proceed? A post on this would be immensely helpful.

    • Jose

      I’m interested in mastering all forms of game. So I agree with Sagar.