The One Rule of Game

One typically male conversation is to minimize libraries of knowledge into one principle. You’ll often hear weight lifters, for example, ask, “If you could only do one exercise, what would it be?” Guys they debate whether you should do dead lifts only, or pull-ups only.

Those conversations are generally pointless, because it’s not as if you can only do one exercise. Yet the dialog is helpful because it reveals universal principles. If you could only do one exercise, for example, it should be the clean-and-jerk.

Thus, if there were only one rule of game for you to follow, it’d be this: Follow the book.

Look, if you are not pulling the quantity and quality if women you desire, it’s because of one reason: You failed. All of your judgement and experience, though undoubtedly valuable in other fields, hasn’t transferred over to meeting women. You, in other words, are not enough.

The great thing about game is that it can be learned. I am proof of that. The guys I roll out with are proof of that. Dozens of other guys writing about game are proof that game can be learned.

Yet the vast majority of guys won’t learn game because they are too busy arguing game.

If you knew so much about game, you wouldn’t be arguing with anyone. Instead, guys would ask you, “What’s your secret?”

Game has been around for a long time. Guys have gone before you. Instead of arguing with guys or debating concepts or saying, “That won’t work for me,” stick to the script. Do what those who have gone before you tell you to do.

Follow that one rule of game, and you’ll be on your way to a playboy lifestyle. Ignore it, and you’ll prove that an insane man does the same thing repeatedly, while expecting a different result.

  • lkfc

    How about the vast majority just don`t want to invset time & money learning game? It`s just like marriage, after a given time, eventhough most guys won`t say it they just want out. Especially if they have a bacholer friend.
    I think instead of wasting time arguing the pros and cons of game it would be much better for everyone to “go their own way” be it gamming chicks or abstaining from them. Do what ever makes you happy, isn`t that what genderists always say?

    • samseau

      If you want to fuck beautiful women you’ll need game.

      Most men want this. But they refuse to learn game, and believe there is an easier way. These men live in contradiction, since game is the easiest way.

      And, as you state that most men don’t want to learn game, it follows that most men live in contradiction, utterly miserible.

      If you don’t want to fuck beautiful women, then have fun with your extra time. Hope you don’t mind fatties.

      • Badger

        “If you want to fuck beautiful women you’ll need game.”

        This has been a motivational tautology for me – do you want to fuck better women, Badger? Do you? Then sharpen your game and approach more. it’s just that simple.

    • dangerandplay

      If that’s the lie you need to tell yourself in order to avoid addressing your own cowardice, by all means, keep repeating it to yourself.

  • ASF

    Actually, the “secret” to game is that you have to practice it. You have to go out and say the words and do the actions and see how women respond. Also, remember you ABC’s: always be closing.

    • dangerandplay

      Your comment has nothing to do with the post.

  • anon4ce

    What, the one rule of game is “Believe in game because it works?”.
    That’s not a rule about game – it’s a rule about learning game.

    The one rule of game should be something like “Make no apologies” or “Think of women of lesser beings” etc etc – something that’s actual game material instead of the mindset that you need while learning game.

    I think the message in your post is right, but that it can’t be compared to the dead-lift or pull-up exercise debate. It’s like you’re saying the one exercise you really need is to read Starting Strength instead of actually picking an exercise.

    • dangerandplay

      You missed the point.

      Stop trying to over analyze elements. Instead, focus on the gestalt.

  • Nas

    Roosh’s style of game has worked great for me. But I thought you mentioned a few times that you are a big guy with a no BS attitude and so I figure you would favor a more direct style of game. No?

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