Nietzsche on Approaching Hot Women

A lot of guys ask whether it’s OK to approach low-standard women. I personally cannot. It’s beneath me.

Nietzsche explains why:

War on the other hand is something different. At heart I am a warrior. Attacking belongs to my instincts. To be able to be an enemy, to be an enemy—that presuppose a strong nature; this is in any case a condition of a strong nature. Such natures need resistance; consequently they go in search of resistance: the pathos of aggression belongs of necessity to strength as much as the feelings of revenge and of vindictiveness belong to weakness. Woman for instance is revengeful; this is due to her weakness and her susceptibility to the suffering of others. The strength of the aggressor can be measured by the opposition which he needs; every increase, every growth is revealed by a seeking out of more formidable opponents—or problems: a philosopher who is combative challenges even problems to a duel. The task is not to overcome opponents in general but only those opponents against whom one has to summon all one’s strength, one’s skill and one’s swordsmanship—in fact to master opponents who are one’s equals. To be the equal of one’s opponent—this is the first condition of an honourable duel. Where one despises, one cannot wage war. Where one commands, where one sees something as beneath oneself — one cannot wage war.

  • petesgamethoughts

    so you wouldn’t bang a sloot?

  • samseau

    You forgot one premise: that love is war

  • ItsJustBudi

    Low standard from your end, or her end? (as in, that chick looks easy to me so I will not go for her vs that chick has low standards and will hook up with whomever)