Halloween Game

Halloween weekend throws a lot of guys off. Everywhere you look, there are hot chicks dressed like sluts. Yet you’re not anymore successful on Halloween than other weekends. What’s going on?

To get laid during Halloween weekend, remember this principle:

Never mistake sexy for sexual.

Go through a hot (but prudish) friend’s Facebook. Find her pics from Halloween. She’s all slutted up, right? Yet you know she didn’t take any dick last Halloween.

Girls want attention before sex, and thus even the virgins will dress like sluts. To bang on Halloween, don’t fall for their tricks.

With that trap avoid, you need to buy a costume. Order one today.

Now, a lot of guys agonize over this stuff. They want a creative, clever costume. They envision a woman saying, “Wow, you put so much thought into this costume. You are a charming, thoughtful, intelligent person.”

Get the fuck of here. Girls don’t care about how clever your costume is.

For your costume, stick with traditional masculine archetypes. Think firefighter, cop, or construction worker. You think that’s cliche? Well, go to a bachelorette party. What costumes do the guys wear?

Exactly. If you want to be clever, go start a blog.

Now, if you have a nice body, use it. Underarmor and other tight clothing usually doesn’t help you run hard game. It’s too try-hard. On Halloween, a revealing outfit is acceptable. Here’s mine.

I even grew out my chest hair and beard. I’ll probably smear some blood or something in my face.

To make myself more barbaric, I may bring a chain. I will use this chain to enslave women.

Your costume, in other words, should not be clever like a nerd’s. It should be hyper-masculine, as in barbaric.

Human beings whose nature was still natural, barbarians in every terrible sense of the word, men of prey who were still in possession of unbroken strength of will and lust for power, hurled themselves upon weaker, more civilized, more peaceful races, perhaps traders or cattle raisers, or upon mellow old cultures whose last vitality was even then flaring up in splendid fireworks of spirit and corruption. In the beginning, the noble caste was always the barbarian caste: their predominance did not lie mainly in physical strength but in strength of the soul—they were more whole human beings (which also means, at every level, “more whole beasts”).

Happy Halloween.

  • Michel

    I recommend Uncle Roosh for those who can pull it off.

  • Phoenix

    Hey who wrote that quote at the end of your paragraph? That right there is some deep shit. Brilliant blog my man, the game is on point.

    • samseau


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