Responding to AMOG’s

I just some neat game lingo. AMOG means alpha male of the group, and AMOG’s are a problem.

Readers have lately been requesting information on how to handle AMOGs (“Alpha Male Other Guy”, or “Alpha Male of the Group”, as it is known in the acronymic community). They want to know how to effectively neutralize direct male competition. A worthy subject, because everywhere else in the animal kingdom, males square off to win the rights to glorious pussy access.

Well, there are two answers to this.

First, become an AMOG. I simply don’t have guys trying to swoop in on girls that I’m hitting on. Why? Because I look like a sociopath.

If you go to the gym, train a real fighting art (like boxing, Brazilan jiu jitsu, etc.), you will give off the vibe of someone not to mess with. If you are asking about AMOG’s, you should take steroids; lift weights; and just stop being a fucking pussy.

Second, no girl is worth fighting over. So if an AMOG makes it an issue, bounce.

Ah, but there’s my problem. If I am hitting on a girl, and another man approaches, I will want to fight him. It’s not fighting over a woman. It’s fighting over his encroachment into my territory.

When I’m in line for a drink, I communicate that cutting in front of me won’t be appropriate.

Unless you’re the guy of person willing to fight a guy for getting the bartender’s attention when you’ve been waiting, bail out from the AMOG.

My problem is actually with BMOG’s. Beta pussies use passive-aggressive tactics to peck at me. AMOG’s do the same thing to little guys, so we’re in the same boat. Here’s how to non-violently handle that situation.

Imagine yourself as a film director.

No, really. Imagine you’re a director filming a scene. You have actors, cameramen, make-up people. Everyone is running around.

As a director, although you do very little, you are the alpha. Everyone is waiting for you to say, “Action,” or “Cut.”

Now, with that frame of mind, imagine what the motivations of an AMOG and BMOG are. Both have the same goal, namely, to frustrate you. The AMOG wants to take your girl, and the BMOG, unable to meet a girl, wants to prevent anyone from taking the girl. A BMOG is the lowest form of life who emotes, “If I can’t have her, no one will!”

Thus, call an AMOG and BMOG what they are – player haters. What do player haters do?

A player hater will interrupt your stories. When you tell a story, they will try to one-up. That’s fine.

You are the director, so when the guy starts to interrupt, rather than say, “I was talking,” you say, “Hey, that’s really interesting. Please tell us more….

Most people have crappy stories. Chances are, the guy is going to bore everyone. Let him talk.

Then, after he’s paused, turn to a girl, “What do you think about [whatever he said]?”

Let her talk.

Keep looping in members of the group. Imagine you are trying to tighten the group by threading each member of the group together. Threading the group will accomplish the following:

1. You’re make the A(B)MOG actually prove his worth. Maybe the guy is fucking  awesome. Maybe he was an Army Ranger in the Iraq War who now operates a non-profit for abused children. In that case, well, you lost to a better man. Become his friend rather than pull some bullshit PUA tactics that won’t work, anyway.

Chances are, though, that the guy is a choad. Let him embarrass himself with his stupid stories.

2. You have put yourself in control of the conversation. You are looping everyone’s conversations together. People will start to look at you before talking. Implicitly, they seek permission.

3. You are validating everyone. You are asking the fat chick for her stories. This makes the cute chicks jealous.

4. You are creating an us-v-him dynamic. You are sharing stories with the girls. This A(B)MOG keeps interrupting. Don’t you wish this guy would fucking just leave? The girls will view the A(B)MOG as an annoyance.

5. You don’t even have to talk that much. You’ve established yourself as a group leader not by acting, but by directing. This tactic is thus especially effective for introverts.

If you want to cut off an A(B)MOG’s head, make him to stick out his neck. When he interrupts, don’t look offended. Take control by having him continue with his story. “Tell me more….”

Soon enough, you will have control of the group, and thus, your choice of the women

  • Bronan the Barbarian!

    This is better advice than any cheesy PUA comeback.

    • samseau

      I’ve used tyler durden’s lines to shut out guys 60lbs heavier than me. You have no idea how effective they are.

      • Bronan the Barbarian!

        Linkage? If they work I’d like to read them.

  • KB

    I listen to opie & Anthony a lot & they infrequently get Howard stern fans calling in to do a baba booey or just plain haters. Instead of hanging up on them, o&a let the idiot keep going. Most of them hang up out of embarrassment. Even the comics they have on, bob Kelly & rich vos especially will try to get one in during a verbal beat down. it’s hilarious to listen to professional comedians crash & burn.

  • Chode Monger

    I gotta start reworking ‘choad’ back into my lingo…it’s been a few years, I think it’s due for a comeback. Nice work!

  • Roosh

    A common tactic that Polish guys use is roll up on a girl I’m talking to in Polish, even though he knows we were talking in English. I have no clue what’s being said.

    I interrupt him and ask the girl, “Do you know him?” She says no. Then I physically move in between her and him. He throws a sissy fit but does nothing about it, and I resume where I left off.

  • (r)Evoluzione

    Great tactics here, and an astute analysis of these two common social situations.

    Roosh, nice work. It seems you’ve learned much from being cockblocked, and created an efficient cockblock of your own. Good on ya. If she says ‘yes, I know him,’ then D&P’s tactics here would be awesome.

    D&P, this reminds me of some form of verbal aikido or jitsu.

  • Killer Instinct

    “Look like a sociopath”. Are we talking Christian Bale a la The Machinist, or perhaps Rorschach from Watchmen?

  • Fred Tracy

    “You don’t even have to talk that much. You’ve established yourself as a group leader not by acting, but by directing. This tactic is thus especially effective for introverts.”

    Nice. I’ve found myself doing this naturally, actually. It’s a pretty phenomenal thing.

  • Ras

    Excellent. This is like “godfather” game.

  • don

    I love the us vs him ideology. Once you built an initial bond with the girl thats when you can try to manipulate the situation..