Marriage Myth, Marriage Reality

“Love is an ideal thing, marriage a real thing; a confusion of the real with the ideal never goes unpunished.” – Goeth


  • Katzentier

    It’s Goethe. Not Goeth.

    Don’t treat the great “Dichter und Denker” of my country so horrible.

  • Odds

    Jesus Christ.

    I feel like a horrible person allowing my best friend to get married in 3 weeks. I’m the best man and he knows my feelings about marriage and society but he didn’t really care the way I care.

    Is there any way to convince people to take the red pill? Or do they have to seek it first. What do you do when your best friends and brothers are on the path to marriage?

  • Frost

    The worst part is that the 2nd video described is a highly unlikely best-case scenario.

  • Lea Smithee

    Marriage in a nutshell:

  • samseau

    Hell, if the second video was all there was to marriage, America would be a happy, prosperous nation.

  • ioan

    Another elderly white couple with no children, wonderful “ideal”.

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  • JT

    I saw Carl and Elly a few months ago… it made me cry. Watched your abridged version last night, and again it made me cry. As a woman, whilst I don’t expect a Carl and Elly marriage, I know it is possible. I accept I need to be the best I can be, and I shall have to choose wisely. Both are possible. I have to believe that. We all do.

  • Flahute

    My advice to other men is simply: Never marry for love. Goes against the our cultural meme of romance and marriage, but keeps ’em out of trouble.

  • Tom Arrow

    I hated the movie for exactly this kind of straight-forward propaganda.