Indomitable v. Dominant

My game reached a point where talking to other guys about game stopping making sense. Guys get pissed, or won’t believe me. When I wrote that I can’t neg a girl, a popular blogger wrote that I must not understand what a neg is.

It finally occurred to me why I don’t get along well with most game people.

Most game is concerned with being indomitable. Consider the definition of indomitable: Impossible to subdue or defeat. Example: an indomitable spirt was needed to endure the rigors of pioneer life.

Thus, men are taught to pass shit tests. To charge on through rejection. To continue running game. To be indomitable.

My game used to be based on indomitability. My attitude, colloquially expressed, was: “Bring it on bitch. Is that all you got?”

As my spirit grew, and as I came unto myself, my game changed. My game is something entirely different. My game is based on domination: supremacy or preeminence over another; exercise of mastery or ruling power; exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence.

I don’t pass shit tests, because women sense that shit testing me isn’t wise. Sometimes a woman will try challenging me, and when they do, they inevitably cry.

When I am at a busy club, I reach out and pull a girl towards me. Almost all of the time, she complies.

It simply doesn’t occur to me that I need to pass a woman’s test. In my mind, she is the one who needs to prove her worth to me. Any girl who will not comply with my demands is deemed unworthy.

Being indomitable is a lower form of game. At the higher levels of game, you are the one making her pass your shit tests.

  • Joanna

    “It finally occurred to me why I don’t get along well with most game people.”

    Cos you have the social intelligence of a brick. Just thought I’d throw that in there before you change my comment to fat and yeasty =D

    • dangerandplay

      You sound really boring.

      • Joanna


  • vacuumslayer

    Do you offer dating advice to fat, single mothers?

  • vacuumslayer

    Since having a baby, my pussy is too stretched out. Then again, I’ve always had a wide pussy.

    Would you consider fucking my mouth instead?

    • Johnny_B

      Kinda funny how, when taken away from their strength-in-numbers clique environment of their “home”, Manboobzers revert to the most base, unimaginative type of common internet troll. It’s almost magical.

      • Joanna

        I have nothing better to do than troll and attention whore (note that I include the URL to my blog).

  • Joanna

    They see me trollin’. They hatin’.

  • felixBC

    “most base, unimaginative type of common internet troll”. Yup, that’s certainly how our comments read, magically.

    • Johnny_B

      I was referring, of course, to the original comments. The editing was mostly an improvement.

  • Ras

    Awesome post. This is what it is all about. The idea is a start, but getting to indomitable isn’t easy. That’s why people have to learn about shit tests and all that.

  • LF

    Posts like this one puts game in perspective as to game and its benefits in the long term. I took the red pill last year, and no doubt I still have this mentality. It’s akin to lifting, which I believe is not a coincidence that many men who practice game are also serious about long term strength gains and fitness in the gym.

  • LF

    Edit: I just saw that you tweeted something similar to what I posted above. Good to know that I’m on the right track.