The Game Starts in Your Bedroom Mirror

Other than fornicating with beautiful women, I enjoy fighting. Game came to me easily, although I'm not a natural, because it's essentially fighting. I was used to sizing men up, which is what women do, too. I can tell, just by looking at guy, whether he will be a good fight. Some of this process is unconscious, but there are conscious factors present. Tattoos mean … [Read more...]

Online Dating Tips

I average 2-3 emails each week from cute girls. Some weeks I get no emails. Some days I get 2-3 notifications that either someone “chose me” (sing the Meet Me feature on Plenty of Fish, or the 4-or-5 star ranking system on OK Cupid.) I get all of these messages, and yet I’m putting in no effort. It helps to become good looking. Online dating is a passive investment. With … [Read more...]

Nietzsche on Approaching Hot Women

A lot of guys ask whether it's OK to approach low-standard women. I personally cannot. It's beneath me. Nietzsche explains why: War on the other hand is something different. At heart I am a warrior. Attacking belongs to my instincts. To be able to be an enemy, to be an enemy—that presuppose a strong nature; this is in any case a condition of a strong nature. Such natures … [Read more...]

Why a Man Should Never Move In With a Woman

Guys lose in relationships because they don't understand that two games are being played. The game being played after you bang a girl is different from the one being played before you get the girl. Guys also don't understand that women play the game far better than men. Most guys don't know how to meet women. The smart ones learn game. After banging one or two, to one or two … [Read more...]

Halloween Game

Halloween weekend throws a lot of guys off. Everywhere you look, there are hot chicks dressed like sluts. Yet you're not anymore successful on Halloween than other weekends. What's going on? To get laid during Halloween weekend, remember this principle: Never mistake sexy for sexual. Go through a hot (but prudish) friend's Facebook. Find her pics from Halloween. She's all … [Read more...]

Responding to AMOG’s

I just some neat game lingo. AMOG means alpha male of the group, and AMOG's are a problem. Readers have lately been requesting information on how to handle AMOGs (“Alpha Male Other Guy”, or “Alpha Male of the Group”, as it is known in the acronymic community). They want to know how to effectively neutralize direct male competition. A worthy subject, because everywhere else in … [Read more...]

Indomitable v. Dominant

My game reached a point where talking to other guys about game doesn't make much sense. Guys get pissed, or won't believe me. When I wrote that I can't neg a girl, a popular blogger wrote that I must not understand what a neg is. It finally occurred to me why I don't get along well with most game people. Most game is concerned with being indomitable. Consider the definition … [Read more...]

How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend

Remember the first rule of Cheater's Club. First, you must burn something into your brain. The first rule of Cheater's Club is not to get caught. When you're in a tight situation or are unsure of what to do, ask yourself, "Will this get me caught?" If so, don't do it. Next, the logistics. Lock down the phone. A phone is to a player what a light saber is to a Jedi. You gotta … [Read more...]

Taking Your Game From Intermediate to Advanced

When a guy is starting off in any endeavor, he needs to find rules and role models. This is true whether you've just graduated medical school or recently started running game. You should blindly follow the rules for at least a couple of years. You should not take the "road less traveled," because - odd are - that road is full of thorns and deer ticks. While modelling yourself … [Read more...]