How Can a Man be Supportive?

A good friend of mine had severe marital problems, such that I needed to intervene to either save or desroy his marriage. The root of his problem illustrates why marriage is a fool hearty endeavor for the modern American man.

My friend was told that he didn’t love his family. How was his wife so sure of this? Well, he worked too much.

Let me tell you about my friend’s job. He drives several-hundred miles a week teaching fat, white, men how to use ad interface software. Do you think my friend enjoys spending hours each day talking to these people?

Like a lot of men, he’s not especially fond of his job. He works so that his wife doesn’t have to. His wife led the life of a woman of leisure, free to browse Facebook all day, attend yoga, and have enough money left over to eat out regularly. He works so his children don’t have to live in poverty. He works, in other words, because he loves his family.

Yet no amount of reason could reach this woman. (It took his filing for divorce, thus imposing the realization on her that she would be giving up a life of leisure, to keep his family together.)

I’m not sure where women got it in their heads that men love working 12 hours a day. Some do, no doubt, but most men have as much desire for work-life balance as a woman has. Yet as primary bread winners, men have no choice: If they love their families, they will work.

Women, however, have become insufferably entitled. Instead of feeling gratitude that a man slaves away to support his famil, women have come to expect it. Of course a man should slave away. And when he comes home, he should then give whatever is left of his soul to a needy wife.

A man is expected to have nothing left for himself. It all belongs to his employer, and his wife. And if he doesn’t do what his wife says, the rest of his soul will belong to the state.

Incidentally, if my friend had worked less hard, and ended up as a retail clerk at Home Depot, his wife would have left him, too. Because, as we all know, a real man supports his family.

It is simply impossible to keep a modern American woman happy for any length of time. Unless you want to be bitched at constantly, do not get married.

  • M.A.W. Blogger

    “Unless you want to be bitched at constantly, [share your wife with other men, shift the power structure from yourself to her,] do not get married.”

  • dc1000

    given the legal environment and the financial incentive for a woman to divorce you, there really is no good reason to get married is there? the struggle with any good woman will be to keep her friends and family at bay as they constantly bombard her with “when is he going to make an honest woman out of you’ etc etc. you can have her trained and understanding your position but her friends and family never will.

    and then you’ll have other men willing to get married to her..if she is a catch, many would be willing to do it without even dating her seriously first!

    gonna be a long slog to keep things even keeled for me in a couple of years when the pressure ratchets up on all sides for a(nother) marriage.

    • dangerandplay

      If she wants to get married and the pressure from your family is too high – personally, I would just “break up” with my family for oppressing me with their middle class values – then give her the ceremony without the marriage certificate. She gets to be Queen for a Day; her family and yours doesn’t know better; and you can break up with ease. (Ignore the morons who mention common law marriage.)

      Of course, if you have more kids, she’ll always have that card. And don’t be surprised if, years later, she doesn’t take you on a “vacation” to Las Vegas, where after fucking you and getting you drunk, defrauds you into marrying her.

      • dc1000

        Actually, both of parents, divorced, would likely not pressure me into anything. The pressure would be from her family on her – ‘why are you (not) doing this?’

        I was under a spell there for a few months where I thought I wanted to have kids all over again and do the whole thing, but girlfriend helped me break that spell by acting like a little bitch for a little bit. Serious shit tests where basically she was testing my will to break up with her. She later said that she wasn’t feeling like herself and when it was over with it was like coming out of a fog. Whatever.

        Point is, I had fallen in love with the fantasy of a more kids and a happy family – when in reality, getting married again only really sets the stage for another divorce. And god damn, dealing with one ex wife and baby momma is plenty enough.

        Girlfriend actually is on board right now with the just two adults having fun together theme..we’ll see how long that lasts. She’s 25, so maybe another couple of years.

        The shit test spell is broken and she’s more in love with me than ever.

        Frankly, the shit test period was no fun, but not that big of a deal either. I just tell her, look, unacceptable, change or hit the road. I had her packing her bags at one point. Its all just a test to see if I’ll hold my ground and then she swoons ever deeper.


      • Anonymous

        “give her the ceremony without the marriage certificate”

        You give her a ceremony (witnesses, photos, etc.) and live together for any period of time, and she and her lawyer (and the police and civil services and… and…) won’t need a certificate.

    • dangerandplay

      As she gets older and less beautiful, the shit tests will become intolerable.

      I had strong game, but when a 33 y.o. woman is yelling at you, and 23 y.o. girls are clamoring for you, you start to ask, “Why the fuck am I running game on this woman instead of those girls?!”

      In past decades, women were told to grow old gracefully. As their looks fade, they should develop personality, kindness, and depth of character. That’s not happening, as old women have been deluded into thinking they are as beautiful as ever.,0,4040206.story

      In three years, her old tears will disgust you, which is why women are so devoted to locking a man down before they hit 30.

      • dc1000

        It is entirely possible that will be the case, and I have thought that far ahead. I will be 38 then, three more earning years behind me. three more years of muay thai. three more years of olympic lifting. three more years of reading game and keeping shit tight.

        when the moment comes, if it does, i’ll be ready to be back out in the world again likely better, stronger, more attractive than ever.

        until then, i have a smoking hot girl friend who is super cool and easy going 98% of of the time. people walk up to her on the streets and say things like, ‘you’re the most beautiful woman in this city!’ on the regular. the sex, well, you know. as long as that lasts, i’m in.

        what is the breaking point in terms of pain-in-my-ass time? 5% of the time? 10%? 25%? dunno. guess we’ll find out eventually.

        for the first time in this girl’s life, the man needs her less than she needs him and i think its got her all confused.

        thats my power.

  • crunchie

    It’s a fucked up world when a man who wants to form a family(the foundation of civilised existence) has to be mad to give in to these desires. He needs to both completely abandon his common sense and fight an unrelenting war of attrition to counter society that seeks to corrupt his woman and turn her against him to destroy him and bankrupt him. This is fucking absurd beyond belief. How can a world where positive behaviour is punished and negative behaviour promoted last?

    • dangerandplay

      You’re at Stage 2. See tomorrow’s post for an explanation.

  • samseau

    You can go further with your logic.

    “It is simply impossible to keep a modern American woman happy for any length of time. Unless you want to be bitched at constantly, do not get married.”


    “It is simply impossible to keep a modern American woman happy for any length of time. Unless you want to be bitched at constantly, do not enter a long-term relationship.”

    • dangerandplay

      Relationships are great for six months, and then get progressively shittier – at least if you find shit tests, temper tantrums, and feigned and real acts of betrayal unappealing – until the two-year mark. Then we hear that, “Relationships take work.”

      Any relationship extending past two years is a second full-time job – where, because of declining female beauty, the man agrees to take an annual pay cut in perpetuity.

      • xsplat

        I haven’t heard this sentiment often – even on game blogs like heartiste. It’s always surprised me how uncommon the desire for serial monogamy as a life strategy is.

        I’ve come to think that pua blogs are dominated by a genetic caste of betas who are born uncomfortable with anything but lifetime monogamy.

        It’s refreshing to at least know that like minded people exist.

      • xsplat

        the desire for serial or parallel monogamy is.

    • (r)Evoluzione

      ““It is simply impossible to keep a modern American woman happy for any length of time. Unless you want to be bitched at constantly, do not enter a long-term relationship.”

      It’s NOT impossible. All it takes is solid frame and tight game.

      And, as the US Army Corps of Engineers stated in WWII: “The difficult we do at once. The impossible takes a bit longer.”

      I’m dating a hot, athletic woman. Been dating 1 year +. Openly banging her friends. She doesn’t complain. She’s into it, even.

      No shit tests, just fun, good food. Lifestyle game all around. I know a couple other game savvy chaps that are living it up this way too.

      Cheer up, gents, this is a great time to have taken the red pill, to be living life & practicing game.

  • Legion

    Marriage persists on the sheer momentum of tradition. Unfortunately it usually isn’t until a man has experienced the meat grinder that is divorce that he asks “What’s the upside”?

    Younger men would do well to ask:

    “Why does my partner seek the tradition of marriage when she does not offer herself as a traditional (virgin) bride”?

    “Why should I make a commitment when women in general often do not keep theirs” (75% of all divorces are filed by women)

    “Why have children when at any moment my wife can have me removed from their lives and be rewarded with a new income stream”?

    “What do i gain with marriage that I cannot achieve without it”?

    in short, Whats the Upside?

  • petesgamethoughts

    you should have sent your friend over to marriedmansexlife, Athol has saved handfuls of marriages by turning husbands a little bit less beta.

  • (r)Evoluzione


    “parallel monogamy.” Ha! Awesome.

    That one’s going on my list, revised to:

    “Women date serially, men date in parallel. We’re wired different.”

    Kinda reminds me of one of Rollo’s aphorisms:

    “I’ve never had meaningless sex. I meant to bang every woman I’ve ever slept with.”

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    • dangerandplay

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