You’ve Come a Long Way, Betas

Obese bride demands that husband wash her feet while she drinks a can of full-calorie Old Milwaukee:

  • Chad Daring

    I’d seen the pics of this floating around today, but this is the first that I’ve seen the video. Its priceless, she insults as she tells him to do it and he doesn’t even stop for a second, straight to the beck and call.

    I want to join Roosh in Poland.

  • Roosh

    He was so obedient, didn’t even hesitate, didn’t even protest one little bit before cleaning that hogs legs. This makes me so sad that I really want to start a world movement where men like him are abl….

    Oops Polish lady friend just came by, gottta go!

  • noemon

    That is just sad…

  • Mawblogger

    Holy shit, this is worse than I thought.

  • ASF

    “John, towel my legs, you idiot.” How long before the divorce? She already has no respect for him. Glad it isn’t me.

  • Andrew

    That is disgusting

  • petesgamethoughts

    Fat Whore: John, towel my legs you idiot!
    Alpha-John: Bitch, what did you just say to me? *cold stare*

  • CtZ

    This was posted on Reddit, and there were a lot of people jumping up to defend her, how she was “clearly joking” about calling him an idiot.

    I wondered how it would be if the roles were reversed and he had looked at her and said “shine my shoes bitch”. Imagine the uproar.

  • Killer Instinct

    What is wrong with that guy? Why doesn’t he just tell her: “hon, i’ve got a better idea. why don’t you and your fat ass go fuck yourself?” This sickens me.

  • samseau

    To think guys: there are millions of men like John.

  • Gmac

    Nothing says class like a piggy chugging a beer can at her own wedding.

  • Fernando

    I’m not American , and my experience with your country is very limited, so when I hear American bloggers decry the sad state of their women I usually think they are exaggerating, sure their women could be bad, but not THAT bad.
    If the woman in this video is representative of the average American female (chubby, unbelievably rude, boorish,etc) then that criticism is well deserved. I honestly can’t think of a society were talking like that to your spouse is acceptable, even as a joke.

  • jim

    guys have to start having interventions when their friends are dating or thinking of marrying asshole women.

  • Fred Tracy

    Lol, he probably arranged to have it there and she fell in the water. It was tongue-in-cheek.

  • Cameryn Smith

    What a fucking toolbag in the video.

  • Chase Power

    He made his choice. This is what he deserves for being a mangina