Ten Reasons to Become More Attractive

Look, unless you have facial disfigurement, third-degree burns, or something really screwed up, then you are a complete loser for not doing everything possible to become good looking. Going to the gym, eating healthy foods, applying sunscreen in the morning and before later sun exposure, and applying a moisturizer before bed will increase your attractiveness by 20%.

Here is how to find out if you’re good looking; and here are ten goods reasons why being good looking is good for your health, wealth, and freedom.


  • dodo

    Ha! In theory perhaps. I am attractive and can tell you that it can definitely work against you. It has never helped me ever. Example:

    “We are more likely to help a physically attractive person than we are a physically unattractive person.”

    If you are a man, no dice. More likely to be secretly hated and sabotaged.

    • ASF

      Being attractive has never helped you? You mean you have never in your entire life received a favorable response from a woman just based on your looks? This is very hard to believe and flies in the face of common experience.

      • dodo

        OK. I should elaborate. Yes, I have gotten favorable response from women due to looks and many, many compliments. But it is not like a lot of people think and as this article implies. Being handsome can be very difficult. And yes, nobody helped me out and was deliberately sabotaged many times as far as work, money, social circles, women, etc. Mostly other men sabotaged me or tried to keep from ass and even making a living. Women have also been a problem. No one will help or sympathize even because they feel the are “getting back” at the handsome guy. Never mind the transcendental game bullshit, one guy cannot take on everybody.

        I hope I cleared up what I meant. Did I?

  • Robert Guiscard

    Any information on a good moisturizer to use?

    • http://dangerandplay.wordpress.com dangerandplay

      Yeah. I’m going to do a huge post on this stuff soon.

      • dc1000

        No homo.

      • Rob

        Please do. I hate putting products with alchohol on my face. Irrtates the hell out of it.

    • Capsaicin

      Loreal Mens Expert Comfort Max Anti-Irritation After Shave Balm with spf 15 sunscreen

      It’s got moisturizer, sunscreen, and a soothing aftershave balm all in one. Dab a dime size dollop on your hands, and rub it on your entire face and neck. Takes a minute.

      It’s alcohol-free.

      I use it every day, even when I don’t shave.


  • Basil Ransom

    Mr. Guiscard,

    Cetaphil. http://pressroom.consumerreports.org/pressroom/2011/09/my-entry-2.html

    Though I’d like to hear D&P’s recommendation.