How to Avoid a False Rape Case

“You give advice to men on how to avoid charges of date rape if the woman has second thoughts the day after.” – An SJW who has called me a rape apologist.

SJWs have attacked this article on how to avoid a false rape case on the grounds that it is a guide to rape. That makes no sense, as this article discusses how to handle yourself after consensual sex has occurred.

One such person wrote the above quote. A SJW believes you are guilty of rape “if the woman has second thoughts the day after.”

Date rape is the easiest accusation for a woman to make and the hardest one for a man to defend against, as the Tinder date rape case out of New Zealand shows. (Compare, “Woman gang-raped after meeting man from Tinder” with “Tinder date Kiwi retracts gang rape claim.”)

False rape accusations are common.

I have posed this question to several feminist criminal defense lawyers, “What percentage of date rape cases do you think are true?” Most will throw their hands up, as it’s virtually impossible to tell what happened in these sorts of cases, as it’s generally he-said-she-said.

Women often falsely accuse men of rape after talking to an SJW. SJWs are Neo-Puritans who believe that all sex between a man and a woman is rape.

An otherwise nice girl might talk to a few “friends” who then peer pressure her to go to police.

To avoid a false rape accusation, you must protect yourself at all times.

1. Avoid SJWs.

If a girl you’re on a date with expresses ideals similar to those expressed by social justice bullies, end the date. Stable, emotionally girls do not become social justice bullies. Smile, pay the bill, and leave immediately.

2. Film it.

Four Hofstra college students were accused of gang-raping a fellow student. They were thrown into jail, and held without bail. Had they gone to trial, they’d have been convicted.

Yet the men were released from prison, after one of the defendant’s lawyers produced a cell phone video of the encounter, proving it was consensual.

A feminist writer at Slate observed:

The weird lesson for men who have group sex in bathrooms: Film it on your cell phone. A five-minute video of the sex, which one of the men gave the cops, apparently persuaded the 18-year-old to take back her original story. At another moment, such a video might have gotten the guys in trouble for making porn and for sexting. But this time, it seems to have saved them.

Even lawyers need to beware of false rape accusations. A San Francisco lawyer was charged with raping three women, and held effectively without bond. Luckily he had videotaped sexual encounters with two of the women, and most charges were dismissed against him.

Unfortunately, he did not videotape his sexual encounter with the third accuser, and thus still faces trial. UPDATE: All charges were dropped against this wrongfully accused attorney. See, “Charges dropped against lawyer accused of assaulting women who answered ad for rough sex.”

Some will ask about the legality of secretly recording sexual encounters. Cap We Tape provides an excellent overview of the legal landscape. One must highlight that the lawyer in California likely illegally recorded his sexual encounters. Breaking the law saved his life.

3. Save your text messages.

Men are often told to be aloof and play it cool. That is true before you have sex. Once you’ve had said, there’s no need to try being Mr. Cool Guy. Don’t be needy, of course, but don’t play too hard to get.

After having sex with a girl for the first time, always send her a text message to let her know how much you enjoyed her company.

By sending a text, you are showing that you’re neither afraid nor ashamed of what happened the night before.

It also makes the girl avoid feeling “slut shamed.”

4. Go out to breakfast.

Most girls do not want to falsely accuse you of rape. Usually they talk to a friend about sex. Then an SJW puts bad thoughts into her head. According to SJWs, consensual sex is rape if the girl has second thoughts on the next day.

Hanging out with the girl the next day will prevent SJWs from poisoning her mind against you. Also, it would lead a reasonable person to ask, “Why did the girl go out to breakfast with a man who raped her?”

Some may view my disdain for SJWs are being paranoia. Hardly. I have studied them. Listen to what they say.

One undersexed white knight went on MSNBC and told a reporter, “Mike Cernovich believes it’s not rape if the participant is willing.” The reporter agreed that I was a rape apologist for suggesting, “It’s not rape if the participants are willing.”

(Fast forward to 11:11.)

5. Have her put on the condom.

This will ensure that her fingerprints are on the condom, which is evidence of consent. Unless you can’t save your condoms in a glass slide, ala Dexter, this is only short-term protection. Even if you’ve thrown the condom away, you can scare the shit out of her by claiming you still have it.

6. If she mentions “buyer’s remorse,” take her out for dinner, and do not see her again.

Imagine a girl calls you, telling you she feels “weird” about what happened. Beware. This girl could have Borderline Personality Disorder, and she may be prepared to falsely accuse you of rape.

Take her out in public. Show her a nice time. Have her smiling. Then go home – alone.

She will likely want to have sex with you again, but you must avoid women who are unstable. Only deal with stable, emotionally-sound women.

7. Never “be nice” if she expresses buyer’s remorse.

If a girl calls you the next day, keep in mind she may be recording the conversation, or the police may be monitoring it.

Most Special Victim’s Unit prosecutors and investigators will use this ploy on you:

Girl calls the next day, telling you that what happened last night was “wrong.” She’ll demand an apology. You apologize. This apology is used as proof you raped her, even if she never directly claims you raped her.

She may instead say she felt “rushed” or “pressured.” These are red flags. Do not apologize. Instead, say,

Well, we’re both adults. It’s sad we live in such a Puritanical society that hates sex. Last night was a great time, though, and I can’t wait to see you again.

8. If the police call, don’t answer.

Did you know that the police can lie to you? Did you know that the police will lie about what you tell them? Police will claim that you confessed to rape, even when you denied it to them.


It’s a dangerous world out there, guys. Be vigilant. Protect yourselves at all time.

Check out this podcast for ways to avoid a false rape accusation.

  • Fernando

    do you have a source for that 50% stat? something like a peer reviewed study

    • duble d

      Refers to several studies that found up to 60% false report rate. Another study was just recently in the news that found a 50% rate, can’t remember enough details to link to it.

      • BobTrent

        And the 90+% unsubstantiated rate of the reported rapes.
        “Unsubstantiated” means “insufficient evidence to go to trial with and the prosecutor couldn’t coerce a plea to a lesser offense out of the defendant.”
        This is in spite of most male defendants being stricken with oral diarrhea when being questioned. If defendants could just keep their confession orifices shut, as several posters encourage, the only rape convictions would be of the psychotics who you read about.

    • Sepher
      • Danger & Play Blog

        You should read what you link to before posting it here. Your dum-dum report says, “A case in which the victim appears to make inconsistent statements, or even lies about certain aspects of the incident,” is not proof that the accusation is false.

        Why not? “Traumatized individuals tend to recall events in a fragmented fashion, which makes apparent inconsistencies likely (Halligan, Michael, Clark, & Ehlers, 2003); victims may well try to hide certain facts, for example, use of an illegal drug or a particularly humiliating act they suffered—out of fear that they will be treated with suspicion or simply because of the intense shame they experience.”

        Ok, then how do you know the complaining witness was traumatized? Because she said so. How do you know she was telling the truth about being traumatized? Because….because she said so!

        Circular logic, how does it work?

        That entire article is a joke and you are a bigger joke for not being a critical thinker.

        • God

          “You should read what you link to before posting it here. Your dum-dum report says, “A case in which the victim appears to make inconsistent statements, or even lies about certain aspects of the incident,” is not proof that the accusation is false.”

          It’s interesting that you have to mislead in order to make a point here. The final part of your statement is missing a key word that makes it wildly inaccurate. “…is not proof that the accusation is false.”

          The report shown says that such an event (lying or inconsistent statements) is not CONCLUSIVE proof of a false accusation, meaning that such a statement will not automatically place it in the “false accusation” category. Such a statement will still be considered as proof (and will speak to credibility), along with all the other points under that subheading.

          Combine this with your now-invalidated conclusion that it’s a “dum-dum report” and “a joke” and we have a serious misuse of rhetoric in order to mislead.

          Feel free to “moderate” my comment to assuage your inevitable cognitive dissonance.

          • Danger & Play Blog

            I get that one lie doesn’t offer conclusive proof that she is lying about everything.

            If that’s your point…ummm…great job, Tiger!

          • BobTrent

            The point is that the fact that she lied about all but one thing doesn’t make her testimony invalid.
            Just as 10,000 words out of your mouth that support your innocence doesn’t outweigh one word that can be used to convict you.
            The only words that should come out of your mouth should be accusations against her and denials, all under the advice and guidance of your criminal defense attorney. Any attorney is generally better than trying to go it alone, for even a contract writer or public defender knows to tell his client to STFU. At the least a barely marginally competent attorney can give you time to get a good one.

      • Danger & Play Blog

        Thanks for the article. It inspired me to educate and inform men about how crazy people on your side of the issue really are.

        • John Smith

          “Mike” is a woman lying and claiming to be a man. But women don’t lie about rape….

          Now that is a funny irony.

    • John Smith

      Only science can be peer reviewed. “Studies” are just people’s opinions.

      • BobTrent

        Science is the observation and compilation of facts (evidence) and the drawing of conclusions.
        “Peer reviewed” is supposed to mean that other scientists who are of good repute in the subject matter have checked to see that the scientific method has been followed. It doesn’t mean that the reviewers endorsed the conclusions.

  • Joe

    Fernando, unfortunately there are no reliable peer-reviewed studies on rape rates.

  • samseau

    I asked for advice on an issue in the RooshV forums and now I’m being told I might have a false-rape case in the making.

    What’s your take?

    • D&P

      That’s good advice. No reason to freak out, but low-probability, high-devastation events should be militated against. Don’t let a false rape case be your black swan.

  • Roosh

    I may want to change my habit of flushing condoms down the toilet.

    • nikita webber

      You don’t want to fall asleep with a used one in the bin or the same girl with BPD might turn it inside out and you might be up for alimony too.

      • KP

        MInor quibble: you mean child support not alimony.

        • Jack Strawb

          In fact, it’s “support for a woman’s decision to bring a zygote to term.”

          • BobTrent

            Is this the opinion of a zygote who has been brought to term? Using technical terms for the stages of human development to minimize the humanity of the individual has nothing to do with the issue, which is how to defend against rape accusations.
            What is important is that absent a contact of marriage a man should not be held responsible for the product of a woman’s ovaries unless it is proven that he raped her.
            In natural sexual intercourse, not a single spermatozoon can meet an ovum without the cooperation of a female.

  • detinennui32

    It’s a good thing to remember that if a police officer asks you anything beyond your name and where you live, he is looking for evidence.

    He is not looking for evidence to exonerate the target of the investigation.

    he is looking for evidence to incriminate the target of the investigation.

    • Jack Strawb

      And where it is legal to do so, I always decline to give police my name and where I live. Once, I was being harassed by a girl I knew and had rejected. An officer showed up at my house, told me [her name] had called with some story about me being injured. I locked the door behind me and spoke with the officer on my porch. I politely declined to acknowledge the name he had (it was correct, but misspelled), spoke friendlily with him for a few minutes, and went back inside. That was the end of it. I did not want even my name attached to a police report. How could it ever help me?

      But–you do need to know what is lawful in your state and how you plan to deal with an aggressive, ignorant cop.

      • BobTrent

        Don’t forget to keep your attorney’s phone numbers on your cellphone. It must be on the “emergency number” list that bypasses the PIN along with “911.”
        On the regular phone/address list, put your attorney’s numbers at the top.
        This has saved my ass twice.
        Even if you are far from your home area the cop or bureaucrat won’t know where your attorney is.
        Try to memorize your attorney’s main number in case the cop steals your phone.

  • bill

    going out to breakfast with her next morning is a great idea

    laughing and smiling together, sitting in a booth

  • Badger

    I was thinking about writing a post stating exactly this, glad someone else has done it so well.

    As much as there are some girls you want to boot out the door the moment you’re done pounding, giving just a little bit of “boyfriend experience” can go a long way towards protecting yourself from a waced-out false allegation.

    I’d also add, if you want to really protect yourself don’t bang a chick who’s had more than two or three drinks unless she’s your serious girlfriend or wife. If she’s drunk, she’s a lot more likely to regret the previous night, and if she says she was drunk, by legal definition she’s been raped.

  • Guest

    she is lying

  • Avatar

    Stay a way from women . Just stay a way . Watch porn . Pay a hooker ,is cheaper and safer .

  • Toads

    I figure you’re getting your 50% rate from Karnin. The Karnin “study” is hardly even a study and has be throughly discredited.
    Kanin’s “study” consists of Kanin uncritically reporting the claims of a single police force in a small, unidentified city, without those claims having been checked or verified in any way whatsoever. Kanin’s study lacked any kind of systematic methodology and did not independently define a false report, instead recording as false any report which the police department classified as false.
    Most legitimate studies find false rape accusations to be in the single digits. Researchers and prosecutors do not agree on the exact percentage of false allegations, they generally agree on a range of 2% to 8%.
    Please be a little more critical of studies and don’t just look to the in the name baised “flaserapesociety” blog for your information resources.

    • Danger & Play Blog

      Your comment added nothing to the contribution, but it boosts my SEO for this post, thus ensuring that more men learn the truth. So, thanks!

      • Toads

        So you have nothing to back up or defend your claims after being debunked? Clearly you don’t care about truth.

    • Divided Line

      The Kanin study is legitimate. Its methodology is consistent and well explained. In fact, it is the best study we have. The reality is that you’ve decided what is true beforehand. Take your own advice about being critical of your as yet unnamed studies.

  • Sean Kayvon

    Please please please, read this article in order to protect yourself from false accusation of rape/sexual assault. this is based on my own experience and a true story. I do not want to see another man or woman go through the same thing I did:

  • Sean Kayvon

    Please read this article on “How to protect yourself against false accusations of sexual assault”. This article has helped many in trouble so it is definitely worth taking a look at:

  • Cam Jewton

    My university had an incident similar to the Hofstra one last year, except the accusor was from another nearby university. The case was dismissed from court because the frat bros taped it, which showed consent, but the tape is what also caused the “victim” to file charges, because she worried they would share it with friends.

    However, because the feminist group on campus couldn’t let these “rapists” get away, they decided to file a Title IX violation claim to the federal government, because the University didn’t send out a mass email alerting students of a possible gang rape in an off-campus frat.

    You see, SJWs want to hold universities liable for rape accusations, because they know university kangaroo courts will be much harsher to the accused than a court of law, and can expel or suspend the accused from campus until the accuser graduates. Now the university is under a federal investigation for not informing all students of what was from the beginning an obvious false accusations.

    A (female) Harvard Law professor wrote a very detailed and in my opinion fair overview of Title IX enforcement, and its implications on bringing unconstitutional punishment to the accused with little to no evidence that would not hold in a normal court of law. I highly recommend the read.

  • brandon ramlal

    Im curious mike, how would you handle normal police situations like getting stopped for a traffic violation or if an officer wants to search you etc? or maybe I can find this info on your law site that i forgot all about and just remembered as I’m typing this but ill still go ahead and post.

    • BobTrent

      Never grant permission for cops to search your car, house, suitcase, yourself. If the cop has probable cause, s/he will search anyway.
      To use your refusal to consent to be searched as “probable cause” for a search is nonsensical and actionable.
      You have no way to know if a cop is honorable, and asking you for permission to search is strong evidence that s/he is not honorable.
      You have no way to know if a roach or a baggie will fall out of the cop’s shirt pocket into your car. You have no way to know if some contraband has been left in your car by your kid, your wife, your girlfriend, a previous owner.

  • BobTrent

    Where can any of these “stable, emotionally sound” women be found, or is it just a hypothetical concept for academic purposes of discussion?
    No woman I have ever gotten to know personally has turned out to be stable and emotionally sound.

  • Betrayal03

    Some answers would be kindly appreciated :
    A friend of mine has been charged for 2 counts of rape from the same girl…she alleges that she didn’t want to have sex with him but yet they did it the night before and the day after and it happened 4 years ago, kind of fishy as she happens to be his ex’s friend…alloy suggestions for the guy?