Make a Girl Find Her Instincts

Most relationships problems are based on a denial of instinct. A man’s instinct is to dominate, and a woman’s instinct is to please. This is why women like Olivia Munn love rough sex and being choked during sex.

Male Lion Alpha Male

Seduction is an invention of civilization. In the animal world – and what is man but another animal – force of will predominated. As Zarathustra spoke:

The happiness of man is: I will. The happiness of woman is: he wills. ‘Behold, just now the world became perfect!’—thus thinks every woman when she obeys out of entire love. And women must obey and find a depth for her surface. Surface is the disposition of woman: a mobile, stormy film over shallow water. Man’s disposition, however, is deep; his river roars in subterranean caves: woman feels his strength but does not comprehend it.

See, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Civilization has caused women to live in denial of their instincts, as women are taught that men exist to please women. Women have been told that they are special all of their lives, starting with their princess-creating fathers. They need only update a photo onto Facebook to have dozens of beta orbiters tell them they are special.

A man who lives in denial of his instincts, afraid to demand that his girl have sex with him, will have psychological problems like depression. A woman who lives in denial of her instincts, believing a man must please her, will suffer problems like anxiety.

If you are going to be in a relationship with a woman, you need to help her find her instincts. You and she will both be happier, and your relationship with prosper. Maxim model Olive Munn offers some tips.

Sexually, you must be extremely dominant. I advocated choking, and my skeptical friends became converts. “I thought you were psycho telling me to choke, but you got inside my head and I did it. She loved it!”

One girl (an 8.5-9) told my friend that she read about choking in Abnormal Psychology – to be natural as a man is to be abnormal in modern society –  and always wanted to try it. No one had choked her before, as most men who are with a hot woman feel lucky to even be with her, and don’t dominate her out of a fear of losing her.

This girl told my friend, “I need to really feel like I am going to pass out, though.” Choking will be the subject of another post, as it’s the most important bedroom skill a man can learn. (Read: How to Choke a Woman During Sex.)

When you are walking together, you should walk with her hand behind her back. I walk on the right side, and I’ll use my left hand to bend her elbow at 90 degrees, and hold her wrist with my hand. When I hug my girl, I often put both of her hands behind her back. (It looks as though she is wearing hand cuffs.)

You must also make your girl run errands for you, and to make reservations when you go out for dinner.

Feminists would hate my approach, and yet I make women happier. Women who are with me lack the anxiety of the typical American girl – who goes through life with anxiety and cognitive dissonance.

When with me, there is simply no anxiety, as there is no question that I am in charge, and that she exists to please me. Pleasing a man is what women evolved to, and once a woman gets into the habit of pleasing you, she will find herself as having never been happier.

Learn more: How to Have Rough Sex.

  • dc1000

    so much of this resonates with me and my experiences. unfortunately, like many of us, i had to learn these the hard way at first by doing what was incorrect. in my failed marriage the depression and anxiety you describe was prevalent and the dissonance we both experienced ruined everything we had.

    common story – drama, divorce, read the game, read more and more and more, synthesize, take things to the next level and find oneself..and you and I seem to have reached the same conclusions.

    with my current gf, the choking has become such an intimate part of the experience that when we “make love” it means that my hands creep up and around her neck squeezing until I orgasm inside of her. our most tender sex seemingly always concludes with the choke, and thats because it represents our most connected experience.

    she never wants to be on top, doesn’t want me to go down on her and has told me she doesn’t even need to orgasm from our sex – she just needs to be dominated.

    and while this is exactly what i want 95% of the time, and how i’ve trained her to be, there is that small part of the feminist corruption in my brain telling me to eat that pussy. the ravages of a bad marriage and a lifetime of brainwashing will hopefully be extinguished in short order – yet it is good to be aware of the influences around you.

    • Claire Landry

      Ya know I like being dominated and my man likes dominating me. But there’s kind of nothing wrong with me getting off. There’s nothing wrong with him enjoying giving me oral. There’s no right way to fuck. Eat that pussy, your sub clearly deserves it.

  • ASF

    The fact that I am struggling with the idea that foreplay is bad means I have some way to go. It seems like it can’t be true.

  • Basil Ransom

    Re holding hands, something I’ve tried:

    Put your hand around the base of her neck. Your palm rests against the center of her trapezius, your fingers over the crest of one side of her traps, thumb on the other. Easy to walk with, and feels pretty natural when you have an aggressive style. Also lets you guide her easily.

    Another to consider: With her standing at your side on your right, take your right arm and grab her left upper arm. This one seems a little too prisoner like for my tastes, but haven’t tried it yet.

  • Eddy B.

    i,m dating a mexican girl. She will do everything to please me. The exact opposite of western girls.
    I love it, feeling like a man. And she is so feminine, caring and easy to be with… yummy.

  • Uri Katsav

    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world
    And the seven seas
    Everybody’s looking for something
    Some of them want to use you
    Some of them want to get used by you
    Some of them want to abuse you
    Some of them want to be abused
    Sweet dreams are made of this
    Who am I to disagree?
    I travel the world
    And the seven seas
    Everybody’s looking for something

  • quetal2

    interesting you quote Nietsche…too bad he was a virgin.

    • samseau

      The leading theory of his cause of death is syphilis

  • samseau

    “As a healthy male who is in touch with his instincts, I cannot even orgasm with a woman on top. I am on top, often with her hands tied behind her back, smacking her ass while trying to split her in half with my cock.”

    I don’t know if this has to do with instincts, but it’s sure less pleasurable for her to be on top than it is for me to be on top.

    I like to throw girls around while I fuck them. I like to pick them by their ass and drive them down onto my shaft while telling them to hold for their life.

  • pergolesi

    women’s happiness ain’t shit in front of civilization. what you say is of course true, biologically, but civilization comes first. always and without cavil. artificial? so what? just do it. as far as choking, i’ve done it, it provides a momentary thrill but you may feel like an idiot afterwards, if you are a smart man that is. do we need even more silliness at this point in our decline?

  • Fred Tracy

    I do like choking, if I’m in to them.

    But I love when they’re on top. Something about the boobs bouncing.

    Not being able to orgasm from that sounds like a psychological problem. I assume you were exaggerating?

    • pergolesi

      yeah, i like that too. if they are flat-chested i don’t even bother putting them on top. choking just makes me feel silly. i feel like i am on their level.

  • Pechorin

    “I cannot even orgasm with a woman on top”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • xsplat

    Good post. A woman is to be made into the mans personal servant. It is to be explained to her that her job is to make the man happy.

    It is the mans job to train the woman to do her job.

  • Rivelino

    excellent post.

  • xalex

    I’m waiting for that post on choking you promised.

  • miss Jane

    Im a woman, although I do love dominance in bed, I dont enjoy having my life controlled. Dont get me wrong, there are women out there that live to obey, but there are also women out there who live to give orders, just like any man. Dominance is not strictly male, and submission is not strictly women. 😉 just thought I should note that.


      “Im a woman,”

      Stopped reading here.

  • mocoast

    She says she loves both way around! Then she rides me and I feel just wrong…because of this idea to BE the aggressive guy?

  • Claire Landry

    You asshats can be dominate in a relationship with snubbing out who a girl is. Without taking away from who she was when you met her. Try out healthy consensual D/s relationships instead of being misogynists. A good Dom loves and treasures his or her sub. A good Dom makes sure their sub is happy and healthy. And it seems to be enjoyable for lots of men to dominate an intelligent feminist woman with a strong personality like myself. I am not my Doms servant out of the bedroom. He has legs and hands.

  • Claire Landry

    Another thing, female choice is a driving force in evolution. That’s why male animals tend to have more ornaments. The prettier a male peacock is the more likely he is to mate. The better a male bower bird is at building his bower, the more likely he is to mate. Male birds court female birds. Most other primates are pretty chill about gendered stuff too. Did you know that human males have one of the largest dick size in proportion to their bodies because of FEMALE CHOICE. Also, some female spiders, snakes, and a few other species eat the males after they mate. Black widows anyone?