The Sixty-Minute Window

After you've been out often enough, you begin to notice patterns. One pattern I've noticed is that most pick-ups will occur within a short window - usually 60 minutes. Although it's possible to meet a girl before or after the window closes - that is, it's not an absolute, all-or-nothing window - your odds of success will decrease substantially. Unless it's a rave or high … [Read more...]

High Energy Game

This informative video comes from Destorm, whose YouTube channel reveals an effective style of game. Notice his brightly-colored clothing, hats, and the pop and and energy of his style. It's not my style, and wouldn't work for me. It may work for you. Failing to recognize there are many different styles of game has been one of the biggest failings of the game blogs. Game is … [Read more...]

Game is Marketing: Your Look, Your Niche

One field players should learn from is marketing. As a player, you should view yourself as a man who is marketing yourself to women. That is, you are presenting an image to a woman that makes her want to obtain you. Any good marketer will tell you a few things. First, you cannot be all things to all people. If you open a company advertising your products to everyone, you … [Read more...]

A Good Compliment to Pay a Woman

We spent all afternoon at the museum of modern art when we found ourselves back in her bedroom. We were in front of her bed, standing and naked. I went to push her back onto the bed, when I stopped. "I had a weird thought today," I told her. She looked insecure, asking, "What do you mean?" "When we were at the museum today, I looked over and saw this really hot chick. I … [Read more...]

Facial Hair and Selection Bias

Who knew that a cognitive bias could have application to game? Yet selection bias plays a major role in how I dress. First, here's what selection bias is: In statistics, self-selection bias arises in any situation in which individuals select themselves into a group, causing a biased sample with nonprobability sampling. It is commonly used to describe situations where the … [Read more...]

When Should You Compliment a Woman?

I've noticed that older women are very insecure about their bodies, and thus complimenting them during or after sex is very rewarding. I met a cougar at a pool party, took her to her room, fucked and came insider of her. She went to take a shower, leaving me on the bed. She lied on the bed, faced me, and said, "I'm tired and want to be alone." As we met in Vegas, I … [Read more...]

A Decade Later: How the Game has Changed

I am recently single after having been in a near-decade-long relationship. I am amazed how the game has changed from when I was in college. From my perspective, all of these changes have been amazing. What happened to condoms? I was hooking up with a girl in her bedroom when she said, "I'm not going to have sex with you." I told her that I hadn't brought any condoms, so of … [Read more...]

“Bachelorhood And Its Discontents”

To marry is to halve your rights and double your duties. -- Arthur Schopenhauer "Behind every good man," the myth goes, "is a good woman." Ronald Regan, even before he had Alzheimer's, claimed that "women were responsible for civilizing men, and that were it not for female influence, men might still be living in caves and running around in skin tights carrying clubs." Dinesh … [Read more...]