On-Time Departure

“Do you want to go to a pool party,” I asked her. “Where is it,” she asked.

Forget it. We’re not going.”
“No, wait, I want to go!”
“Nah, fuck it.

I didn’t go to the pool party, choosing instead to hit the gym, run errands, and work. She pouted all day at my apartment. I ignored her.

Later I asked her if she wanted to make a Costco run with me. She was thrilled. “Let’s make a list,” she exclaimed.

Now some of you may be wondering if I’m passive-aggressive, or that I am insane. Yet let’s examine the dynamics of it.

The first premise of my game: She is lucky to be with me. My company, in and of itself, is all that matters.

Don’t sell your plan to her.

I like thinking in metaphors, and view my relationship with women as an airplane at the terminal. The plane is scheduled to leave, and it’s going somewhere cool.

Either get on board with the plan, or don’t. Whether you get on the plane or not, the plane will still leave the terminal. As a man, you should not give women options.

Women keep their power by being choosy. How often have you asked a woman out on a date only to have her ask you dozens of questions.

She is asking these questions to keep her power. By questioning you, she is unconsciously thinking, “He had better impress me with the details, or I’ll tell him I’m not interested.”

I do not give women this power over me. She gets to see me on my terms, or she doesn’t.

If I had told my girl the pool party was at a hotel, would her answer have been different than if I had told her it was at a friend’s house?

Her questions pissed me off, and she knew it. Later she said, “I just want to be with you. It doesn’t matter where we go!” That is an answer more acceptable, and I rewarded her good behavior with my affection.

I am not an unreasonable man, and recognize there are logistics-related reasons to ask where a date is going to occur. Those questions must follow the affirmative answer.

Here is how the conversation should have gone – and, indeed, will go in the future, now that she knows what’s up:

Want to go to a pool party?”
“Yes, sounds great!”
“Cool. It’s at my friend’s apartment complex. We should head out around 3.

Always let your girl know that you are running shit. She doesn’t get to decide what you’re doing.

She either answers yes, or no. She either gets to join you, or not.

Because whatever she says, you’ll still be doing what you’re going to do.