Jon Finkel Learns: Money or Game?

Unless she’s a gold digger looking to use you as a sperm donor and ATM, game > money:

  • samseau

    It’s obvious that making fun of Jon for his Magic: The Gathering career was just her way of verbilizing the excessive betaness of the Finkel-miester.

    Pretty sad he was brutally rejected by this…

    • dangerandplay

      I have a lengthy post planned on “money or game,” based on my experiences with rich guys who could not get laid.

      I spent several years in Silicon Valley. Met many guys earning mid-six figures – and who are pre-IPO paper multi-millionaires – who couldn’t lay anything but hogs.

      Not ugly guys, either. No real deformities or anything. Just no game.

      Game > Money.

      • samseau

        Don’t knock these guys too much. We need someone to take care of our mistresses’ kids.