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At the Roosh V Forum, someone asked what different “types” of games there are. While having no desire to write a taxonomy of game, I will describe my style of game. First, a brief discussion of marketing – which is useful in understanding game.

Within every industry, there are often budget disputes between the marketing and product development sides. Should you spend more money advertising your product, or use those dollars to create a better product? Saying you should do “both” isn’t helpful, as “both” could mean 70% marketing, 30% product design, or vice versa.

Many of you may read bodybuilding Men’s Health style magazines. You’ve seen advertisements for nutritional supplements. Did you know most supplement companies spend the largest part of their budget on marketing? Product design is secondary.

In most cases, the product you are buying is not especially good. Instead, it’s been marketed to trick you into thinking it’s good. Ultimately, that’s the “PUA” style of game.

With PUA game, you take a dorky guy, teach him some card tricks, dress him flamboyantly, and send him out into the world to “fake it until he makes it.” You emphasize marketing an inferior product over creating a superior product. Some will say PUA works, so there is no problem.

Yet I have been at clubs where your PUA’s go. I watched them get blown out by women, laughed at, and never get laid. PUA/marketing-over-substance game is ineffective. Tricking attractive women into sleeping with you is far harder than selling overpriced supplements.

My style of game is quite different, as my game is merely an outgrowth of my overall life philosophy. To use a corny Taoist metaphor: Game is a branch from my tree of life.

Meeting women happens incidentally to my life. Last weekend, for example, our  friend had an art exhibit. There were beautiful women everywhere, including some French women who were on vacation and DTF. We met them not because we sought them. We met them just because we live fun lives.

When my friends and I go out, we are usually as much interested in goofing off and catching up than we are in meeting women. Yet we always meet women. Sure, we’ll do an approach here-and-there. Most of the time, however, the women will flock over to us. Nearly none of our approaches are “cold.”

We meet so many women because we are good-looking guys who lift weights, wear fashionable clothing, have good social skills, don’t act like fools, are supremely confident, and we take care of our appearances.

No one leaves the crib looking like a slob – or wearing Ed Hardy. We don’t use PUA openers or ask about the fight happening outside. We good off, have fun, and the women come over to us.

Thus, if a guy comes to me saying he can’t make women, I don’t ask him his opening lines. I tell him to start doing squats and eating more protein. I tell him to read a book, pick up an interesting hobby, start a business, and travel.

Once a man starts living the lifestyle of a man – that is, one filled with masculine activities – the women will come to him.

PUA style game is still important, and I read the game blogs and Roosh’s forum for tips. Still, most guys would nevertheless be better served by getting into shape, getting their careers in order, and developing good friendships with guys.

Game is marketing, and it should be no more than 25% of your time budget. The other 75% should be devoted to creating a superior product – namely, you.

  • samseau

    “Yet the girl I go for is in a differnet niche market. She is cute (usually a 7 or 8), smart, reads books, and loves masculine men. She likes having conversations about subjects I find interesting, and while she’s not as smart as I am, she can follow along when I talk. She laps vapidity.

    She enjoys being dominated during sex, and finds it especially pleasing when I’m on top, thrusting deeply. She likes having her hair pulled and her ass spanked. I enjoy those girls most, and thus my look is designed to appeal to that niche of girls.
    How do I market myself to those types of girls? A few things are certain. First I am in good shape. I do not have a six-pack but am still lean. I don’t shave my chest hair. I always have facial scruff, and sometimes a light beard.
    Sometimes girls sometimes refer to me as “burly” and one girl told her friends I reminded her of the Brawny man. These women go for a guy who has broad shoulders, thick legs, facial scruff, and who walks with a little swagger.”

    No girl has ever called me burly, but other than that we have the same type of look and taste in women.

    But I disagree completely with no approaching. You may think you’re doing what you want by relying on your high value to draw women to you, but what is wrong with supplementing your success with many approaches to get women who are hotter than you would normally pull?

    • dangerandplay

      Your comment prompted a post, which will appear on Monday morning.

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  • Carmo

    Good stuff man, I totally agree. Getting your health in order and feeling great everyday is the foundation that everything else builds off of. If you dont feel great, then how are you going to make her feel great?

  • davver

    What if your born small. Sure, you can put on some muscle but its a totally different world.

  • Andrew

    That last paragraph needs to be quoted on every game website and in every game book. This post is on point.

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  • Kamran

    The quote you highlighted doesn’t suggest misogyny (the hatred of women), it just points out that men who display dominance do better with women. Pretty nuanced stuff, and lots of guys miss this. sustanon 250