Neg of the Day

If you live in a huge city or other tourist destination, this is an effective neg to use on women: “Where are you visiting from?”

If she is actually a tourist, you can make conversation with her about her visit. She will first ask you how you could tell she was a tourist, and the clever among you can create an entire routine based on this neg. (I have my own routine, and will share it with you if you send me a good one.)

Most of the time, however, the girl will be a local. They all answer the same way, “Why do you think I’m a tourist?!” Again, you can create an entire routine around this neg.

  • Gmac

    Brilliant. I’ve used a similar line on a number of occasions: “You’re not from around here are you?”

  • (R)evoluzione

    I’ve used this as well in touristy vacation destinations, even if small, like small beach towns and mountain ski towns.

    Great to find your blog. I’ll be back.

  • dirtyharrycallahan

    spot on, one of the best places I’ve found this work is in Santa Barbara, CA

  • Old Glory

    Haha This is classic. A female sales associate at Saks in NYC, completely unprompted, asked this exact question to my mother as our family was heading to the ladies section a few years back. My sister and I then got to watch our mother bitch at our father publicly for dressing like a tourist.

    A family of tourists completely called out by a sales rep at Saks, only to cause family tension. It was pretty funny.

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