The Sixty-Minute Window: Part 2

Pick-up follows a Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule). That is, 80% of your pick-ups will occur 20% of the time. If a club is open for four hours, your best chance of meeting women will be in a given one-hour block of time. Some practical implications emerge.

First, when I go to a bar for the first time, I recon it. My goal is not to meet women. Instead, I’m observing the scene. When do people hook up? What are the patterns? Eventually I’ll find the window where hooks-ups occur, and use that to my later advantage.

Second, I stack bars. My friend’s favorite joint is a hotel bar. That bar does not pick up until 12:30 a.m. or so. Since there’s no real pick-up scene until after midnight, why start off at that bar?

Instead of starting at the bar that doesn’t pick up until late, we’re going to find a bar where where the sixty-minute window is from 10:30 p.m. until 11:30. We’ll either hook up with girls at that bar, or do a venue change, taking them to the hotel bar right as it starts popping. (Fortunately the hotel bar is large enough that there’s never a line. We can roll right in around midnight.)

By attending two bars – both during their prime pick-up times – we’ll increase our odds of meeting lots of women, getting phone numbers to keep the pussy pipeline flowing, and having one night stands.

Third, if I haven’t met a woman during the sixty-minute window, I will sometimes bounce. On the one hand, a man must fight and claw for sex. He should never quit. Yet sometimes I am tired, and it’s best to preserve my energy, time, and money for the next night. (The great thing about the hotel bar is that you have a solid change of hooking up almost until the minute the bar closes. Take a nap, go out late, and still bang.)

Fourth, I make maximum approaches during the Pareto window. In one favorite club, I would chill near the bar with a drink, get my mind right, and make causal conversation with women. Often I’d pick a woman up at the bar, but when that didn’t happen, I would bounce through the bar like a pin ball. Women are the bumpers, and I’d bounce between them until finding one that didn’t bounce me away. Starting at one end of the bar, I’d do approach after approach, sometimes as man as 10 approaches in a few minutes.

I was never skunked at that venue, and whenever friends were in town, I’d bring them there. (They were always amazed at how easy it was to meet women when we went out.)

Understanding the Pareto principle is important for pick-up, and any observant man should be able to find the sweet spot of every bar where his chances of hooking up are most likely to occur.