On-Time Departure

"Do you want to go to a pool party," I asked her. "Where is it," she asked. Forget it. We're not going." "No, wait, I want to go!" "Nah, fuck it. I didn't go to the pool party, choosing instead to hit the gym, run errands, and work. She pouted all day at my apartment. I ignored her. Later I asked her if she wanted to make a Costco run with me. She was thrilled. "Let's make a … [Read more...]

Be the Man She Wants to be Seen With

I had finished a long workweek when one of my girls called me, begging me to come out. "I'm tired," I told her, and had in any event just taken some sleeping pills. "I'm going to bed." "No, please come out." "Why?" "I want to be seen with you." Women increase their status with other women by presenting a high-value man. She really wanted me to come out, because it would have … [Read more...]

What’s the Point of Game?

A recent comment illustrates an approach to game that is different from mine. In a post about how I meet women, the guy told me that I should be making more approaches: But I disagree completely with no approaching. You may think you’re doing what you want by relying on your high value to draw women to you, but what is wrong with supplementing your success with many approaches … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Game

At the Roosh V Forum, someone asked what different "types" of games there are. While having no desire to write a taxonomy of game, I will describe my style of game. First, a brief discussion of marketing - which is useful in understanding game. Within every industry, there are often budget disputes between the marketing and product development sides. Should you spend more … [Read more...]

Neg of the Day

If you live in a huge city or other tourist destination, this is an effective neg to use on women: "Where are you visiting from?" If she is actually a tourist, you can make conversation with her about her visit. She will first ask you how you could tell she was a tourist, and the clever among you can create an entire routine based on this neg. (I have my own routine, and will … [Read more...]

Misogyny Gets You Laid

We've already discussed marketing yourself towards your niche. My niche is women who tend to view men as inherent leaders - that is, women who want men to dominate them. It has been successful for me in real life, and a recent scientific study shows it may work well for you: men with negative, sexist attitudes towards women, justifying male privilege, were more likely to use … [Read more...]

The Sixty-Minute Window: Part 2

Pick-up follows a Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule). That is, 80% of your pick-ups will occur 20% of the time. If a club is open for four hours, your best chance of meeting women will be in a given one-hour block of time. Some practical implications emerge. First, when I go to a bar for the first time, I recon it. My goal is not to meet women. Instead, I'm observing the scene. … [Read more...]